Ashian: Time is up


Jennifer: Goodness, I’ve missed you! When I feel into your energy, you feel like ‘home’, after such a long break.

Ashian: Hello to you too! It has been a while… but we shall leave that there! We are here for more important purposes. We would like to highlight the upcoming changes, structural departures, ruptures…

J: That sounds pretty full on, you’d better explain yourself!

A: The time of the slow turn of the wheel is finished. Humanity was given the opportunity to move gracefully into self mastery and into understanding the complexity of your global situation (the light and the darkness) in a gentle manner, providing plenty of opportunities to move into mastery, to practice holding your centre, your intuition. That time is gone. Those who did not avail of the opportunity will now learn a much harder way.

The emotional overload will be significant and lightworkers will become the first responders. All those who did not take up the opportunity to learn slowly will have to learn and assimilate enormous amounts of shocking information in very short timeframes. Their inner worlds will resemble the images of hell that you have seen in paintings.

They will rely on your Lightworkers for comfort, for compassion, for kindness and forgiveness of themselves, for ease from the shock that threatens to overpower them.

Being kind to yourselves must be a first priority. Put on your own oxygen mask first! That means ensure your energy is high, that you have enough good will to share, kindness to share.

If you are tired and grumpy, burnt out, angry or frustrated, then the person who needs your loving kindness is YOU. First and foremost. Put yourself first, or you will burn out too quickly to help anyone.

J: Yes, there’s a lot said about self care these days.

A: Yes! Because it has been falsly advertised as selfish and bad. It’s self-ful and GOOD. It’s vital and that’s why they don’t want you to prioritise yourself, your care, so you can remain tired and weak.

J: I love it: self care has become a revolutionary act!

A: But it has. Again, we remind you have the importance of balance in a time when it will appear that balance is entirely nul and void.

Keeping your well being in balanced harmony will model to others that self care is important, even when the world appears to have gone mad. Holding grief, anger and pain in a way that is balanced, where you are compassionate but not boiling over with your own grief, anger and pain will model emotional balance; it will provide a reassuring comfort for many who feel unable to contain themselves.

The sharp, sudden shock is coming: humanity will awaken. If you wake up with the alarm clock at 4am, there is time to do everything calmly, peacefully. If you wake up five minutes before you must leave, there is only stress, confusion and anger. The choice has always been there and each being was free to choose their timeline.

J: I don’t mean to be rude, but it does strike me as a tad unfair that those of us who have done the work have to deal with the raw, unprocessed emotions of those who refused to awaken.

A: Did you not train for this moment? Did you not come for this moment? Do you not think they would have woken up if they could have? The truth is you light warriors are here for this time, knowing you would care for those injured by the fallout. You woke because your vibration was of a sufficient level to force an awakening; those who rested longer did so because they were unwilling – and therefore unable – to raise their vibration. The last thing required is blame and shame, or arrogance and pride. This is a moment for sharing your common humanity, for speaking through your heart to their heart.

There was always going to be fall out; if it was not fall out type A, it would be fall out type B or type C. The reckoning was always going to come; and light workers were always going to be on the front line – that’s why you came. To be of service in a brutal war…. to create healing and quantum transformation where others could not.

This is your moment. This is your moment to let your light shine so brightly, so dazzlingly. You are ready.