Jesus through John: Life is a Miracle, and you are all Alive!


by John Smallman

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As you are all well aware, humanity’s awakening process is moving forwards beautifully, just as God intends, no other way is possible.  Therefore, relax!  God’s intent is always perfectly achieved, so release your doubts about His Reality, which is Reality in all its magnificence and glory, and TRUST Him completely.  You only have problems or issues when you engage with doubt about the reality of the divine plan, and when you attempt to conceive of how, in your opinion, it could or should be unfolding.  Those ‘mind-games’ that you play with yourselves – the ‘what-ifs,’ and the ‘this has to be wrong,’ and the ‘God would not allow this to happen’ thoughts and arguments you have with yourselves – are egoic distractions which delay your acceptance of the fact that the collective awakening process is occurring right now.

Your thoughts do not and could not interfere with the process, let alone delay it, because that is not God’s Will.  All that happens is that you convince yourselves that the awakening is moving too slowly, or even that it is not happening, and will not happen, and thus lock yourselves into a state of disbelief, preventing you from watching with delight as it unfolds – PERFECTLY!

Humanity is awakening, even though vast numbers of people remain completely unaware of it.  The chaos and confusion that is occurring all across the world, and which you see reported on the MSM and on social media channels, as people everywhere start reclaiming their divine sovereignty, is a clear indication that humanity is waking from the nightmare.  They are coming to the realization that the only way to live happily and at peace is in acceptance of one another, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, or religious or political beliefs.  It is very apparent to all that using conflict to resolve issues has never worked, can never work, and needs to cease.  And that way of interacting is coming to an end, now.

You are indeed very blessed to be in form on Planet Earth right now.  There is room only for so many, and there are many more who would love this opportunity to be in form as the collective awakening unfolds.  Why?  Because it is a time – a MOMENT – for celebrations on a most magnificent scale, planet-wide.  All the tickets have been sold, all the seats are taken, and there is a great and completely justifiable state of expectation arising as more and more humans start to realize the enormity and brilliance of what is coming to fruition.

Although the state of separation that you appear to be undergoing has been ongoing for billions of years as humanity measures and experiences time, in truth it is but a moment, but an instant, less than the blink of an eye since you chose to limit yourselves by engaging with form, first as microorganisms about four billion years ago, and from there evolving into the human forms that you inhabit today.  The moment for life in form is coming to a magnificent conclusion, and those of you present as that need is realized to be no longer necessary will find yourselves in a state of bliss that at present is inconceivable to you.  To prepare yourselves for this fabulous event is impossible, so remind yourselves of the exhilaration and excitement that small children undergo when something wonderful, totally new, and completely unexpected occurs to delight their young lives – maybe some of you can remember an early experience of your own like this – and know that what is coming is truly going to blow your minds!

Life is a Miracle, and you are all alive!  Most of you have forgotten this, or have lost your awareness of it, as you deal with the problems with which your human lives are almost constantly presenting you.  Life has become intensely prosaic for the majority of humans, with but brief moments of uplifting excitement, and it appears to many that this is how it will continue, even becoming far less satisfying as you age physically, ending finally in death and extinction.  Not an uplifting prospect for most people to live with comfortably.

However, you are just now – there is only NOW, remember? – extremely close to the most magnificent awakening out of this stupor, out of this exhausting life experience.  So do make sure to go deep within yourselves daily, to those holy inner sanctuaries that you each have, which can connect you directly to the One, and invite Love, which resides there in every moment of your eternal existence, to embrace you and bring some memories of Reality into your conscious awareness.  It will, even if only for the briefest of moments, uplifting and inspiring you wonderfully, and you will never forget that experience while you remain in form.  Your doubts about the possibility of eternal life in joy and harmony with all sentient beings will dissolve, and you will find yourselves living at peace with yourselves and with others.

Mother/Father/God loves you utterly and completely, way beyond your wildest dreams, and longs for you to awaken and know yourselves once again as you truly are, Light Beings of unlimited power and creative abilities.You are now freely choosing to awaken, the only way that your awakening can occur, as you let go of your conviction that you are limited beings, perhaps even controlled by some higher authority.  You are now reclaiming your autonomy, your inherent sovereignty which has always been at your finger tips and ready for you to put into effect whenever you chose to fully honor yourselves.  You have chosen freedom, you are dissipating your long-held belief in limitation, you are awakening, and you are coming Home to Reality, where a most magnificent and celebratory welcome awaits you.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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