We have been discovering lately that many things are not as they seem. In the end we may find that applies to everything we currently think is real. Meanwhile, steady as we go – one step at a time. A gradient of reveal allow us all to process and accept more easily.
It has been interesting to watch the truth as different areas come to light over the last couple of years. So much has been exposed in such a short time; the true role of governments and the bulk of politicians; rigged elections; the corrupt pharmaceutical industry; the cabal plan for the enslavement of humanity; Antarctica; vaccines; Mars and moon populated; corruption in the police force; plans for digital ID control; social media with its fake numbers and heavy censorship (the new Elon Musk is doing a great job with that); the entire media presenting a totally false reality; the discovery of gazillions of illegal gold stored in tunnels, mostly from the Vatican which is now be used for humanitarian purposes to help rebuild our world; Hollywood exposed; the WHO; the corrupt justice system; society and the various professional fields showing us who would act in integrity when faced with dismissal or ridicule; the huge cabal stronghold for trafficking, biolabs and money storage in the Ukraine (now handled thanks to the White alliance and the new Putin); much of the world child trafficking and breeding in tunnel systems around the world including the White House, Buckingham Palace and the Vatican; the entire fiat banking system (now bankrupt); Disneyland and many charities, orphanages and adoption agencies exposed as child trafficking facilities. Many more have surfaced. In addition, it seems we have an extensive Light protection programme that has been running for a long time that allowed many well known and loved people to fake their death to escape the Cabal but could live a normal but disguised life. And we are observing the white hat movement to gold backed currency.
It was interesting to see how the global chemical food industry is being addressed. It is coming about in a way I had not anticipated. Although it may seem negative to many, perhaps the shortage of supplies, the destroying of food crops and buying out of farms around the world, could ultimately benefit humanity.
I wonder if we could ever convince humanity the food they are eating is laden with chemicals that it is damaging their health and may kill them. It is not easy to wean people off life long habits and addictions. We may make some progress over time with an intensive information campaign about chemicals in food. But we have seen how little attention is paid from years of health campaign to try and get people off sugar or smoking. Some people listened, many gave it a cursory nod, but many ignored it. And this time we have a lot more to fix than just a couple of food items. Now it’s the entire food industry.
Perhaps the scenario we see world wide has a higher purpose will be beneficial to humanity in the end; such as the contaminated US baby formula; food manufacturing plants burning down (a large chicken processing plant just burnt down); education structures revealed; big tech and businesses clearly showing where their support is; the goal for a cashless society being revealed; some orthodox religion and societies undercover subterfuge revealed; CF Industries which is the largest Nth American producer of fertilizer delayed products farmers need for spring growing which included diesel exhaust fluid needed for diesel trucks; the dismantling of the energy infrastructure that provides electricity, heating and fuel; farmers being paid to destroy their crops (note: most current and future crops are chemical ridden) and many other factors such as high fuel costs, staff ill or losing jobs. These all affect the manufacture and delivery of chemical foods that stock our supermarkets, major warehouses, bulk and local stores, world wide.
Similar with the toxic US baby formula. The USA is now compensating by shipping in baby formula from countries that has banned the poisons the USA uses in its baby formula. 30 countries have banned the US product. This may also encourage mothers to breast feed, where possible.
Maybe a mass shortage is needed so we can start fresh without GMO's and to have clean food without toxins. It may also help people realize they are over eating and can survive on much less. And without a doubt it is pushing people to grow wholesome food in their local communities, where people can focus on growing different crops to swap and share.
We don’t know what will happen in the future with shortages of food or lack of goods, or with anything really, but we certainly know the chemical concoctions that get passed off as food can’t continue into a new world of truth, integrity and good health. How quickly humanity discerns this fact probably depends on how many wake up and the choices they make. The more people who wake, the quicker the snowball momentum. That increases the overall vibration of Earth and changes everything. A quickening of pace could theoretically cut out many steps in play only to awaken humanity. If there is to be a food shortage, even an interim period, it may be wise to stock up on some useful food that doesn’t require cooking. E.g. Peanut butter stores well and requires no power to heat or cook. And it would be fun to learn how to grow some food. Get the kids involved.  
And don’t be so sure that everyone left is really too deeply asleep to be woken up. Putting aside the very deep sleepers and clones (numbers unknown), there are many people who have chosen not to wake up because they feel they can gain more learning by remaining in a 3D environment. So, harassing them by pushing your views onto them may be in violation of their own evolutionary goals. Many others may not be far off waking up. With everything passing into the collective consciousness as well as waves of higher light constantly entering Earth, there are many who are able to awaken. But meanwhile, let us go easy on those still asleep who are intending to wake up. They have been subjected to intensive brainwashing over a long time. Many patterns are imbedded; often so deeply it is hard for people to accept the idea some professions do not have our wellbeing at heart. All their life, people have been taught to respect medical doctors as they can make us well. They have also been told there is a government body that assesses the safety of all our food, medicines and products, so they believe if it’s been passed then it must be OK. So many areas of society have built in beliefs which make it hard to accept opposing views. And of course, egos never like feeling stupid or wrong! That doesn’t help quicken proceedings.
I think by now many of us are aware we are getting a lot of help from the higher realms of light, the galactic federation and other light planetary systems. This was all previously arranged for this time. We requested it long ago as part of the overall Divine Plan for Earth. Incidentally, there is a new addition to the Galactic Federation of Worlds rule regarding Prime Directive Number 1, which states the Federation cannot interfere and give help to a planet that has not yet achieved interstellar capacity and established an organised continual relationship with an evolved interstellar culture. The new addition allows for assistance to be given if the population of a planet has been deceived by a more evolved race. That actually fits Earth as we have had such a race here dictating human affairs, so the new rule allows for even more help. However, the Federation are bound and determined in integrity to let us handle the situation ourselves, knowing that in the process we create our own mastery and assist our own evolution. We are already getting help with the really tough situations from higher forces. But that also comes from a determined bunch of Lightworkers called the White Alliance who worked hard at putting the on the ground plan together over a long time and made the necessary higher realm connections.
We’ve heard we have already been through this before and failed to adequately dismiss the negative shadow on Earth and we blew ourselves up and Earth had to be repopulated. You could say we stepped back in time to do it right this time. We are now on the same trajectory, exposing the same negative elements, but this time we are stepping into our power and handling it. We have the same sequence of exposure but this time we are handling it globally as one united front. The outcome is going to be quite different. This time we are going to make it. That is a total certainty. We also have the love and backing from other worlds who are already there and wish to see us join them.
Everyone has the ability to tap into higher knowledge and intuitive understanding. This helps us be certain of what is true and what is false and gives us a much smoother path. It does need consistent self discipline to stay in the truth of who we are and not to veer off on paths of negative thoughts patterns and judgements. And we will all get to that.
Those who are really awake are dong well at detaching from the 3D world. Although we may not realise that is what we are doing. Every area we see as something we don’t prefer, we detach from. If you find upon waking, you were viewing different points in your life, not necessarily good or bad, just moments in time – you may have been letting go of points in your life where you still remain attached to 3D. We are also doing very well at surrendering to Divine Order. At last, many are moving beyond the idea it all has to happen now. We are seeing more and more that a plan is in operation that has specific steps that can’t be quickened or bypassed. We are allowing things to unfold in their perfect right sequence. We are chilling out, in fact. Still doing what we are called to do, but the anxiety is disappearing. And maybe we are also not being quite so judgemental anymore of the ‘other’ side. Well, OK, not everyone is there yet, but they will be. We are preparing to move to a new level of vibration and a whole new way of living. Some people will have ended their goals for the incarnation and be going home. Many lightworkers will return home. All the original 144,000 starseeds will go home (via the banquet!).
If we stay aligned to light at all times; hold strong in the truth of who we are and dismiss all else; trust our intuition; stay in integrity, do what feels right in each moment, be grateful for life and every breath, love everyone (without exception)  as much as we can; keep detaching from the 3D reality; attitude is a key; be ethical and responsible for all words and actions; spiritual compassion (not emotional); be aware the Light plan is unfolding perfectly; stop judging; stay focused on the Light plan and don’t add energy to the opposition; avoid negative people; let go of TV and newspapers - negative energy; be  intuitive; be silent or speak when it feels right; don’t coerce or harass people with your views  respect theirs; with love - let those who wish to sleep, sleep.
We are in a multi dimensional world and there are many levels of understanding the higher picture. It is not all black and white. There are higher and higher truths which we see when we are ready. Remember there is no such thing as linear time. And every now and again remind yourself the whole world including the apparency of time was created as a learning platform for our higher good - and as such is all an illusion.
Unconditional Love,
Sandy Stevenson
9th June 2022