How the Incoming Energies are Shaping Humanity


By The Council of the Guardians of Light ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley

Hello, our dear ones. We are the Council of the Guardians of the Light.

We do, as always, have a message for humanity and it is always an honor for us to convey these messages through the greatest filter of love and a lens of hope.

It is our utmost pleasure to once again confirm, and affirm, that there in fact new energies, energies that we will say are in many ways novel. They have been unknown to humanity for thousands upon thousands of years. These energies are making their way back into this realm. What these energies are doing is they are perpetuating a percolation of sorts, or a grand shake-up not only within individuals, but also within the human collective, and we will add, the many collectives that are upon your beautiful Gaia.

This percolation is about shaking away old, denser energies that do not serve you. And that is about learning to integrate into your beingness this higher energy. There have been waves upon waves, light pulses, if you will, of energies that have been blanketing your Earth for many, many months. What is at the onset now is this very, we will call it intense, but more omnipresent, more all-encompassing wave of energy. And each one of these waves serve a purpose. These prior pulses of light that had come through in your past, these were to help flush out, to help clear and transmute old energies in preparation for this new light.

Perpetuate the Ongoing Awakening

This takes us back to our earlier message that we shared with humanity about a new light is rising. This light is the dawning of a higher consciousness. It is a light, that for those of you who are awake and aware, will help further catapult you into a higher level of consciousness. But for those who, as you and we have described, as still being somewhat asleep, it is as if though this light will beckon them to open their spiritual eyes.
Understand, our dear friends, that the process of awakening for each being, for each individual, is very unique. And it is a process that unfolds in alignment with their greatest good and with divine timing. There is no right or wrong way to awaken. Nor is this, or should it be, attached to any timeline or timeframe. It is an individual journey.

Stand as a Pillar of Light

For those of you who are awake, as we have indicated in the past, this is an invitation for you to hold your light still and stable. You stand as lighthouses who shine your light into the far expanse, even reaching out into the darker realms, and through this stable bright light, you help bring people to the light.

You are pillars of light. You are not responsible for how another awakens, but you are responsible for the light that you shine, and how brightly and beautifully it shines. This is what you have come here to do. This is part of your role. It is not about carrying others through their awakening in a way that behooves you. It is about being the light to help illuminate their path. It is about holding space for them as they experience this shake-up, this percolation of which we speak.

This shake-up at times may be wrought with facing one’s inner wounds, needing to move past traditional challenges or patterns that have often set one back, but the shake-up also comes with the grand recognition that they are connected; of their inner light, of their inner power. It is going to deliver a mass and beautiful outcome for the individual as well as for the collective.

This is what we have seen humanity evolve through, move through, for much of this past year.

We stand with you. We applaud your courage, your resilience. Human resilience is truly one of your strongest traits and it is one that is widely admired.

You are loved. And we part with you in a place of great love.

Thank you.

The Council of the Guardians of the Light