Reality and Timelines - Everyone moving onto one timeline

Until now, Earth has been running on many different timelines or realities. Timelines could be called stories that are created by our thoughts and become reality as we add our energy to that idea or belief. Then we gravitate toward a timeline (storyline) that fits with what we have chosen to believe. Example: A person is distrustful of people’s motives, is skeptical, believes they can be ripped off or tricked, that their house or property can be damaged/stolen, they could lose their job, their children could be harmed, divorce is likely, their spouse might cheat on them, they could get cancer and respond to pain with concerns of it being serious, etc. This person has chosen to live in a world of fear where all these things now become possibilities. It doesn’t mean they will happen, but now they can because the person decided they can. All the people with similar beliefs will gravitate into the same timeline. People on the same timeline naturally find people believe as they do, which reinforces the idea their beliefs are correct.
A quite different timeline and reality would be experienced by an optimistic person who is not fearful about life. They trust people and never consider their family or property is in any danger. They will attract a reality that confirms their set of beliefs and will make friends with people with the same ideas. That person would generally not experience having their house broken into or being cheated, etc.
And there are a variety of other timelines we draw to us, each created through a different range of beliefs (thoughts), each person experiencing what they create. We do experience events in life that change our thoughts and beliefs, significant enough to cause us to shift (jump) into another timeline that accommodates our new thinking.
But we are now in a different place. A new world is being born. The world is coming together on the same page. Everything on Earth is changing and we are being brought together in unity and oneness as all barriers dissolve. Covid has helped achieve this as people have connected in a unified reality, realizing we are all in the same boat as Covid can strike anyone, anywhere, regardless of social standing.
Earth is moving into one timeline, merging into one global creation. Some people, such as many intuitives and psychics, used to be able to fairly accurately predict future events. However, that is becoming more difficult to do now because reality is changing from it being many creations into becoming more one reality with it all being created moment by moment, by all of us together. History is disappearing behind us, transmuting the old 3D world that will soon no longer exist. There will be no need for this past history of Earth in our future. We will have learned from it and stored those lessons (currently still being revealed).
This is not all going to happen in an instant, as much as we wish that to happen (even if only to get friends and family off our back). Don’t groan, it is all OK. Although it will take time for society to construct their new path, that will run side by side with the crumbling of the old world as it disappears forever. I think most Lightworkers are ‘over it’ now, or at least those who’ve been awake a very long time. Probably most are ‘fed up’ with the process that seems to be taking forever (but actually isn’t) while we try to wake people up who persist in remaining asleep, handle friends and family who think we are crazy and try and work out strategies to manoeuvre around lockdowns and jabs. But regardless of how ‘over it’ any of us are, we will never let go. We are, now and always, a major force to be reckoned with. We continue to hold the line, ensuring we maintain our light frequency as the world unravels. We are determined to never give up and we have a deep inner knowing that the light is in control and the outcome is an absolute certainty. We also know we were not stupid enough to come here and undergo all those incarnations as we prepared the world for its ascension, just to watch it all go wrong and end up in some prison camp. I don’t think so!!
This was a super light plan, planned out in detail, able to respond instantly to counter any moves to interfere with it. An amazing quantum computer assists a huge team of multi dimensional light beings, many from other planetary systems, all of us trained in a piece of the jigsaw. We originally made agreements to work with other planetary light forces to remove ‘off world’ interference. That is now done. That infiltration is gone, on all levels. The incarnated lightworkers are focused now on waking people up and encouraging them to stand up so they empower themselves and increase their light vibration. Then we can all work together to bring down the remaining corrupt systems world wide, as well as the people responsible for them. This is already happening. The higher light realms will continue to assist us in ways that do not reduce our own mastery and evolution.
Everything is going according to plan. Imagine the work involved in conceiving a plan so intricate that it needed to contains a complete reveal and demolition of all dense energy throughout the collective consciousness of humanity and all timelines; remove all corrupt systems; remove interfering aliens (we won’t go into that!); find out who was on the dark side; locate and remove all dark hats; create situations that would unite people in a common cause and ensure emotions were directed at the real source of  problems and not at each other; free trapped humans; restore freedom on Earth; provide healing for armed forces involved in difficult situations as they removed ‘black hats’; wake humanity up on a gentle gradient so it would not create negative energy and cause shock that would be difficult to recover from; needing to work behind the scenes so as not to warn the ‘black hats’ as well as keeping intact the story line that is helping to wake the world; show enough of the light winning to offer hope, especially the lightworkers, to offer dates and events that never happen or anticipated outcomes were not as expected (Arizona ballot count comes to mind) to help us let go of relying on others and begin to trust our own intuition and empower our self mastery; steadily increase light to stabilize Earth while the old ways unravel; birth ideas to create a whole new society and so very much more.
And none of that includes the millions of other aspects created over lifetimes in preparation for this period of awakening, such as ensuring an internet system was in place to carry communications rapidly around the world; key people were born at the right times in the right place; experts in super technologies were available to step in and take over existing schemes originated by the ‘dark hats’ and turn them around to benefit humanity.
As fast as we can release the dense energy to the surface is as fast as it will end. As more people wake up, happening by the millions daily, the momentum will increase. We know once someone wakes up, they can’t go back to sleep again. Once a spark is lit, the flame remains ignited. In the past, it was possible for someone to wake up and maybe stall a while, even years, until it could not be denied any longer. But now it’s impossible to go back to sleep. There is way too much going on for anyone to go back to sleep. All in the planning.
We know there are many thousands of things in play around the world, any one of which could start an avalanche. To list a few - American states are ordering election ballot recounts; Durham arrests; hundreds of court cases pending world wide over elections, human rights and many aspects of the vaccination; the constant changes and incompetence of the CDC (PCR nasal tests now admitted to give faulty results and being banned from end of December); the behaviour of the current US ‘president’; the created oil crisis and rising gas prices; food shortages; leaving people, money and equipment behind in Afghanistan; the Texas border crisis with hundreds of thousand of illegals entering with no Covid test and whereabouts unknown; the missing children; Afghanis being flown to the USA fully supported by Govt money and free medical care; the double jabbed people now known to get Covid and spread it; the double jab becoming invalid and boosters now required; hospitals closing as staff leave rather than be jabbed and many doctors, nurses, teachers, armed forces, pilots, tradesmen and police joining the protests.
Perhaps, in its right divine moment, one of these events will crack the ice and begin an incredible, massive snowball effect as the world turns 360 degrees. Meanwhile, we stay in the moment, act intuitively, release negative aspects of ourselves, trust Divine Order and ourselves have compassion for those still sleeping, judge no-one and love everyone (yes, you can!). We came to help others. We did not come here for ourselves, so we need to get past our impatience and understand people here have had a lot to contend with.
Be generous in thought and hold love in your heart. Move into the highest version of yourself. Be who you know you really are. Our goal is to raise the light of the planet so everything we can do to raise our own vibration, helps everyone in the world.
Sandy Stevenson
12th December 2021