ArchAngel Metatron: The Equinox and Integration



You have entered yet another new time/space vibrational vortex with the New Moon of March.  There is an increased intensity to the blending, merging and aligning of the male/female energy: you are being called to integrate and balance both aspects of the male and female within yourself.

There is also a merging, blending or even a bleeding through of the the 3D into the 5D energy, almost like shape shifting, subtle and yet at some moments you are so clearly in the 5D of joy, peace, love and harmony, and just as quickly back in the 3D of pain and suffering. Moving between them is the journey at present, as each time you step into the 5D higher vibrational frequency you anchor more of that energy within you, within the collective.

As you amp up for the equinox, the equilibrium of day and night, there will be a greater pull to create balance and equilibrium within. This is to create spaciousness for the higher energies to flow easily through you. 

The last tiny specks of hurt, fear, anger, pride, jealousy, greed… all distortions are being  pulled out before you to be magnified so that you can cleary see them, feel them and then… LOVE them.  Integration doesn’t mean by-passing, or finding the root cause or even transcending.  Integration is about loving the totality of who you are, seeing beyond the binary opposition of good and bad, true and false. 

You are invited to love that which you dislike within, to accept it, to allow it rather than hide it away or ignore it.  When you love a fear, you dissolve the distortion within, you transmute that small packet of squashed energy, you restore that small packet of squashed potential back into love, where every emotion and distortion originally came from, using the super power of the Divine.  You were given that Divine power for a reason: because you are Divine.  It’s your super power.

So when it feels as though a flaw, or a bad feeling – anything you see as less than perfect – emerges, you are invited to accept it, to love it, and thereby transmute it.

As you continue on this journey, you will realise that the greatest safety you have is not getting everything right, or always knowing what to do, but accepting whatever arises and loving that part of you. 

Loving acceptance of yourself is the gateway to ascension and as you love yourself, you love and transmute the shadow of the collective, just as you wished to do when you signed up as a light holder in density. 

You are the sparkle in the darkness. 

You are the Divine, remembering.

(c) Jennifer Crokaert 2022