David Wilcock: Urgent Global Peace Meditation March 2022

By David Wilcock on March 4th 2022

I strongly encourage you not to give in to fear, panic and terror in light of current events.

As miserable and depressing as the present circumstances may seem, there is a much greater story going on.

  How do I know? There are many different reasons. Now I have even more of them. 

My internet has been down for some time, due to weather events where I live. It literally came back on as I was typing this email to you on March 4.

So, I am going live on YouTube, March 5 at 2:00pm MST.

Lately I have been processing some very stunning new information. This data has radically changed everything about how I see myself, my mission here on Earth, and our own future timeline. I am writing you just over a month after having assembled The Michael Prophecies in its initial, rough form on 2/2/22, as per Michael’s request.

  As you already know, The Michael Prophecies is a channeled work of prophecy from Archangel Michael, all relevant to what we’re moving through as a globe, right now. I received and transcribed the work through a modified military remote-viewing protocol, beginning in November 1996. The transcripts in this book are all from 1999, and they have stunning prophetic accuracy for what is going on in the present moment.

  As I discuss in my latest book Awakening in the Dream, I have documented several different “time loops” over the last 20 years. This is where events occurring in the present are predicted in writings I remote-viewed and transcribed in the past.

  Now we have been given an entire book that was transmitted in 1999, entirely time-locked to what is happening right now — and beyond.  I have had time to read and process this myself. Words do not suffice to express how amazed and relieved I am by what I have learned.

  The current events going on do not change the hope, promise, and light in the prophecies. The various visible events we can see are still only shadowy, ephemeral clues that suggest a much deeper plan and structure is in place, which most people have no idea about just yet. The initial manuscript of The Michael Prophecies is already 478 single-spaced pages. Every time I see a passage that has apparent prophetic significance to today’s timeline, I highlight it in red. There are red-highlighted prophetic statements on almost every page.

  All of this data has clearly assembled into a “Big Picture” that has shocked and astounded me like nothing else, as a professional, a scholar and a seeker. 

The Bible talks about coming catastrophes. Jesus gave ominous-sounding prophecies of future disasters, such as in the Book of John. Thirty-five different ancient cultures had spiritual traditions which all seemed to have prophecies of a coming disaster — often with the idea of a “solar flash” or massive solar energy release.

Many people either consciously or subconsciously believe and / or expect that some epic, world-ending disaster like this may occur. Events such as those we are now witnessing cause many more people to begin thinking of “End Times” than usual.... along with that can come extraordinary fear and paranoia.

  These ancient prophecies seemed to forecast an extinction-level event for most organic life on Earth. Insiders told me they expected the atmosphere to be destroyed and for there to be a 1000-degrees-Celsius burn on the surface of the Earth, among other things. 

  If this were to occur, this would then necessitate a “Noah’s Ark” planetary rescue operation to circumvent. This is apparently what “usually” happens in such cases, based upon data such as what we see in the Law of One series, as I discuss in Awakening.  

Now, Michael has used the undeniable power of the time loop to tell us that the world will not be destroyed as we transition into the fourth-density Earth.  

That means if you are alive in a body now as you are reading this, guess what? You are directly participating in the Ascension as we speak! 

The Michael Prophecies have also decoded a variety of enigmatic passages in the Law of One that never made sense. On the one hand, they seem to be arguing for some type of a catastrophe that causes a larger-scale loss of life than we usually see. On the other hand, there are other passages that strongly imply a gradual, predominantly non-catastrophic change, without epic Earth disasters. 

  The world that is just now getting started will be so much more harmonious that people who still need crappy third-density ‘bad karma’ will end up reincarnating on a new and different planet that is still in third-density after they leave this lifetime.  

Even though the DS spent the majority of all of our money on underground cities to survive a disaster on the surface, apparently that disaster will not be happening. This is the ultimate message of the Michael Prophecies. The bad guys got tricked into preparing for an event that no longer ‘needs’ to happen.

  As far as the solar flash in some of the prophecies —you may have heard me say, we did have a solar flash on or around December 21st, 2012, as the prophecies had led me to expect. It just happened on Proxima Centauri, our closest stellar neighbour.

  Once we account for the speed of light, we see that Proxima had a gigantic flash of blinding white light that occurred on December 25, 2012, as best as our current math can calculate.

  In my livestream today, I will review my perspective on current events and dig a little deeper into the prophetic hope of the ascension timeline we’re now on. 

See you soon!