James Gilliland: ECETI News


It seems every newsletter is beginning with some major event happening on the Sun or with the Earth’s Schumann Resonance. The Schumann Resonance was blacked out on the Russian site yet the Italian site showed one of the largest events we have ever seen. It is happening again this week with several major spikes. It is said man plans and God laughs. Nature always has the last word, she is often slow to act as karma but thorough. It never ceases to amaze me how “spiritual people'' are still ignoring the basics. One taking personal responsibility for their choices and actions. They claim victimhood when the reactions to their actions come home to roost or their manipulating agendas are not fulfilled. Two, rumor and gossip, always check your sources. Do they have an agenda, are they trying to divert attention from or cover up their own misgivings and actions? Have they created a whirlwind of drama wherever they go? Maybe that was the plan all along either knowingly or in ignorance. Three, be the observer, ask yourself before judging others: is there one finger pointing forward with three pointing back and is there a personal agenda or personal gain involved. We all make mistakes, that is how we learn and grow. The only thing that matters is the intent and gaining the wisdom from the experience. The dragons we are slaying are often our own.  
I find it increasingly odd that the very people who perpetuate this behavior will use this newsletter as bullet points for their next podcast as before. This would be fine if they were who they profess to be and operating from impeccable integrity receiving guidance on high. Many are not ready or strong enough to hear the truth about where their information is coming from. The serpent beings, royal reptilians, reptilians, tall greys and demonic energies are very clever in disguising themselves. There is planned opposition, misinformation, psyops programs some are promoting to muddy the waters. This is exactly why we promote Self-Mastery, going within, making your own personal connection to God/Creator/Great Spirit. On the way you will make your own contact. Just be sure it is benevolent. The tools for healing unseen negative influences are in the books and free on the website. www.eceti.org This information is for everyone and shared openly yet only with the intention of helping others not furthering one’s career, create a following, especially with hidden agendas. Service is not a competition. We have spoken often about the come from and hidden agendas some have even fooled themselves. Are we in service to self or service to others to be brutally honest now. There is always forgiveness and time to get back on track. 
Many people use noble causes only to further their careers and gain acceptance and approval from others. With some financial gain is first and foremost. As we have said the masks are coming down, the true agendas will be revealed nothing will remain hidden which is exactly what these CMEs coronal mass ejections, solar flares and the Schuman spikes are doing.  
“The tyrants and the posers are not doing well with these energies.” 
 We can apply this on a bigger scale to the Green New Deal, the latest inflation budget, free everything program. This is all self-serving by people who lust for power and wealth at the expense of humanity and the Earth. Did you ever contemplate the energy footprint of the ones championing the Green New Deal flying in their private jets to have a meeting at the North pole which was supposed to be open water only to be trapped by ice. There is more ice at the poles than ever, the polar bears have increased exponentially, the oceans have remained the same, the difference measured in millimeters, and the climate is always changing yet the true data shows a decrease in temperature. The nail in the coffin is those promoting carbon credits are the beneficiary of them and most live on the beach.  
Open borders doesn’t protect or assist Americans; it is a health threat, crime threat, and overburdens an already over taxed system, the welfare, criminal just us system, hospitals and health care systems, first responders all trying to recover from the depopulation attempt, “C19”.  
The mindblower is there are still many trying to enforce mandates despite all the data, “The Real Science”. Even the CDC has abandoned the politically and monetarily driven junk science saying it is time to end the mandates. The lockdowns were a fail, the jab was a total fail as we are seeing triple jabbed and politicians promoting it getting the “virus” repeatedly. Masks don’t work, again it is like a chain link fence trying to stop a fart. The catch and release, no bail no jail programs and the defunding police promote crime in a time where crime has now become epidemic. Sanctuary cities are unsafe, rapidly declining and you can’t even get a Uhaul to move out. People are fleeing destroying the tax base and they keep raising taxes, for what? Are you safer, healthier, more abundant?  
Many of the politicians continue to boast on their achievements? They boast about the Afghanistan withdrawal, deny runaway inflation, lie about the border being secure, and deny their efforts to defund the police and support the riots. They perpetuate the divisions in gender, race, color, culture and religion telling everyone they are a victim promoted by the lame stream media then paint themselves as saviors. 
“In their savior role has anything gotten better? Have there been actions behind their words? Einstein said doing the same thing over and over expecting change is a sign of mental illness.” We are governed by archaic, self-serving systems based on a draconian legal system which in truth is unlawful.  
This is exactly why we are experiencing so much division and the current runaway crime sprees especially in Democratic run states and cities. Their only claim to fame is to fight for killing the unborn right up to full term. Did you know planned parenthood was started by a eugenicist who wanted to diminish the black population? Bill Gates’ mother. It was called the depopulation center before it changed to planned parenthood. Have to stay politically correct with the name even though it still falls under genocide. A billionaire eugenicist and his big pharma buddies teamed up with bioweapon labs financed and released a bio weapon, then created the jab another bio weapon and created a face, an arrogant heartless elf posing as an authority to push their agenda turning hospitals into killing fields. It is all starring everyone in the face. Their plan was revealed repeatedly, it was common knowledge with any researcher. They even wrote articles and books about it and then followed through lockstep. Even the most critically thinking research impaired staunch democrats and rino worshippers are figuring it out. The rest are integrity challenged and socially engineered to the point of no return. 
It does not matter what race, color, culture, gender or belief their depopulation program has you all in its sights. Divide and conquer has always been their game. Their greatest fear is that all races, colors, cultures, genders unite with the knowledge of who they are and what they have done. It is coming. It is called unity consciousness, some call it the Great Awakening and it comes with Universal Law. We all came from the same source, our souls are all of one family. They cannot stop what is coming because God/Creator/Great Spirit is bringing the family together. They can only temporarily postpone the inevitable. For that they will pay a heavy price. It is unavoidable. It is time to look beyond color, race, culture, religion or gender. Look at the character of the individual and know on the soul level we are all family. This is where we need to put our attention. Look behind the words, feel the character and the intention. A man’s/woman’s character is established by their actions. When you make your own personal God connection and know you are good with God there is nothing left to defend. Only egos need defending and you will see a lot of defending, backstabbing and one-up-man-ship in the days to come as those struggle for positions of power and funding.  
The last thing I would be remiss in ignoring is the days to come. Through September it would be wise to get your house in order. Prepare on every level. Know where your power comes from, where your water comes from, where your food comes from. Stock up on at least the basics, set aside some for your neighbors a minimum of a month, 3 months would be more advisable. Everything is going to change. No one knows how drastic that change is going to be, a lot depends on the choices and actions of the people. I have found it wise not to depend on the people, even wiser not to depend on governments.  
Become as sovereign as possible. Plant your gardens and trees, dig your wells, meet your neighbors and take care of your families. Even those that disagree with you. In the days to come the divisions and disagreements will come to a head and eventually fade away. Truth stands on its own merit, it does not need defending. We no longer have the luxury of living the lie. Let the universe teach others what they need to know. Take the burden off your shoulders, redirect your energies and teach by doing. Everyone is their own soul in charge of their own destiny, learning what they need to learn. No one knows what a soul needs for completion. Including sons and daughters. A master once said if you fed, clothed and provided shelter for your children to the moment they said no, you did a great job now your free, they got a better start than the majority of people on Earth. 
Eventually there will be a whole new monetary system that is more beneficial to the people. It is already in place. It will have different priorities and aligned with Universal Law and service to the people. It is the transition time we need to ride out. We are going to see anti/counter gravity, med beds, energetic healing devices that are hand held. Medicine will no longer be profit driven and your leaders will be chosen according to their spiritual adeptness and track record of service to the people. There will be transporters for travel, gravlift buses and trains most underground and yes replicators. All this technology is already here, it is just in the wrong hands. Most cannot comprehend a car that can run on water, an electric car with a fuelless energy generator, no batteries, a car that does not need tires, a car that can whisk you to Australia, Japan, Europe anywhere in minutes. It is all here the only thing missing is leadership with impeccable integrity and an awakened planet to demand it. Do not be fooled by NASA window dressing, look behind the curtain. Technology most can only dream of has been around a long, long time. 

Be well, be happy, be of service, 
James Gilliland