Every thought, belief and picture has its own energy that holds it in place. Many belief patterns roll along with us through lifetimes. Because many of our thoughts are only other people’s ideas we accepted, they are often negative and untrue. We rarely examine our thoughts, so they remain with us. When we do look at them, it offers a chance to see what they really are and we are able to release them.   

We have billions of beliefs gathered and accepted over lifetimes. From the minute we are born right up to this moment we are still accepting beliefs (and judgements) about every conceivable thing on Earth. These thoughts make up a major part of our life. Most probably think they have few beliefs, feeling their ideas come from life’s observations. However, many things we believe are not from any observation or perception. Lots of things we consider important and hold to be true are not the product of fact or reason. Imagine for a moment how many beliefs we have accepted  about food, health, weather, income, appearance, sport, stupidity, criminals, traditions, nationalities, music, movies, illness, money, medicines, education, life, death, work, success, religion, partners, celebrities, family, children and values. These all present some restrictions. Many beliefs are strange but we rarely stop to question how bizarre they may be.  

You know the sort of thing…. money doesn’t grow on trees… I never win anything… I’m too fat….responsibility is a burden… I don’t deserve…. sun fades the curtains…. It saves money… I worry about!.. I expect family to help me…you should brush your teeth…. it’s not stealing as they have more money than me ....you should get a job…there’s no way I could do that….giving is better than receiving…. they’ll leave me in the end….people are stupid… I have to get a house…. I can stop if I want to. So, you’ve got the idea.  

We carry these beliefs and rarely let them go, often over lifetimes. And obviously, these patterns greatly affect how we conduct our life. Beliefs define how we see the world and act within it. Some beliefs disappear when we enter a new incarnation as we take on a whole new bunch. Sometimes we just replace an alternative. All in all, we carry a lot of energy around, stored in subtle energy bodies that sit outside our physical body. Somehow we muddle through life complying with all our beliefs. How rigid and controlled our life is, could depend a lot on how much we adhere to these patterns. 

As it seems we can manage with all these beliefs, why address this at all? The reason concerns our evolution as a soul. We will look at a few points for a different perspective on the importance of releasing patterns to make sure we don’t keep incarnating forever. 

1. Earth is a great learning school. We are here to learn. One thing we learn is to stop accepting other people’s beliefs without applying some rational thinking to it. We also realize we need to release existing patterns, or many of them. 
Example belief: Just one of billions that rule our actions!

He. Why don’t you wear that jacket with the dress? It’s nice.

She. Oh no, it’s green. You can’t wear red with green!

He. Where did that come from?

She: I’m not sure…. you know the saying ‘Red and green should never be seen’. Maybe it came from my mother.

He: But don’t redheads wear lots of green because it suits their red hair? And what about beautiful red roses with green leaves and stunning red holly berries with their shiny green leaves.

She: I never thought about that. I wonder if it’s really blue and green!  

2. Beliefs are beliefs. They are not things we know. ‘Knowing’ is quite different and is way higher on a spiritual scale than beliefs. Beliefs don’t arrive through a process of deep inner tuition established as truth. Many can be quite negative or restrictive in the way we behave, even those we may not consider restrictive. Beliefs quietly drift in and sit at a subconscious level and are rarely brought to the surface to be fully examined for rationality and evidence. Being out of the light and never checked, their energy is often dense and negative.  

3. A very important point. We are unable to advance to higher levels of evolution unless we raise our personal vibrational frequency (level of light). This is a fact. Earth is also unable to evolve without raising its light frequency. In fact, nothing evolves without raising its frequency. To achieve this requires we release a lot of the stored negative energy. Raising our light allows us to escape the 3D cycle of constant reincarnation.  

How do we release belief patterns?

We take the time to observe our own thoughts and actions. Many ideas that control our words and actions have been handed to us from ‘heavens knows where’ - parents, school, friends, TV, doctors, magazines, books, past life, tradition or preachers. Being aware of a belief is usually enough to dissipate its energy. We handle beliefs by becoming consciously aware of their existence and making a decision to let them go so they don’t dictate our life.  Luckily we don’t have to spend years searching for all our beliefs. We can notice when we say or do something, whether it feels right as the truth of who we are. If not, then we can release it. Doing this creates a momentum. We reach a point where our own increased light level begins to dissolve negative energy in our space. 

Divisions created from belief patterns

We have seen division occur between the jabbed and unjabbed with differing realities formed.  Sometimes it seems we live on different planets. But as more truth comes to light that division should dissolve. People will come together on the same page and unity will be restored among friends and families (achieved faster if we don’t make each other wrong!) 

However, there is type of natural occurring division that may not be so easily bridged. As people wake up, their consciousness shifts and they become more of who they really are. The soul rises up above ego and mind dictation. We begin to change what we think is important and valuable. We become more particular about how we spend our time and energy and are increasingly unwilling to participate in inane or stifling conversation with people who have blazing egos or stuck in a 3D plateau with no willingness to reconsider. We are no longer interesting in many things that once filled our days and now seem insignificant, such as some social gatherings, alcohol soaked parties and valueless pastimes. We begin to let go of beliefs and activities we adopted that don’t reflect who we really are. The need to conform to society’s patterns disappears and we no longer care what our peers think. We stop trying to fit with a society we now see as fake, distracting, controlling and materialistic. We want genuine stuff and to be around people who are real, truthful and honest and have something useful to say. We no longer feel drawn to people who blindly follow whatever they are told.  Yes, it can mean the end of some friendships and possibly even family relationships, and as hard as that may be, it helps us move on. Some friends stay and we draw new people to us who are awake and share our values and dreams of something special ahead. 

Many have questioned the validity of current world events. Being open to new ideas helps free us from our beliefs. When confronted with a new way to view something that may have been untrue, just allowing it as being possible can help raise our vibration. It is the opening us to other possibilities that creates a breakthrough. We need to expand our mind to a broader place of willingness to see things may be different or even opposite to what we believe. Do you know how freeing that is? That ability can shift us out of the rigid 3D box. It is the route to spiritual expansion – a free mind that is fluid and allowing.  

That does not mean be gullible or that we have to make a choice one way or the other. It means just be more fluid to new ideas!! Many of our fixed ideas have nothing to do with truth and they are only what we have been told! Much of humanity bears witness to that with wholesale beliefs! Lies and false beliefs are in probably in all industry, Hollywood, historical events, religion, pharmaceutical products; the list is endless. Most of us have realised many things that were slated to be conspiracy theories in the past have proved to be true. Many things we now clearly see, we may have scoffed at a few years ago and thought people were crazy. There may be a great deal more heading our way that will reveals lies we have accepted. So, the more we don’t automatically shut off and insist on hanging onto old ideas, the more chance we have of removing our negative programming and raising our own frequency of light.  

What if it turns out most we believed about life in 3D is actually wrong? Then it could be pretty smart to grab every chance to consider something may MIGHT be different than we believe. We have got to help ourselves out of stuck beliefs and 3D patterns. If we refuse to shift from rigid programmed thinking, we could stay stuck in a 3D band and more incarnations.  

The main point for us to understand is our light must increase for us to evolve. Many of our thoughts and belief patterns contain dense energy so unless we remove much of it, we can’t increase our personal light vibration. Everything comes down to energy and light. For us to move (evolve) to the 5th dimension, we need to be in a similar band of light as 5D.  If we keep hanging onto patterns of dense negative energy, we remain in that band of vibrational energy, which is the band of the 3D matrix. Meaning it is likely we would continue a 3D reincarnation cycle. 

Death and our beliefs around it

On our spiritual path we keep hearing we are creators and life is determined by our own thoughts and actions. That means all people, circumstances, social positioning, nationality, religion, family and events in our life are all created by us. Many situations we co-create with others so we can all learn from that experience. 

You may have heard people say what they think will happen when they die. Some think Jesus or Allah will greet and embrace them; some expect to see a tunnel of light and old friends who have passed on. Many expect to see the gates of heaven with St. Peter and believe they will enter an angelic kingdom of bliss at the throne of God. Others feel they were a bad person so will see the fires of hell (although not many feel they are bad!). Others feel there is to be a Judgement day where they will be found either innocent or guilty of not following God or the 10 commandments. Others feel they will be greeted by someone they know and are comfortable with, that there is no pressure and they have time to adjust to what has just occurred (body death) and then will connect with angelic guides who will help them review the goals for the incarnation, see the spiritual qualities they had hoped to gain during life, observe what was learned and what might have been done differently. Some feel they will simply cease to exist. There are other possible realities about what may occur after death. The term ‘death’ refers to the death of the body. The soul is immortal. 
When we hear views different from ours, we could assume those people will be surprised to discover a different scenario at death. We may feel they will see what we believe and that their own beliefs will be overridden.  

If it is true that all events in life are created by us, then would our thought creations disappear when we die?  Could it be that whatever we believed and held to be true, will happen just as we thought it would?
What happens when your body dies? Perhaps exactly whatever you think will happen. 

So, this brings us to the importance of releasing dense beliefs and story lines that control a lot of how we live our life, and our ‘after life’! If we let go of our fixed ideas, we are then free to experience whatever is meant to take place in highest divine order and best for our highest good. We would no longer be tied to what ‘we had decided was going to happen’. Surrendering to divine order allows us to move beyond the 3D life matrix and out of a continuing reincarnation cycle. If it is true that our thoughts (and beliefs) decide what we experience in life, it may be ideal to remove our ideas of what is going to happen when we die. Maybe it’s time we got out of the way! It might be very beneficial to trust the universe’s natural flow of divine order to give us what is best for our evolution. 

Something to consider.


Sandy Stevenson