5D Compass and 3D Compass

During my [read: our] current spiritual expansion, we are being flooded with upgrades and insights, so many that it’s hard to remember them all, but this one has been incredibly helpful to me and to my clients.

Everyone knows what a 3D compass is: it’s sole function is to help you navigate the map of life in the 3D/4D realm. It points to financial security, stability, a job/home/family, respectability, what the neighbours will say, prestige, power… You recognise it, don’t you?!

The 5D compass is that of the light workers. Our compass points to freedom, self-expression, expansion, creativity, truth, integrity, authenticity, love, forgiveness… You recognise that one too, don’t you!

You can never explain the 5D compass to someone in the 3D/4D because their compass is externally focused, while your compass is internally focused. That’s because they are looking for security and safety externally – whether that’s through power, influence, money, beauty, etc. They are still to awaken to the knowingness that we are the ultimate power in our own lives and the way we access that power is by turning inwards, by following the energy of our truth and living in alignment with our intuition and values.

Over the … ehm! … decades, I’ve have found making decisions almost tortuous. I’ve been swayed one way and then the exact opposite way. It was only when I was shown this model that I realised why: I was trying to set my life direction using two conflicting compass models. It all suddenly made sense. Now I know which decisions to make easily, gracefully. That doesn’t mean that living through those decisions and implementing them is itself easy, but it does mean I have the confidence to follow through unwaiveringly.

It also doesn’t mean that if we choose based on our intuition that we won’t have all the 3D elements, like respect, money, a home etc. It is that we come to those things by going inwards first, not by making the decision based on the outcome we want, but based on the person we wish to be.

It also doesn’t mean that we instantly know which compass we are following. We may discover we make some 3D/4D decisions and some 5D decisions in relation to our lives, our emotions, our thoughts, our bodies, our spiritual practice. It’s simply a tool that can help sometimes.

As I’m not sure how the remainder of this month will play out – I have my hopes, don’t we all?! – I would like to wish you every blessing, from my heart to yours: thank you for accompanying me on the journey.

(c) Jennifer Crokaert 2021