Jesus through John: You are REAL, form and the fear it stimulates are NOT


by John Smallman

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There is only Love.  Nothing else is needed because Love is All.  All sentient life is enfolded in the One, the energy field that is the infinite Vastness that is All.  Never for even the briefest of instants has Love ceased embracing Its creation.  However, due to the free will that is an essential aspect of the freedom in which all were created, free choice is always available, and a choice was made to experience separation, and a seemingly unattached state – an unreal imaginary state that has never existed – was constructed in which to engage in that experience.  That state has seemed extraordinarily real because that was the purpose for which it was constructed, and all sentient life that chose to experience form has found it to be an extremely convincing reality, even though it is totally Unreal!

Because it appears to be so real, the happiness, pain, suffering, uncertainty, anxiety, limitation, and fear that you experience as an aspect of its unreality can be extremely intense, adding to the sense of reality with which it already presents you in every moment that you spend within it.  That is why it is essential that you go deep within yourselves every day, to your holy inner sanctuaries where Love awaits you and longs for your invitation to embrace you.

That Divine Embrace is your right, and Source truly longs to embrace you, but It will not unless you choose to invite It to do so.  Love never overrides your free personal choices. Many of you choose not to accept the loving embrace that is permanently and instantly available to you because your unreal but very convincing experience of separation, that commenced even before the start of your human birthing process, has induced within you a belief that you are unworthy of God’s love.

Nothing could be further from the Truth!  You were created one with Mother/Father/God!

You have never departed from that state, and you never could, because it is the one and only state in which existence is possible.  That might sound like a limit on your free will, but it is not.  You are One with the infinite vastness that is Source, and you are therefore totally unlimited; limitation is unreal.  Limitation is of form, and is very apparent to you while you are living a life of form, but by going within, to your holy inner sanctuaries, and opening your hearts to Love, which resides there permanently waiting for you to allow It entrance, you will find yourselves able to allow yourselves – yes, you have the right to allow yourselves – to greatly reduce the sense of limitation that form imposes on you.

Limitation is a limit of form, but when you go deep within yourselves, to your holy inner sanctuaries, you can release yourselves from form and from the limitations that form imposes upon you if you so choose.  You always have choice, although your egos spend inordinate amounts of time attempting to persuade you that this is not so.  Therefore refuse to honor or engage with the fears and doubts with which they bombard you, and instead choose to engage with and assist in the collective awakening process in which each one of you is an essential and irreplaceable partner with Mother/Father/God.

As you have been told so often, you – each and every one of you without any exceptions whatsoever – are presently incarnate on Earth because you chose to assist in bringing humanity’s collective awakening process to its sublime and utterly magnificent conclusion.  Your simple intent to be loving whatever arises in your daily lives is all that is required of you, nothing more.  Why?  Well, because Love is ALL, and you are each at One with and in the Presence of Source/Love in every moment of your eternal existence.  Consequently your presence, your energy fields uplift and inspire others who are close by, nudging them towards an awareness that life is far more than what they are experiencing as humans in form; it nudges them towards a conscious or intuitive knowing that their lives will not end with the death of their physical bodies.  This is a very powerful impulse, impelling them to open their minds and hearts to Source, even if they have not previously felt inclined to do so, in order to awaken with you.

You are divine Beings, utterly inseparable from Source – Mother/Father/God – and you have enormous power available to you in every moment.  However, this is not readily apparent to you when you choose to believe that you are severely limited beings in form.  Of course your human forms are severely limited because that is their purpose, they demonstrate limitation very clearly to you by their very frangibility and vulnerability.  They are in fact excellent examples of the insanity of attempting to separate yourselves from Source.  That separation can never happen, because what She creates is eternally One with Her in joyful, harmonious, and utterly willing cooperation, endlessly extending creation for your and Her endless wonder and delight.

Creation is eternally ongoing, expanding, and changeless.  That appears to you to be an absolutely mystifying paradox, an irrational state that cannot possibly be, but that is only because you live in an unreal state of limitation and cannot conceive of a state that is unchanging, expanding eternally, and presenting you with the most wondrous ecstasy in every moment.  As you have been told so many times “when you awaken your joy will be amazing.”

And you are to awaken soon!  Be ready, therefore, for joy that would overwhelm you if you were still experiencing limitation, because you will recognize – you will KNOW – that you are not, you will, instead, fully enjoy once more the Oneness of Being, your endless presence in the Presence of Love, of Source, free from all doubt, anxiety, or fear, because what is unreal cannot arise in your minds to unsettle or disturb you with “what if” scenarios of unreality.  You are REAL, form and the fear it stimulates are NOT.  Prepare yourselves for the most heart-warming and uplifting sensations, sensations of wonder and joy that are totally beyond your ability to conceive of while you continue to believe in the unreality and limitations of form.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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