David Wilcock tells Mike Adams the global cabal will be taken down BEFORE the mid-term elections

Health Ranger Mike Adams interviews David Wilcock on the history of the Alliance’s toppling of the deep state and predicts the fall of the cabal before this year’s mid-terms with comment from Steve Beckow (Golden Age of Gaia) and Tarot Card Reading by Janine below:

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Steve Beckow:

At 45:00, David says: “…the answer, according to Archangel Michael, who’s talking to me now all the time….”
I love it!

I was very much interested in David taking the Alliance’s history and pushing it back from the Kennedy days to an initiative by Howard Hughes, called “the Plan.” The Plan emphasized that the Illuminati wanted to take over the world and reduce the population and began mapping out how to defeat them.

When Kennedy brought in his financial measures, he was taking a leaf from Hughes’ Plan. The cabal responded by killing him.
David believes Joe Biden cannot survive the disclosure of the contents of the Hunter Biden laptop.

He says he has new involvements in the aerospace industry which, combined with an environment that encourages more disclosure, allows him to share more of what would have been top secret some time ago. Thanks to Brian.

Tarot Card Reading on some topics discussed in the above video by Tarot by Janine: