Saint Germain: Be In The Now

by James McConnell
I am your Saint Germain. I have come at this time to be with you in this new year.

This new year that is just beginning. A year that you have just left, and a year now that is beginning. For it is the start of something grand.

You are in the process right now of becoming more and more of who you came here to be. Your thinking processes and your feeling processes. You are coming to know and understand that you are so much more than you have been programmed to believe all of this life and lifetimes prior to this. You are coming into your own more and more now.

Those things which in the past, even several years ago you would not have understood, would not even have brought that into your vocabulary, things such as ‘vibration’ and ‘consciousness,’ now it becomes an every-day expression for you. The idea of ‘believing is seeing,’ rather than ‘seeing is believing.’

Think about how you have been programmed for so long to always see it before you believe it. Now the programming has changed. The programming is now ‘believe it, and then you shall see it.’ That is what you need to focus on more and more as you continue on in this next year.

This next year that can bring so many remarkable changes to your own inner world as well as the world outside of you. Because it is the world inside of you that creates the outside world. And when you really come to understand that, that you are the Creator Being, that you both create and are within creation as well.

So the more that you can trust that you are in the right place at the right time, that you are in the perfect now moment, every single moment. Yes, you keep hearing that from us: “be in the now.” “Be in the now.” That is so important. Because that is fifth-dimensional expression. In the fifth-dimension there is no past. There is no future that you have to be concerned about. It is always in the now.

Think about how that would be: if you were upon ships, you were traveling, if that is what you want to do. And all you have to be concerned about is what you are doing right in that moment. You do not have to focus on what happened in the past, to feel the guilt, and all of those things that have been part of your programming. And you don’t have to only think about what you are going to do in the future, your goal. You do not have to be concerned about that if you are just in the moment.

So think about that. Contemplate on that. Meditate on that throughout this next year more and more. Find yourself in that perfect present moment. And when you do that, and when you realize that this is the perfect moment, and the next moment is also a perfect moment, and then next moment after that, there is no room then for anything other than perfection. There is no room for anything other than love, and compassion, and oneness, and truth, and light.

Yes, it is true that there are still many throughout the planet that are in the unawakened stage. They are still as yet asleep. But they are waking up rapidly now because of all of you, the System-Busters, the ones that came here to change everything, to bring change to this world. You are the ones that are doing this! Yes, with our guidance.

But it is you, each one of you. And each one of you equals the collective you, and the collective consciousness as you all come together as one.

Together as one in freedom. Freedom of choice, freedom to be who you are. And nothing, and no one, can take that from you unless you give it to them. And many across the planet that are still unawakened have done that. They have given their freedom away. But because of you, they will be able to take that freedom back. Because you are showing the way to them. You are giving them the path to follow, even though they do not know that yet. Even though they do not know that you are the Way-Showers. Many of them think that you are crazy, that you do not know what you are talking about, that you follow fake news.

But you all know the truth. And the truth indeed is, not will, but is setting you free.

So trust that people that are on the verge of awakening shall awaken. And they will awaken en mass. Not one at a time as has been happening, but all together at once. That is what everything is leading toward now. All the preparation is leading to the Great Reveal of this next year.

Will it happen as you have been hearing from so many different sources? Very possibly, very probably. Is it written in stone? No. That can never be. That is why we are not in the prediction game. But as One Who Serves gave you on New Year’s Eve, we are in the possibility and probability game. We can guide you in various ways, and are guiding you in these ways.

But it is up to all of you to hear that guidance, to follow that guidance, whatever it might be. To continue about your mission. And your mission as a whole, as a group together, or mission, is adding to the mission of all of the other groups across the planet. All of the other individuals that have come forth to bring about this great awakening. It is you.

I am Saint Germain. I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that the Violet Flame continues to purge out the old programming, and to move you on in the direction that you all came here to follow. The path is in front of you: simply follow it.