Kryon ~ Good News Channels are Coming


One of the things that’s going to radically change when this event (COVID pandemic) is all over, is the accountability from those who inform you in the media. When the dust clears, you’re going to look at this closely and say, “All the media made it worse!” Dear one, in your life there’s never really been anything like this.

Your media information sources are marketing-based media. They are not information-based. Dear ones, you know this. They all compete for your viewership and the more dramatic things they can show, the more Humans are attracted.

This goes for most of you, the World, and perhaps even Lightworkers. Many of you have to consciously remember to turn off the media, since it is carefully designed to “pull you in.”

The World is attracted to drama. After the media gives you information that may be correct and accurate, they then “spin” the fearful side of it without you even being aware that they are doing so. Not only that, they depend on repetition to make certain you hear it many times.

Did you know it’s possible for you to turn on the media when you wake up, then turn it off when you go to bed, and hear the same thing over and over 30-40 times? How does it make you feel? How does your inner child feel when all you’re seeing is that the adults are afraid too?

The media is not yet aware of something else they are doing automatically within their programming: In-between the designed drama they are giving you, they then are playing advertisements which create even more inappropriate ideas.

The advertisements are often about medicine and drugs you need because you’re old. Or, medicine you need because you’re young and have pimples, or medicine you need because you are in anxiety (which they created). Or, medication you need just because you stand there as a Human Being, aging every hour.

In other words, you’re never normal! You always need something to medicate you. Or perhaps you need an attorney to help you after the medication went wrong?

I don’t think that those media outlets are really putting together what they are doing: They are responsible for scaring the planet to death. That will change. Watch for it.

The demand for Accountability for this scenario will eventually create “hope channels” of media. There will finally be room for the good news channels.

Let’s call them TFH channels (my partner’s term for TRUTH-FACTS-HOPE). They will present facts that are confirmed, then go to show things which are balanced and uplifting around those facts. Then you can see that which is, and is not, happening.

There is so much good news that none of you know about, dear ones! None of you see it because that is not in the scope of what they do. Your media is currently in the drama business, and not the truth business.

The planet is going to demand this: You’re going to look at those in charge of your media and say, “Bad job! You didn’t do it well. You didn’t do it right. You gave us entertainment and drama. You didn’t give us anything that helped our hearts. You didn’t hold our hands when you could have, and you didn’t hug us enough. You didn’t do any of that.”

The media will defend itself and say, “It’s not our job to hold your hand. It’s our job to inform you.” Dear ones, welcome to the New Normal. Your media indeed should invest itself in giving you hope, as well as truth.

There are two sides to the news, not just the drama. This is what will change, and what is next.
And so it is.

Excerpt channeled by Lee Carroll on April 4, 2020 streamed live for Toronto, Ontario, Canada.