July 10, 2022 Update – Keep the Faith

Good Sunday morning, my friends,

A beautiful day is dawning here in southern Missouri and as I look out on the river and the families of ducks and geese that live in the area, I am reminded that though all is not right in this world, there is so much that is.  The chicks that I’ve been watching all spring are now maturing and becoming independent.  I can’t help chuckling watching moms get ruffled when the more adventurous and curious ones walk up into the campground to check out the humans living in their boxes on wheels…reminds me of childhood.

And then there’s the higher perspective that we have chosen to make to the spiritual jumps to acquire, the knowledge that reminds us that though things are tough right now, it will not last; what is happening must be allowed to play out so that we souls can have the opportunities to “get it right this time.”  After all, it is a most sacred game for soul evolution we are in, are we not? At the end of the day, isn’t that what this is all about?  Really makes me see what the guides mean when they say, as creator souls we create challenges for ourselves in each lifetime and play them out, in order to integrate some aspect of light and dark. Sometimes we get it done the first time around, sometimes we don’t.  If not, we carry it forward into the next lifetime and continue to do so until we succeed.

And on a broader scale, as I understand it, we do this as multiple, massive soul groups on a planet and that is what we are experiencing now.  A planetary integration process only occurs when the souls involved have mastered numerous levels and are capable of playing out the most intricate and complex integration games.  This not only involves integrating the most extreme aspects of light and dark, but also supporting and holding space for younger souls in their progress who come to experience certain aspects of that game and then move on.

Okay, enough about all that.  Boy, the MCT powder I am trying in my coffee has my brain firing on all cylinders this morning! *chuckling*

My point in all this rambling is that this period at the end of the game will be intense.  It’s similar to those moments just before we “see the mirror” and move from intense anger to empathy and gratitude.  It is an intense combustion of emotions, like riding a roller coaster, so hang in there and keep the faith knowing that just like that roller coaster ride, it will end.

Jelaila Starr
The Nibiruan Council