It may appear Earth is in chaos with many unusual agendas surfacing everywhere, but what if it is all in Divine Order? Could it all be leading humanity on a new path of wellbeing and a way of life we long for? On the surface, that may not seem to be the case. But it would need a huge project to free humanity from its strong connection to 3D existence. It would need some pretty extreme steps to get the whole world to see that everything they thought was true and real was not as they believed.
I think it’s hard for most of us to really know the truth of what has taken place over the last few years. I don’t have a crystal ball but there are some ideas we could consider as possibilities. It can’t hurt to step free of society’s framework for a moment and think outside its box of limited reality to perhaps consider the idea there may be some positive aspects to events. If we look at all that is going on, it seems we are being shown a need to detach from the 3D aspects of a world we are so entrenched in and consider indispensable. As we see, it is turning out to be a world we probably don’t wish to continue anyway, after recent discoveries of the extent of corruption throughout society.
Some suppositions.
What if the Covid lockdown we hear of in some cities of China, is intended not to prevent Covid but to collapse the supply chain of world wide goods exported from China. This would mean a mass shortage and likely to cause hardship. But we could also view it as assisting humanity to break free of society being absorbed in constantly upgrading products in life, e.g. house, car, utilities, furniture, furnishings, etc. This reality and the obsessions have become an ingrained way of life that keeps us entrenched and absorbed in a mindset of acquiring possessions. Perhaps if we released the patterns that society has convinced us makes us better people, get more respect and be more successful, we could re-evaluate and see what we really need to be happy. Maybe our sense of well being need not come from material acquisitions.

What if the flooding occurring in so many countries world wide with great loss of possessions, is also helping people let go of attachment to material objects; OR maybe to help make us stronger and more resilient; OR encourages us to work together in unity to help each other without relying on rescue organizations (that happened on the east coast of Australia where the authorities failed to arrive for weeks); OR perhaps to flood thousands of miles of cabal created underground tunnels used for laboratories, breeding and sex trafficking and with the rescue of children and people in there, they can be flooded.
What if the Covid requirement for mask wearing and remaining a metre apart, assisted us to adapt to huge change. If it turns out that our whole world is going to come tumbling down and our realities about life shattered, resulting in massive change, it would help us to expand our ability to accept rapid changes. One day we could go where we pleased and hug whom we liked, and the next day it was forbidden. I think people adjusted quite well to that. We may have viewed it as being restrictive and can call it compliance or whatever we like but it did increase our ability to adapt to change. It also presented a great opportunity to step into our own power, overcome the fear the agenda created and say no. All these are possible gains.
What if the lockdowns, which began shortly after the changes involving mask wearing and social distancing, were multi faceted in the assistance it provided? People who began working from home enjoying the freedom to work their own hours, have breaks, lunch in the garden, spend more time with family, go for walks, play with pets and time to realize they had been caught up, in a daily rat race, maybe for years, as they handled the stress of travel to and from work and being in a confined space under supervision all day. But perhaps senior to all of it, people had time to think about life and see what was important and what they really wanted. They finally had the time to question things that made little sense in the world
What if the schools closing down for Covid, forced parents to home school their children, actually created new ways to think and positive outcomes? Overall, children seemed to adjust quite quickly. Some parents took longer, possibly feeling they should be at work, some finding it hard to have children around so much and others feeling inadequate as teachers. All understandable. But out of that situation, new ideas were born. Parents saw the material that was being taught to their children and became aware much was useless information, often presented as biased indoctrination. Being forced to experience home schooling showed parents other ways were possible to teach children. Some mothers loved home schooling and saw their children were much happier, so swapped to that system.
What if teachers who lost jobs over mandates was actually of benefit to them and everyone? One outcome was groups of mothers got together and chipped in to pay a good wage to a teacher in their area who had chosen to leave the corrupt education system by refusing the experimental vaccination. The plan involved choosing one location, or someone’s home, to be the classroom. Instead of singular home schooling, this provides social interaction between the children which is an integral part of their learning and growth. This idea is still in early stages, but an idea has been born and will grow. Many mothers are also happy to employ teachers who are not vaccinated, perhaps feeling they may be more consciously awake to teach their children.
What if the vaccine mandates provided a chance for us to reflect on our priorities. To make a choice of what felt right in our integrity. It also showed us any fears we had about losing our job; how much confidence we had in ourselves to find alternative income; opportunity to see if this was a job we really loved, and the time to consider our future and see what skill sets we had that could help us start a new business or create a new path for ourselves, perhaps one we enjoyed more and was less stressful.
What if the health worker mandates gave nurses and health workers the chance to consider changing their path. We know we have a sick society and most people over 30 having something wrong with them. We know many illnesses come from the huge amounts of chemicals in food and water; giving people a drug for anything wrong; creating a society of busy people with no time to prepare food from scratch or time to examine the chemical content or their side effects of the foods in the processed food chain; the advent of microwave ovens; fast food; immense stress trying to keep up with everything; and the medical profession ignoring natural based plant medicines and failing to address conditions from a holistic point of view. This has resulted in an obviously unworkable orthodox medical programme and a world full of sick people. Instead of healing people by discovering the source of their problem, medicine has continued to address only the symptoms and has doled out drugs and performed operations as solutions. The higher echelons of the medical field are largely corrupt, money making, condescending and seeking to maintain exclusivity. Because of the failure to address the real cause of illness, many doctors and nurses who are truly dedicated to helping people possibly have found it disheartening to watch illness increase. Like fighting a losing battle. Perhaps most thought there was nothing they could do to change it and so just tried their best. Maybe the mandates gave nurses, doctors and all health practitioners the chance to see what they really wished to support and perhaps to move in another direction. Maybe the many thousands of medical people who left over the mandates will help birth a whole new era of natural and self healing.
What if Russia’s claims are true that the Ukraine is a major base for corruption, with many bio weapon laboratories experimenting to kill the population? And maybe the Ukraine does have a huge pedophile and sex trafficking underground system. Certainly there are people who have escaped from the Ukraine who have said it was the Ukrainian army firing on them, killing their own people but blaming Russia. What if it turns out that Russia is really helping the entire world by cutting off the long established cabal headquarters of the Ukraine. And in addition, has managed to establish a new world currency backed by gold. Gold backed currency was our financial system long ago before corrupt factions took over the world banking system.
What if the Covid vaccinations also have some positive aspects? Could it in some way, have assisted us?  This area is tricky to address as it is very emotive, with so many having lost loved ones or had their health adversely affected or lost their livelihood. But perhaps we can look from the bigger view of an evolving planet. If we look at humanity, we see souls are at various levels of personal evolution. Some are 3D beginners and some are completing their sequence of physical incarnations. The huge exposure and unravelling of corruption we see now on Earth didn’t just appear. It has been occurring for a long time. So, every soul knew about it before they incarnated and were aware a huge change was destined because Earth was scheduled to move to a higher position in her own evolution.
What if some people planned to take advantage of this time of planetary upheaval to depart and maybe to use Covid or vaccinations to do so. Souls are immortal and move on to incarnate into another body and new lifetime or they evolve to a new higher dimension of growth. We plan the key events of our life before we incarnate. Given the special event taking place on Earth, there are probably two main reasons someone would choose to leave at this time. One would be to continue incarnating in 3D for further learning. As 3D will no longer be available on Earth as the planet is moving into a higher frequency band above 3D, people would need to relocate elsewhere. With Earth moving beyond 3D, people who are dying at this time are unable to reincarnate back to Earth. There is a band of energy surrounding the planet that prevents this. Those souls will be directed elsewhere. This was known to every soul incarnated here. Also looking at the method people choose to leave. It is common for people to choose a way that can offer some learning to family and friends or even to the world. It may be to alert them to vaccine danger. The other main reason for leaving now would be to return to the higher dimensions because their work or goals on Earth are complete.
What if there is going to be a real shortage of food. We are being told this is likely. We have heard of farmers being given huge amounts of money to stop growing crops and fields of crops being burnt out. In the last week 15 major food factories burnt down in apparent accidents. We have vaccine mandates that resulted in many people losing their jobs, including factory workers needed to process food and truckers to cart the goods. We have high fuel costs and many workers in the supply chain, including farmers, are sick from adverse vaccine reactions. These and other factors have resulted in the entire food supply chain being affected. Let us look at a possible higher picture. We are a very food oriented people. Many cannot comfortably miss a meal. And we probably eat way more than needed. Much of the cause of overeating, aside from stress and emotional unhappiness, is a result of the huge intake of processed food. There is not a great deal of organic food available and certainly not in many countries supermarkets. The human body will keep craving more food because it is either hooked on the chemicals in the food, or is not getting the nutrients it needs so keeps pushing us to eat more. People who consume organically grown food find there is way less tendency to overeat when the body is receiving small organic satisfying meals.
What if this entire scenario of a pending food shortage is a way to wean people off consuming large amounts of food? It would also help them to give up chemically processed food and help start a detox of chemicals in their body. Perhaps this shortage would encourage home grown non pesticide saturated vegetables. There is also a move to stop people eating meat. Some companies are producing artificial meat. In Australia, many states have pigs said to be infected with Japanese encephalitis. And there is talk of eating insects. This is all mainstream news and could seem to be a bad thing. But what if it’s to encourage us to move away from meat eating. Meat has a very dense energy and contains many chemicals. And billions of animals are bred solely for food. There are many facets to the area of food shortage, but lack of care and respect for living creatures may be one of them. So, could it be that what is forecast as a potential disaster, may end up being a major turning point in the future health and well being of humanity, as well as for nature and all life? Change in this whole industry regarding breeding and consumer production would remove lots of negative energy from Earth and allow an increase in light frequency.
What if we are actually being slowly weaned off 3D food because humanity is moving toward a level of light that does not contain 3D dense energy, which includes food?
A couple of years ago, I looked at the overall scene beginning to uncover most areas of corruption.  I realised the food industry had not yet been addressed. I never thought of having a food shortage to handle it. That may seem a tough solution, but then so is trying to clear a planet. I see the food shortage as a perfect way that also embraces many other aspects. And we don’t even have to try and convince people to stop eating food with chemicals. How many would believe or listen anyway? They are hooked on chemical additives for taste. They also assume the government would not allow food that could harm us! If it happens this way, we don’t have to say anything. We just take the food away! People will learn quickly to survive on less and soon realise they had better make what they do eat really count. They will naturally move to vegetables and fruit as they know these are healthy. That will create healthier eating and more home grown food. Some will learn other ways to receive nutrients, such as living on Light.
What if the failure of the courts and justice system, now visible in many countries, is pushing us toward changing the way we approach the legal area. It could be helping us discover better systems of justice are already available, such as Common Law and Natural Law. We have recently seen Common Law groups spring up in many countries and many people joining are being taught how to personally handle police harassment, arrests, fines, court cases, etc.
What if the new change of ownership of Twitter is a light plan? We know about Twitter’s extensive censorship and that banned hundreds of thousands of people, maybe more, who made any comment about the legitimacy of the USA elections or said anything that did not fit the authorized government view of Covid and its vaccines. The new owner, Elon Musk has stated there should be free speech. Can you imagine if all these banned people are re-instated, and the sudden level of truth on a major world public platform that claimed 396.5 million users in January 2022 and 206 million daily active users (75% not in the USA). Although many are unsure about Elon’s true intentions, we could consider the possibility he is assisting the Light. Remember, after spending years innovating and securing patents for electric and autonomous vehicle technology, Elon Musk who owns the company, then announced all patents were Open Source. That means he does not own the patents. The public does.
What if when the major six social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, went down for 6 hours world wide in October 2019, it was all planned and when it went back up it was in the hands of the Light Alliance (who had taken it down). If you are still viewing matters from the restricted confines of a 3D matrix, you will assume that could not have happened because censorship is still there. We need to look at a bigger picture. If those platforms had instantly removed the censorship, how would the population ever discover the level of corruption and its hidden agenda. What would have been learned? Nothing. As it is now, someone has officially purchasing Twitter. That means everyone knows it is in new hands and they can see the difference of free speech restored and realise how it was before. Additionally, Elon now has access to all the files that show who paid whom to alter, suppress, ban and change things. No wonder the main papers are attacking him. An extremely scared bunch out there, I imagine. I expect it will take a while to sort out the Twitter censorship and remove all the bots and fake accounts and make sure only humans are approved to go forward. We shall see. Time will tell.
What if the Starlink programme is actually now for the good of humanity? What if it will provide free internet and energy for everyone on Earth?
What if the Starlink satellites have changed the damaging frequency potential of 5G to a benign Tesla free energy output and perhaps all the 5G towers will then be made redundant?
What if falling house prices, starting inn some areas, are simply settling back to a level where house prices were fair and affordable, before the entire housing market was infiltrated and soaring inflated prices kept people completely tied up in paying mortgages, with little time to think or handle a society going awry.
What if there is new financial system coming to Earth that covers all debts to help give everyone a new start in life, free of corruption. What if it gives everyone some basic income they can live on but with no government strings or control attached and not so much money that it removes the incentive to work for a good day’s wage. We know the existing monetary system is bankrupt in most countries world wide and has barely been kept going by printing more notes.
What if a new financial system encourages and provides the money and income for genuine humanitarian projects to kick start new healing and new ideas that serve the people.
What if the same thing that occurred with Twitter, happens to all the main social media platforms we know are heavily censored? They stay but have new ownership. If they had all just been removed, it would have caused a major disruption and chaos to many millions. Many people run their businesses through Facebook, Youtube and Instagram etc. The way it is being done, is the white hats quietly bring new ownership and change it.
What if instead of causing chaos by instantly removing all existing corrupt social and monetary systems that people are familiar with and part of the construct of their world, those that can be changed are changed with new ownership? The financial system (already backed by gold in some countries), the food industry, social media, the internet, banking, medicine and health. The justice system would change to a more natural method. Politics and education will change too but would probably go through various stages before reaching a final very different presentation.
What if we are all far smarter, wiser and more evolved than we believe ourselves to be?
What if we are all incredibly intuitive and only need to trust it?
What if it is all about love and all we have to do is stop judging and light the path.
What if we have come to Earth especially at this time for the purpose of assisting the transition of something truly amazing in the universe, an event to be spoken of for eons to come. A moment in time, when we, the light force on Earth took a planet from the hidden depths of darkness into full blazing light, radiating opalescence and gold brilliance visible to worlds and galaxies beyond the eternal stars. And So It Is.
Unconditional Love,
Sandy Stevenson

3rd May 2022