Judith Kusel: Earth born Anew

Judith Kusel

The Ultimate Future of this planet, the New Earth and the dissipation of the Old, is already present in the here and now.For this was already encapsulated many thousands of earth years ago, and thus nothing and no one can change this.

I was in deep meditation yesterday, preparing for my weekly Zoom teaching session, when I was clearly shown this encapsulation. More than this, I was shown clearly that the New Earth was much larger than the current, and that it has already formed around the old.

The Old however is shrinking, as it now dissolves, almost like a car tire losing air pressure and then going flat. It is dissolving.
Then I was shown something remarkably interesting: The Old energy centers, the sacred centers and the Web of Light of Old Earth, is now merging with that of the New Earth – thus the New Earth is absorbing the old, now fully awakened, the dormant energy centers and dormant energy devices which have now been reactivated. As they are absorbed, they are then transformed into the New Earth Energy Centers and thus born anew.

The Sunspots which have everyone in a tizzy, are but energetic impulses which are bringing rebirth at the highest degrees, in ways our human mind, cannot understand. We just do not have the technology nor the science to understand this, yet deep in our hearts and soul we do know.

The whole Universe is in a state of rebirth and renewal, and so is this galaxy and this solar system and so is our Solar Sun. But what is actually happening is that the planet is moving out of this solar system, and returning to its original orbits in another solar system, where it originally was created in, and this links to another Sun. For we are being reconnected now via Sirius, to the 7th Central Sun of Illumination.

There is nothing to fear, but only more to embrace.

For every soul now is fully responsible for its own free will choices: To evolve and ascend, or to choose to either stay in the Old Earth, and then through other processes of evolution, eventually evolve in ways they then choose to. No soul is ever lost, nor denied anything. It is merely the soul’s own choice, which evolutionary path they choose to travel – or the tiers of creation they choose to ascend or descend into.

There is nothing in the Whole of creation which is ever out of place, or in the wrong place, or whatever. All is perfect, whole and complete.

What we often see as imperfection, is perfect in the form it currently presents itself in. Yet that form can morph into something completely different any moment, for all is energetic and energy. As soon as void occurs – the Universe will strive to immediately fill it.

More than this, your soul is simultaneously existing in multiple timelines and spaces – for the physical existence on this planet is but an illusion. It is but one single experience of your soul in expanded quantum space. Yet, every existence or manifestation of your soul in whatever form you choose, has a ripple effect on the whole.

Bypass your mind in reading this.

Allow your heart center to open and your soul’s memory banks to trigger and your All Seeing Eye.

In truth there is Only One Single Creator and One Single Creation, and One Single Existence, for Divinity lives and exists with all of us, and every part and particle of the Omni-Verse. ALL IS ONE.

What this teaches us is to take full responsibility for our own soul and what is co-creating every single breathing moment, while it is here on planet earth, and to keep ourselves disciplined and focused on fulfilling our own special assignment on earth, with great love and devotion. What others are doing or not doing, is in truth not going to affect us, unless we allow it to.

All is but a cosmic journey with the Divine Heart, and one of Pure Love. For Love is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and indeed Omniscient.

Your soul is immortal, and thus is but on a single space journey here in on planet earth for one single eyewink in Eternity and Infinite Space.