Election Fraud with Foster Gamble

The United States has been meddling in the elections around the world for at least a century. Now those same nefarious tactics have been turned on our own voting process. The evidence is in. The emperor has no clothes. Films are coming out and guilty parties are trembling in their boots. Lawsuits are being filed and mainstream propaganda outlets are struggling to keep the truth from emerging. These next months will see the revealing of the grandest scale and most impactful vote-rigging ever. Foster will go 7 levels deep down the rabbit hole and out to the light at the other end on the motivation, history, and current situation of massive election fraud - right up to and through the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Foster is not a fan of democracy or any other type of authoritarian government, but while we are supposedly living in a Republic, the elections should at least be honest. This affects all of us at the most serious levels. Fasten your seat belt and hold onto your shorts for this rocket ride through the evidence.