Matt Kahn - Have you ever been THAT person?


Greetings Friend,

Be that person who demands a more kind, peaceful, and compassionate world who doesn’t leave evolution any other option when leading by the power of your own living example. Be that person who reaches inward for nourished support, while reaching out to those who have forgotten their hearts as the source of eternal sustenance. Be that person who fearlessly meets conflict with curiosity, daring to ask more questions instead of making assumptions about the paths only other people’s feet have walked.

Be that person who transcends the ugliest of circumstances by showing there is no single moment absent of the beauty of our true enlightened form. Be that person who builds a living relationship with the nature of divinity, no matter how often the seasons of change move through your field. Be that person who holds no expectation over another person’s head, while maintaining an uncanny degree of ethical worthiness for how you will and won’t allow yourself to be treated.

Be that person who meets the venom of other people’s negativity as the defense mechanism of a snake afraid to part with known realities by shedding another layer of skin. When seeing the operating system that fear hides inside, a bite of venom becomes cleansing medicine instead of poison within the wisdom of a shamanic heart. Be that person who turns turbulence into transition and sadness into a celebration, much like a song initially only your heart can sing or hear, written by the lyrics of each tragedy survived that brings other radiant souls toward you to share in the mutual glory of a mission fulfilled.

Be that person who measures achievement by the deeper qualities each moment cultivates in you, whether demonstrated with immaculate precision or still being brought to the surface by each moment in view. Be that person who remains an ally to the innocence in every heart with the intuitive discernment to know how to hold space for the healing of others without being a place for anyone’s unprocessed pain to hide.

Be that person who leaves this planet with the most breathtaking garden of insight to discover, grown from the seeds you so intentionally planted by insisting there is more to life than a rhythm of loss and gain. Be that person who becomes the person no longer hiding within you, but delivered into existence for the unending joyful benefit of a world still afraid or unaware of that person deep within themselves.

Hear the peaceful rumble like the drumming of sacred ceremony echoing throughout all directions and corners of Mother Earth. It is an interconnection of light beings mindfully assembling for the salvation of our planet. It is a movement of progress only set into greater motion when that person dares to step forward. As each of us answer this call to be that person, it is only then when we the people can be heard, acknowledged, and respected by the reciprocity of collective progress.

No matter any belief or percentage of public opinion, everyone has the innate right to choose for themselves, their life, and their body how they wish to be that person they were born to become. Welcome to love in action.

All for Love,
Matt Kahn