Stepping Fearlessly into the Unknown


March 23, 2022 by Vidya Frazier

Are you feeling a strange shift in your sense of reality lately? Does your external world feel even more weird than usual? Perhaps you feel yourself eerily shifting back and forth between two different worlds?

If you are having any of these sensations, you’re not crazy. There actually are two worlds within our reality now, and you are shifting back and forth between them. The old 3D world is crumbling and fading, and the new 5D world is beginning to appear.

Although only vaguely apparent in the external world at this point, this transition from one reality to another is increasingly becoming evident within people’s inner worlds. What used to be just a narrow bandwidth of high 5D energy that was available to us has now expanded into a much larger opening into a new reality. And it is vastly different from the reality we are all used to.

Discovering the New Reality

If you really look inside yourself and sense the energies flowing through your body, you may be able to see how this new reality is opening up within you. You can discover how your familiar 3D self is more and more quickly disappearing – and something else, much vaster, much more unknowable, is coming onboard.

On the one hand, you might feel at times like you’re shifting into a much freer consciousness and experience incredible joy about this. You feel expanded and powerful, as if all possibilities in a new and exciting future are available to you. Enlivening experiences are showing up, sometimes magically out of nowhere. New people you immediately relate to appear everywhere you turn.

On the other hand, you might at times also be experiencing even more confusion than usual. Perhaps you’re feeling a sense of emptiness, a boredom, or an irritable impatience about everything. You sense your life somehow fading away. You feel like you’re carrying around dead energy: there’s no more excitement, passion or enthusiasm about anything you’re involved in.

Or, even worse, you may realize that old, unfinished business you’ve never fully faced or resolved is totally in your face now, demanding resolution.

Perhaps the term “quantum leap into 5D” is finally clear to you. Shifting into 5D is not a simple next step in your spiritual awakening process. It is a monumental leap that may at times feel impossible to make.

Uncharted Territory

Indeed, in taking this quantum leap, you can find yourself in completely uncharted territory. You realize you are a pioneer in a wilderness of the Unknown. If you can shift into your love of adventure, the experience can feel exciting, even thrilling. But, at other times, this can feel impossible to do. The shift taking place can feel downright scary, because it is so unknown and unpredictable.

It often demands a huge amount of courage and faith to just keep showing up and stepping forward each day into a brand new, unfamiliar reality.

You have to firmly believe that Source is going to guide you, every step of the way and continue to keep you safe and secure through whatever may occur along the path you’re now on. It may seem that never before has your faith been tested like this.

Dropping Your 3D Baggage

It can be helpful to know that your continued journey into this new world will be much smoother if you look to see what 3D baggage you are still carrying with you. It’s important to understand that you need to drop everything you can’t take with you into this new higher-frequency reality of 5D.

For instance, are you still holding onto any unhealthy habits or addictions? Are you enslaved to certain things – maybe your devices or the internet? Are you perhaps in an important relationship that keeps you in a low vibration?

Maybe you’re holding onto beliefs about lack – a sense that you are always needing more money than you have – or that there is not enough love in your life – or that your body is a sick body.

Although these beliefs may presently be based on what’s true in your life, they are not beliefs that can go with you into 5D. They need to be seen clearly and consciously let go of. It’s important to not keep talking about them to others, unless it’s absolutely necessary. Do your best to not make decisions based on them, or fall into depression or despair about them. In any way you can, try to live your life as if these beliefs are no longer running you.

In fact, if there are things, relationships or situations in your life that simply no longer bring you joy, these may be weighing you down and holding you back, as well. Anything that doesn’t feel right somehow may be something that needs to be left behind.

Very importantly, if you don’t drop them now, it is likely they will eventually be simply taken from you, because your higher consciousness will no longer be able to tolerate them. So it may be easier if you take control now and make the decisions you need to make in order to step away from them.

Wide-Open Field of New Possibilities

And yet, this shift you are making need not be an entirely difficult and frightening one. If you look closely, you may also sense that there is a wide-open vista ahead of you on your path. It’s a vast space that at this point is still empty – but it is light-filled, clear, and very inviting.

It is your new 5D reality, waiting for you to bring life into it. There are infinite possibilities of what can be created in this space. See if you can tune into this lighted space and sense it somehow ahead of you on the path. What does it feel and look like?

When first sensing it, you may have an immediate impulse of wanting to begin filling it with images in your imagination of all the things, people and situations you’ve been yearning for. But be careful not to do this. Don’t imagine anything in it at this point, or you’ll just be inserting all your old needs and desires you’ve had based on a sense of lack you’ve experienced while living in your 3D world.

Instead, see if you can simply focus on the feeling of this new vista ahead of you and the joy you experience – and see what just begins to show up in it. How would it feel if you really did have everything you wanted? What would a sense of fulfillment, and a feeling of being safe, loved, and valued feel like?

Experience the joy in imagining this. Feel into the sensation of being able to be the very best version of yourself – where you are the most empowered, happy, and fulfilled you could ever be, doing what you most love.

Imagine what it would be like to be totally loving your life and your relationships. What would life be like if you were experiencing a constant and complete connection to Source and to all of life?

Allow Source to Fill Your New Reality

It is this process of fully experiencing joy and the sense of having all you could ever want that will begin to create a life filled with what is needed to bring this about. You don’t need to decide how this is all going to happen – just feel the feeling of it all already being present. If you can feel this now as much as possible, it will accelerate your journey into 5D.

Then watch what happens as you simply allow Source to fill in your new Reality. Stay in the moment; make plans if necessary, but stay flexible and fluid. You may be in for some wonderful surprises.

Be aware that timelines are shifting, sometimes daily. What was originally going to take place today may have already changed. Watch to see what new events or situations arise to point you in a new direction. Trust that Source will bring you exactly what you need in just the right timing.

If you look closely, you’ll notice how your path is growing more and more narrow, and the choices you need to make are fewer and fewer. You’ll see how it’s very difficult now to make mistakes.

Anything that may look like a mistake today may later become clear to not have been one, after all: it was instead specifically designed as something for you to learn from, to wake you up, or guide you in better direction.

Just Keep Going

The bridge between the two worlds of 3D and 5D is now getting shorter and shorter. All you need do is keep remembering you are fully on it now. There’s no turning back – and you wouldn’t want to anyway.

Keep focused on the brightly-lit vista ahead of you and keep walking toward it, one step after another. As you do this, feel how its pull on you gets stronger and stronger. At some point, even as you pass through the darkest of days on planet Earth, you will still be guided flawlessly into your new realty.