Kryon ~ There’s More to the Story than What You See

by Lee Carroll, July 28, 2022, via email

This entire time, from 2012 to now, has been shaped by the changes in the magnetic grid from when I arrived in 1989 ~ moving in a way so that consciousness could also start to shift and move.

The relationship between consciousness and magnetics has been shown and proven in science. Therefore, consciousness is energy and now you know, consciousness can play an important part in physics. And that will be discovered.

Already they’re starting to work with that, which is coherence. And that is what one Human Being can do with another and with groups. All of these things are starting to rewrite what you think you can do.
And now some of those who come to this program as guests will start to use the same words that I have used for all these years. Look for the words, magnificent. That’s who you are.

It’s difficult to rewrite a story, a narrative perhaps that you’ve had from birth, that would say to you that you are not able to do certain things, that you’re not worthy. And people in highly respected places, perhaps even those you love, will face you and look you in your eyes and say, “You know, don’t you, that you’re not worthy.”

And you believe them. It’s not a conspiracy to make you unworthy, it’s the best they had, dear ones. It’s their belief, dear ones.

But what if, just what if, it’s changed? Now the revelation of a grander truth, a beautiful truth, can be yours.
What if the sun has come out spiritually and given you the ability to look around for yourself and say, “Well, maybe they got it wrong and it’s not their fault they got it wrong. And they’re still getting it wrong. It’s not their fault because it’s their narrative, their story, and what they were told and what they believe, but what if?”

It’s so much bigger than that, and in that, perhaps you don’t need a system at all, perhaps all you need is love and the compassion to take the hand of Spirit and say, “Yes, I now understand that I am part of the plan.” That is God.

I’m here for a reason that is far, far grander than anything anyone ever told me. And that reason is to help the planet with compassion and love.

I can do it just like the Masters did, and I can assemble people who want to know about it because I love them so much that they’ll see that—they’ll be at my feet, and I can tell them about love. And some of you will.

That’s why some of you are here, to emulate the Masters of this planet who came here for one reason, to tell you about the love of God and show you what you could do.

Hiding in plain sight is a magnificence you didn’t expect, mastery, ascension consciousness, and the beginning of the rest of this planet’s energy. That’s why you’re here.

I am Kryon in love with humanity. In love with humanity for what you have ahead and what you’ll be doing.
And so it is,

~ Kryon of Magnetic Service

Excerpt channeled by Lee Carroll on January 5, 2022 during Healing Wednesday.