Discover Your Internal Reset by Archangel Metatron

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

I Archangel Metatron extend my blessings and love to all beings upon the Earth now, we are walking tremendous, and magnificent transformations with you. Upon the inner planes we are supporting major shifts that are occurring within your being, for all of humanity and the Earth. Our role in this moment is to support you in remaining grounded, balanced, stable and connected with the Creator. Such vast transformations are taking place within your being. This has been occurring for some time now, however, it is climaxing. We are noticing many souls and beings upon the Earth are now making shifts internally that they have been preparing for in the last months. This shift may come about because of a cleanse of the body, a new perspective born in the mind, an upset that brings forth clarity, or a new sense of gratitude and appreciation for all that is. 

You may notice recently or in the coming days and weeks that there will be a shift within you. That will promote an internal reset of your being. It may be that you feel you need to adopt a healthier lifestyle or regime with eating, drinking or exercise. It may be that you find yourself promoting self-care, relaxation, or meditation. You will notice that there is a shift, it may be something that you actively partake in, or it might be an illness. It could be something that changes your perspective, a meeting with another being that brings forth clarity or an experience on the inner planes that creates enlightenment. The shift will be a positive experience, please remember this and it will create a reset within your being. The reset will be as if you have let go of past thoughts, actions, anxieties, worries, fears, not all but enough to allow you to feel lighter and brighter. 

You may find yourself walking in a new direction because of a new understanding or feel motivated and inspired to journey along your pathway. You may find it is easier to connect with others. The shift will be personal to you, to your pathway, to what is hindering you now, as well as the purpose, the abilities, the destiny of your pathway on the Earth. The internal reset will be like taking stock of everything that is within you, all that you have to offer, to gift, and then creating a pathway forward with clarity, understanding and enlightenment that not only serves you but serves others as well.  It could be as simple as letting go of fears, and anxiety, moving through your reality with peace and grace. The reset may manifest within you in numerous ways that are personal to you, however, the result, the impact for all beings upon the Earth will of course, be a deeper connection with the Creator. 

As we state that the result  of the internal reset will be a deeper connection with the Creator, we invite you to focus within and ask yourself:

How do I perceive a deeper connection with the Creator would be for me? 

Would I feel more supported, more loved? 

Would I be able to gain greater clarity, intuition and understanding?

Would I feel more courageous?

Would it be easier to make decisions and transitions in my reality?

A connection with the Creator manifests in a unique way for each being. Every being holds a connection with the Creator. It is your divine right and yet there is a remembrance dawning concerning your connection with the Creator. The remembrance of the Creator is resurfacing in order to allow you to become your truth and who you really are. 

In this moment, I invite you to contemplate that the internal reset involves: 

A shift, the impact of the shift, and a deeper connection with the Creator. 

You may have already achieved and experienced the shift, or maybe each step. 

It is important to seek, to look out for the three stages in your reality to verify to yourself when you are moving through the process. A shift that allows you to let go of certain energies and ideas. The impact that creates change and transformation and the result, which is a deeper connection with the Creator. 

As many beings move through the internal reset at their own pace, some will take a very short time, and others will take longer, and it is all appropriate and necessary. However, when you reach the moment of a deeper connection with the Creator, that is when a download of light and wisdom will be anchored into your being. The light and wisdom will be like a puzzle piece that is anchored into the Earth connected to all beings creating a well of information, knowledge and love. The information, knowledge and love will radiate in all directions across the Earth. It will be like constant pulsations as each being downloads the energy at different times. A continuous integration of energy into Mother Earth that lifts the vibration of the Earth, lifts the consciousness of humanity and allows the support of the inner planes beings to come ever closer. 

At this moment, we do not advise you as to certain practices that would be beneficial to partake in. Instead we simply invite you to look out for this step-by-step process of transformation, which we know is the internal reset. Look out for it in your reality, it may be subtle, it may be impactful. Look out for it in the realities of others, so that you know what is taking place.  This knowledge and understanding will allow everything to flow as it should do, realising the remembrance that is dawning. 

I, Archangel Metatron, and the Angelic Kingdom will be present with you. You can always call upon our guidance and assistance. 

We thank you, and we love you. 

I am Archangel Metatron