Message from Sirius - Ascension Meditations

Dearest Ones we know that many of you may be suffering with certain symptoms as you clear the last vestiges of physical, mental and emotional states of your being to allow you to enter the state of bliss known as the 5th Dimension. You are all very close to this state of being and in fact many of you may be feeling this bliss at times as you pop in and out of the 5th Dimension in your dream states and meditations. These times are your future Dear Ones however life on Earth around you may be looking to you at this time.

To help you all at this time we would like to offer new meditations which can help you progress at this specific time. As healers you may be attracting darker energies than yours as you go about your daily business. For some of you this may be inevitable as you have chosen to help clear these darker energies from the planet at this time and as Powerful sentient beings you can indeed do this work. However at times this can lower your vibration. When this happens rest, go within and ask us to clear these negative energies for you.

Crystals are very important for you to carry with you at this time as they can absorb many darker energies but do remember to cleanse them often and cleanse them daily if you wear them on your person. Smudging yourself and your living quarters with Sage or Palo Santo can also be a very powerful antidote to these energies. We would also advise you to Bless where you live and your food and water. Many people are now finding out how the darker energies have been interfering with the atmosphere and your food and water. Understand what has been happening but listen not to the Naysayers and KNOW that your own body is very powerful and indeed can neutralise anything that is taken within.

Learn to communicate with the cells in your own body and have an ongoing conversation with yourself and you will find that you will be able to withstand any negativity that is being thrown at you, so to speak.


Lie down in a peaceful place. Take 3 big, deep breaths, breathing in calm and breathing out all of the tensions that you may be feeling. Tense and relax all of your muscles as you do this.

Starting at your feet and toes, knowing that you are including all of the blood vessels, tissues, muscles, bones, organs, skin and hair of each area, ask every single cell to Refresh, Renew and Regenerate each cell and Bless them for all the work that they do to keep you alive.

Next do the same procedure with your ankles, lower legs, knees, upper legs and into your hips. Refresh, renew and regenerate every single cell.

When you reach your abdomen include all the organs in your abdomen, do the same with your chest and up into your neck. Repeat the same procedure coming up from your sacral area into your spinal vertebrae and up to the back of your neck.

Refresh, renew and regenerate your shoulders, the tops of your arms, elbows, lower arms, wrists, hands and fingers.

Talk to all of the cells in your head, your ears, eyes, nose, mouth and your brain.

Don't forget to talk to your hair, skin and nails too.

You can deepen this meditation by naming any organ or part of your body with which you may be having a problem and imagining how that part of your body may be feeling and what it needs to heal itself.

When you have finished Bless your whole body and ground yourself, sending your roots into the Earth.


Start as above taking 3 big deep breathes and relaxing all of your muscles.
Place your intention on the Earth Star chakra just below your feet. Taking your time and feeling into this chakra and imagining the space around this chakra and connecting to the Love within and without this chakra. Bless the Earth Star and the space surrounding it.

Now go into your Root chakra and repeat the procedure with it and the following chakras.


Solar Plexus


Higher heart


Third Eye


Repeat the procedure with the chakras above your head


Soul star

Stellar Gateway which connects to your Higher self and the Divine.

When you have finished ground yourself imagining the Light from the Universe forming a tunnel or tube of White Light surrounding and protecting you, going down through to your base, with your roots grounding you into the centre of the Earth.

We suggest that you communicate with each chakra as to it's own vibration and colour for these can change over time. Many seers can actually see different colours in each chakra. For those of you who do not have this ability it is a good practice for you to go within and to imagine how your own chakras may look for they may be quite different to another's view.

We do hope that you enjoy these meditations. Have fun with them and feel free to change them to suit your own circumstances.

Learn to Love, communicate and have a good relationship with your own body and it will last you a longer lifetime than you can ever imagine. Know that your body is your greatest friend as you go through the Ascension process. Do these meditations daily and your body will respond and heal itself as you all enter the 5th dimension.

We send you many Blessings and much Love.

We are Sirius

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius on 14.4.2022