Releasing Mental Ties by the Arcturians - Through Natalie Glasson

Greetings, beloved beings of light, we are the Arcturians. We come forth in gentle waves of light, to support your transitions in the world. We wish to support you in moving your mind, your mental state, your perspectives into new dimensions of light. Allowing you to connect on a deeper level and with greater understanding with your guides and beings within the Universe of the Creator that wish to support you in your ascension.

To shift your mind, your mental state into new dimensions of light, therefore, accessing wisdom and enlightenment, there is a need to release mental ties. In doing so, you will let go of all that is anchoring you into your current dimension and reality and the way you perceive your reality in the now. As you release ties within your mental body and your mind, you will be able to understand, see, sense and acknowledge with greater clarity and sensitivity. Opening up your energy to new connections, communications and understandings that serve you in your ascension pathway now.

We wish to speak of releasing mental ties, we invite you to imagine that a memory or a thought is like a circle or a bubble and that your attachment to these memories or thoughts is like a cord or a string. When you are attached to certain memories or thoughts, they influence your understanding of the world within and around you, including your ascension Journey. When you let go of attachments, cords or strings to thoughts or memories that are holding you back, then it is a liberating experience that allows you the space and ability to gain clarity and view other dimensions of light.

When we speak of attachment, we are speaking of a thought, or a memory that you are holding on to and that you are energising and inviting to support you in creating your reality. For example, there may be a memory from your childhood that even now causes you pain, embarrassment or fear. This is a memory and experience that you are holding onto, there is a cord attached to it, you are giving it energy and it is supporting you in creating your reality. When you remember a circumstance or experience, the fear, pain or whatever emotion you experience is supporting you in creating your reality. You may feel that you are not holding on to this memory. It may feel too painful to even remember, but the energy requires to be resolved. Once it is resolved the emotion is resolved and the attachment disappears. The memory simply becomes a memory, it is filed into the library of experiences and when you think of it, there is no reaction within you, it is simply a memory.

Some memories may activate peace, joy, and love, these are appropriate. These are the energies that you wish to create your reality with, you wish to look into your reality through glasses of joy, happiness, love, and peace rather than fear, anger or pain.

We begin to recognise that when there is an attachment, a cord, we are holding on to that experience, energising it, and using it to create our reality. Therefore, it requires to be resolved, we can learn from it, and then file it away as a memory that brings wisdom rather than a memory that creates an activation within your being.

We now move on to the next stage of how to release these cords, and ties that anchor you into certain dimensions and perspectives.

There is first a need to recognise the experience, accept that it is unresolved, accept that there is a tie to this experience and that it is like an anchor holding you in a certain perspective.

All of this will support a release, and you may ask the experience or memory, what the message is that you need to understand, that you need to carry with you from now on as a gift, a treasure? What was learned from the experience? What can you embody instead as a result of the experience? And what positive empowering embodiment can be gained?

You may even need to ask, is there anything else that needs to be acknowledged in order for this tie to be severed?

When you feel ready, when you feel you have gained everything that you need to then you can call upon us the Arcturians or your guides to cut, sever and dissolve the ties, whatever feels appropriate, maybe it is to melt the ties and to file away the memory in your library of memories.

If you find that you are unable to dissolve that tie, you may need to sit in the energy of the experience, accepting it. Focusing upon it until it dissolves, it will melt away. Sometimes energies and experiences simply need your attention almost as if they are required to be watched or observed as they release and disperse. The more that you can release mental ties, even ties to belief systems that are anchoring you in a certain perspective. You will find that your state of mind awakens and expands and that you are able to connect with new dimensions, with very little effort. You will also find that you are more able to be in the present and to enjoy the present moment.

Please know that we the Arcturians are present to support you.

We thank you and we love you,

We are the Arcturians