Amazing things are happening. Globally, a huge transformation is underway as every area of corruption is exposed and begins to disintegrate. Those who would keep humanity enslaved are exposed daily. Aside from the already exposed major corporations; pharmaceuticals, social media platforms, justice depts, media and governments, each new event draws people to show their true colours. We see who is supportive and who is a part of the old system. Local courts refusing to set dates; sheriffs, governors, mayors, health officers, scientists, doctors, professors, police chiefs, police, companies and local businesses – show us who support human rights.   
At the same time we see the old regime of control and corruption being peacefully and legally dismantled, an entire new world is being born.
In many cases, the way these are being exposed is helping to create the new path for humanity. Many who have lost their jobs and businesses will be catalysts for new ideas and new ways to live.
TEACHERS. Many of those who lost their jobs are being employed by groups of parents who chip in to pay them to teach their kids in someone’s home. This form of home schooling means kids can still socialize and interact with each other, allows working parents to continue to work and perhaps saves the sanity of parents who don’t feel up to home schooling kids.

LAW. Common and Natural law movements, acting in Sovereignty, are flourishing around the world. They are intent on removing Maritime Law and re-instating Common Law to free the people.  
GOVERNMENTS. Politicians are resigning or being replaced. Police chiefs, Prime Minsters and senior politicians are being served official papers under Common Law citizen’s rules, informing them of their pending arrest.
ALL HEALTH PRACTITIONERS. Having refused the jab and consequently escaped the corrupt medical system, we now have so many more qualified people world wide, available to help with natural medicine and healing practices.
We know the exposure of all corrupt areas on Earth is very necessary. But naturally, while we are doing this, we need to remain detached on every level from emotions, reactions and thoughts it may bring up in us. I think most are aware we are in a war of dark and light, however we see that.
From the many thousands of comments I see, it seems many may have forgotten about the LIGHT side of this war. Maybe forgotten there is a Light Force on Earth! Tons of awakened people, including lots of key lightworkers, don’t seem to have caught up with the present and still have the idea the dark force is running this place! Comments from people continue to affirm the dark force is in control! Not only is this completely untrue, it gives energy and power to the dark side. Check for yourself (including your own thoughts). You will hear  comments such as ‘Covid may be ending, but the cabal have many, many other plans in store, such as climate change, fake alien invasion, 5G will kill millions and we need to work out how to get through it all!’ Did it ever occur to people that the high frequencies of 5G towers might have been completely removed from the satellites (not sure about China). Do people really think the entire light force on Earth and all the higher dimensions of light are that ineffective!
It may be good if we stop adding our energy to THEIR PLAN and instead start to trust the DIVINE LIGHT PLAN. There is one!! And it is working brilliantly. Did we all forget there are many millions of incredibly powerful, amazing, highly evolved, multi dimensional Lightworkers all over the globe, strategically placed to effectively thrash every corrupt area on Earth.
Of course, we have to remain watchful and discerning until we have weeded out everyone. We are not stupid. We know there are more people to find. But please can we have a rethink about exactly who is in control here! I know it’s not always easy to see when we have white hat doubles and shadow governments in place, which are there purely to keep pushing the population to wake up. But it is necessary. I know everyone wants a major reveal of the exposed information to be given to the public and that would be great except for one small matter. That would cause the most massive amount of dense energy as people went into shock when their world and all the establishments, organizations, charities, religions, governments, education systems and personalities they relied on, trusted, believed in and often loved,  are suddenly shown to be totally fake, corrupt and even evil. Our goal for Earth is to raise the vibration of the planet into a higher frequency, not to create a global mass of negative energy that would severely damage the Light Plan and may be hard to recover from. That is why it is all happening slowly. Because it has to!
We have incredibly, in just a few years, managed to expose thousands of corrupt systems on Earth. We have seen many countries leaders ousted and thousands of major company CEO’s resign. We have dismantled and taken over many major areas and whole governments. During the 6 hours Facebook and many other social media platforms went down world wide, there was a complete takeover by the Light. Did you see the reasons given by CEO’s and technical divisions for the breakdown. The algorithms disappeared which is as though that entity no longer existed. Right, it didn’t! And you will say, but there is censorship still. Of course there is! (Although it has been dramatically lessened, which many have noticed).
Please keep in mind we are trying to wake people up. We are allowing events to take place that will wake people up, that will annoy them enough to get them to stand up and say no! When they do that, they raise their own vibration of light and begin their own personal shift in evolution. We have witnessed the most incredible rising up around the world of people standing up for their rights and demanding freedom. Individuals are being given a CHOICE to wake up. That is all the work of the Light Force. That is the Divine Plan for the evolution of humanity
A few other points.
We have heard a lot of talk about Earth being flat. It actually doesn't matter whether the planet is round, square, pink or purple. We are being given many ideas that to help us expand. WE ARE LETTING GO OF ALL OUR FIXED IDEAS THAT THINGS ARE A CERTAIN WAY. Everything has to go. We are letting go of 3D. Just like the dates we are given for big events that then don’t happen. That helps us let go of TIME. We were impatient in the beginning, now we have learned to allow things to happen in their right time.
A point about creating division. The dark force has been intent on creating massive divisions between us all, to help keep us separated and under control. It would be good if we did not continue their plan.  The govt. is already trying to do that between jabbed and unjabbed. We need to not criticize those who are still asleep. Humanity has gone through a lot. There has been extensive brainwashing; through schooling and education, media, movies, the chemicalization of water and food, religions and the frequencies being emitted to Earth by satellite, Harp, chemtrails, etc. As well as fighting against the brainwashing of a lifetime, they are used to complying with the norm and don’t like confrontation involved in  going against what they are told to do and what the rest of society believes to be true.
Really, it’s a miracle anyone can wake up. There are people who say, ‘well, I woke up, so they can’. Again this is a limited view. Even just looking at that from a 3D perspective, we all get brought up differently. Some have a better education than others, wiser parents, some have druggie illiterate parents and a hard home life. And if we wish to take that into another realm, perhaps those who are awake have been blessed not to have gone through all the programming that has been going on here. Maybe they came here to help the others who sleep and to be kind, understanding and compassionate, knowing it will be a shock for people as they discover the truth and need help to get through it.
It is a time for the world to come together. Covid has achieved that, if you think about it. It was something that excluded no-one, whether rich or poor, race, creed, birth place, nationality, occupation, religion, social standing, age, sex or standard of education. For the first time in history, the world connected globally, all in the same boat. Then it went on to connect people even more closely as they began to stand united in protest across the world. Coming together with a mutual sharing of purpose and reality. Friendships were forged, respect and gratitude was created and all thoughts of separation were of no consequence. We were in this fight together. People who could inform and unite others, stepped forward. Love began to permeate the Earth.
A BIG TEST FOR THE UNVACCINATED. There is still one division to be healed and that is the one created by government and media of the jabbed and unjabbed. As more is exposed that shows vaccines were ineffective, that division will evaporate. People who have been vaccinated will realise they are no different to those not vaccinated. That is already being exposed as several countries are saying the double vaxed are voided and people needed to get a booster. Friends and family will be reunited. This will be a major test for those who did not get vaccinated. Each individual will have a choice - to move forward in love and compassion, making no-one wrong or stupid, but to simply point out it was hard for any of us to see through the media brainwashing. Or to stagnate our energy and path by sinking into our 3D ego and say I told you so and want people to feel stupid. It’s a choice! 
If we are really impatient, there was a Plan A. That was for everyone who woke up to concentrate on raising their own light frequency. That increase of light on Earth would pass into the collective consciousness of humanity (as all light does) which would help wake more people and more. A faster momentum. The continual raising of planetary vibration would increase people’s awareness (out of the brainwashing patterns) which would make it easier for them to accept the world was not as previously thought. That would not cause a mass of negative energy to be released from people in shock and anger.
However, it seems that being in 3D had a greater effect than we thought and we still had lots of stuff to release ourselves. That meant we were not detaching from the information we were exposing. We were also tending to judge people and their crimes, as well as be critical of those who would not wake up. We became impatient for it all to be over. As we got caught up in lower vibrations, it was harder to see the broader picture or remember the power of our own thoughts. We were really good at adjusting quickly to the continual unfolding of one shocking revelation after another, as we also discovered the world was not as we believed.
So, Plan B it was. The slow reveal of corruption, delivered at a pace that gave humanity the chance to digest something before being faced with the next exposure.  I know people tend to only look at the masks and spacial distancing as dark control areas. But that also helped humanity to move out of their comfort zone. They were forced to change and adapt.  The ability to let go and change is needed to let go of fixed patterns. And the 1.5 metre distance requirement happens to be the exact projected separation needed by an individual to avoid the shedding known now to occur from the Covid vaccination.
The whole Covid thing is ending. I suggest that instead of giving the immense power of our thoughts to the dark side by deciding it will be replaced by the next bad event, we instead take it as all being over now. Now maybe it is time we do some work on ourselves; meditation, light music, walks in nature, lots of laughter, go swimming, hiking, be in the silence, call in the angels, create peace around us, use light essences, avoid aggravation and negative people, have people you love around you, align yourself to Source, banish anything less than Light and maybe it is time to love everyone instead of judging and finding fault.
Let us be grateful for the amazing gift of being here now to witness a miracle, as Earth begins her journey into a world of love and harmony for all.
Sandy Stevenson