The Collective: Now is the Time


by Caroline Oceana Ryan

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are aware of your ever-increasing, ever more powerful Light, and more importantly, we are aware that you are sensing this as well. Perhaps some days you will feel uncomfortable at the amount of Light you are drawing in, transmitting all around you, and allowing to transform your very cells, and the very essence of your Earth self.

This can be difficult to understand as you move along the path of Ascension for yourselves and your planet.

Yet you are flowing into that with increasing ease, despite what feel to be growing pains, difficult dreams at night, clashes between the old life and the new.

All is moving forward at a great rate, and not only with your own growing sense of mastery, but with your Earth’s increasing openness to openly hosting your Star brethren’s presence.

Of course, you will say, “Earth has been visited and inhabited by nonterrestrials for millions of years! What is new about that?”

And we would say that what is new, in your present era, is the fact that human consciousness is being assisted now, so as to accept the presence of beings from other planets and star systems.

To accept their presence, their intelligence, their helpful technologies, and their cultural norms—on a mass level, and on an everyday conscious level. Not the quiet, unconscious level of denial that the mass of humanity has held for so long.

It is time for the majority to accept and integrate this presence with what they call reality, and to accept it with grace and interest, not shock or denial.

Denial in particular has been something you have been trained in for millennia.

You have seen how so much on the “ET” front has been made into a parody in your media—strange little cartoon characters; large, stiffly walking robots; the “little green men” images; the savage invaders who want to control or destroy the planet. Along with this is presented the apparent inevitability of artificial intelligence moving into the human construct, as if that were a natural, acceptable, even preferable development.

Yet you are aware that it is not acceptable, in the sense that the powers-that-were have presented it and had planned to institute it in human life as an added aspect of human biology.

Now is the time, as so many have said.

In this time you are in, much concerning planetary well-being is being decided. There have long been several major potentials. Ones on the old Earth timeline that would leave humanity without choices for self-determination, and ones on the New Earth timeline that would destroy that dark plan for all time, while human consciousness is drawn up to a new level in which humanity grows into and accepts its place amongst the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds.

Not as outwardly programmed organisms that are part organic, part machine, but as an empowered, wholly organic species developing its own higher resources and consciousness, so as to join openly with those galactic presences that have watched over Earth life for millennia. Those presences, and your own higher aspects, have kept you from the tipping points that would have imprisoned humanity in shadow at an even deeper level than you have known till now.

And why do we speak of this, dear ones, when you know you are entering now a new era of Peace, in which Earth energies can only rise higher, as will all in this Universe?

We speak of it to again remind you that these dreams, intuitive realizations, and desire to know your Star families are not just happenstance.

It is so that there are numerous forms of disclosure of the galactic presence occurring on your planet now, in ways once only dreamt of.

Yet you seek what the Light community term “Full Disclosure,” and we understand your impatience.

An impatience for that moment when not only NESARA is announced, but the Ashtar Command take the global stage to explain their presence, and the presence of billions of other ships now circling the Earth. Or landing upon Her, or coming up from under the seas or the ground, and materializing into a dimensional vibration that makes them no longer invisible to the human eye.

Our writer has wished to speak with her friend John Lennon this week, and so we step back and ask that brilliant presence to come forward now, and speak to all of you. COR: Thank you, my friends. This is an exciting moment to be on the planet!

THE COLLECTIVE: Indeed it is—one might say, the most exciting time of all!

COR: I would like to ask John what he makes of what is happening on the Earth now—the war in Ukraine, which from what I understand is not so black and white as the Western media are making it out to be. And this news of impending Full Disclosure. Haven’t people been saying, “It’s about to happen!” for a long time now—a decade or more?

SPIRIT of JOHN LENNON: Greetings, all! Wonderful to speak with you again.

Regarding the When of Full Disclosure, keep in mind that many who are Starseed have a hard time relating to time in the way that Earth souls will relate to it.

Time as it falls in third dimensional terms feels strange and unnatural to those whose gaze is always going upward.

They will feel that almost everything is “soon” if they can sense the unveiling, energetic potential of something in the air.

So they are commenting on how a reality is building up to critical mass, before it becomes outwardly visible to everyone.

They’re not commenting on the idea that “it will be this many weeks from now,” according to everyone’s calendar, because they don’t think that way.

And if they had that actual information, which almost no Earth beings have, it would endanger them and predetermine much of your current timeline.

All of you are being protected that way right now.

Yet meanwhile, all of you are on the ships at night, laughing with family members in real anticipation of the Joy that awaits those who will finally meet their Star families in a fully awake, physical state, rather than mainly through etheric travel.

COR: Why do you say mainly through etheric travel? Have we met some of them already?

LENNON: You’re aware that there are beings on the planet who are not from here, even though they look and sound to be completely human.

You’ve met some of your Star family already, without being fully conscious of it, and so have millions of others.

It doesn’t occur to you to lean forward in conversation and say, “But where are you REALLY from?” because you weren’t raised to say such things.

Yes, it happens, but mainly in what people call “UFO circles.”

I actually had a few people ask me that when I was on the Earth last. And I would come to realize, speaking to some people, that they were indeed from elsewhere, and they knew it.

They were posing as completely human, but really weren’t, except in outer form.

COR: Now I’m wondering if all this madness in Ukraine isn’t related to impending Full Disclosure!

LENNON: Of course it is. Nearly everything happening now is escalating, because the former controllers are panicking and pulling out all the stops, trying to remain in control.

The old game isn’t working for them. So they go to their old stand-by, which tends to be war. There are others, but that’s the one that’s splashing across the front pages at the minute. You notice how they switch to a new campaign when the old one appears to be lagging in mass panic response and deception ability.

COR: Yes, many of us have noticed!

LENNON: Very nearly everyone on the planet over age 12 has noticed, but for many, it’s such a subtle realization that they aren’t quite sure what to do—stick with the old narrative they’ve been given for thousands of years, which is unstable and unjust, but familiar, or stretch out their heart-minds, and accept what they intuitively know to be true.

COR: Which is—that we are not alone in the Universe?

LENNON: And that it’s time that everyone started living as 21st century humans, and accepted their birthright.
I’ll speak on that more next week. But for now—stay calm, and start celebrating! Why would you wait?

COR: Thank you, my friend!

LENNON: [Bows to all] We are all of us honored to assist.

Namaste, friends!