Perhaps we need to adopt a broader understanding of exactly what rallies achieve. Some people feel unless the stated goal is instantly achieved, it all failed. This is a limited view of what s really occurring during these events. To expand our understanding, we need to think of a multi dimensional world of energy frequencies. We know wave lengths exist that can’t be seen, such as for phones, TV, microwaves, etc. But there are many other wave lengths that are sensed by our spiritual self. Love actually emits its own wave length of energy and although we can’t see it, we often feel it. Light also has a range of different energy frequencies. Many wave lengths are sensed from our spiritual self.
Rallies reflect the voice of people to make known what they believe to be valuable to their way of life. But rallies seen over the last couple of years, present a different picture than previous rallies. This time it is global. For the first time in history, the world is united in a common cause. Those who are awake speak for those yet to wake, knowing the majority would wish it. People across the world are choosing an Earth they want to live in and deciding who they want and don’t want as part of it. Humanity is rising up like a phoenix from the ashes, to be born again into a free world of harmony, love and true justice.
What does a rally achieve?
A rally is a very visual and energetic display of unity; it creates a global connection; it breaks down barriers nationally and internationally; people stand together regardless of race, age, creed or social status; we align with each other on the same side; we share the same realities and truth; power and strength is gained from its numbers; it creates an inner strength often previously unrecognized in the individual; it is an amazing display of the power and will of the people; it is people standing up for their rights and speaking out for truth, integrity and honour; it is people speaking for those who cannot and are unaware there is a need to speak; it removes feelings that one is alone, isolated, marginalised and powerless; it directs attention toward the injustice of actions being taken and can change people’s minds; it empowers people by showing them there are thousands who think the same and can alter the agenda and start debate.
It demonstrates the importance of a belief to society at large and lets authorities understand that their actions are unacceptable and are being opposed. It points out to everyone involved and those witnessing it, where society is failing and what needs to change. It reflects the behaviour of the various authorities involved in the handling of protesters, showing allegiances and adversaries.
It can help us show compassion and release our pain; help us see the truth of our interconnectedness as one human race; it can help us feel the power to change and heal the world and further our willingness to be called into further action.
It influence public opinion; draws attention and shares information about a perceived injustice; gains a wide audience for the cause; can push public policy or legislation forward; participants and those viewing often learn more about an issue; it connects many with others of a similar life view and gives people a chance to speak their truth and stand up and be counted.  
Collective action is a life-changing experience. Protests can have long-term effects on both the protesters and the rest of society. It helps people change; gaining inner strength, learning and growth from being involved in a unified stance and standing side by side with others in a common cause. To be in a sea of people demanding positive social change is empowering and exhilarating.
A rally can be inspirational and deepens spiritual connections; it shows the rest of the world that millions of people think something is wrong (and regardless of lack of media coverage, the message gets out anyway); it forms friendships and bonds; it brings to the fore a participants own certainty of their moral compass and what they deem to be an injustice they are unwilling to tolerate for another moment and restores hope and faith.
Rallies are vast in their effectiveness. When people come together in one united voice of love and care for humanity and a right to freedom, they change the world.
And with the raising of their voices, the people become more themselves. They increase their own level of light that permeates out into the collective consciousness of humanity, creating a huge force of positive light energy that floods every corner of the world.
Sandy Stevenson
14th February 2022.