Ashtar Sheran - Soon We Will Be Together

Dear brothers of planet Earth! I AM ASHTAR SHERAN!

It is with great joy, much happiness in my heart that I come to be with you today. As has already been said here, everything is happening as planned, without much fuss, without much disturbance of the energy of the planet itself.

Stand in space right now. No, don't give me that rhetoric that you can't see anything. I make a request: stand in space, at such a distance that you can see your planet. Use your imagination and you will. So now each one of you is floating in space, surrounded by stars, surrounded by planets and I could say surrounded by Angels.

Look around; little points of light shine around you. These are exactly the Angels that bring you all the protection you need right now, in this place. It is not necessary to see the angels with wings to be sure that they are there, you just have to open your heart and feel their energy of love. So you are floating in space, protected by the Angels.

Your planet is in front of you, it has become a ball so small that you can almost carry it in your hands because of the distance at which you are. So look at your planet. Observe how beautiful it is, observe how Light emanates, as if on its surface small lamps are flickering around. No, they are not lamps. Your planet is reflecting the Light that is reaching its ground; the Light of the central sun of Alcyon.

Now you will get a special pair of glasses; will appear in your hands. Put on these glasses. What do you see now? You no longer just see your planet, but you see thousands or I could even say millions of dots around your planet. Dark spots, yes, because of their distance, but each one of them shines, they also reflect the light of the central sun.

Note that at each of the poles, something much more gigantic. Do you see? There is one mother ship at the North Pole and one at the South Pole. It doesn't matter whose ship it is, it doesn't matter what galactic family is there. These two ships are already positioned for the rotation of your planet.

A rotation of the poles is already happening slowly.

Around your planet there are millions of bright spots, you can barely see the blue surface of your planet. These points are our Ships. Around the planet, like a great shield, like a great protective armor for everything that happens and will happen on your planet. Do not think that the universe out here, where you are, has forgotten your planet. Those who once ruled it remain on the sidelines because they still have the illusion that something could go wrong and quickly destroy the planet. But this will not happen. We are beings of light. We are beings with an immense Divine Spark, and the love in our hearts will protect this planet with our lives if necessary.

So nothing, nothing will be possible to do against this planet until its ascension. After that, Gaia is already part of the Galactic Confederation and will have all the protections that exist in the evolved planets, never allowing the return of any low-vibration being. So now, take off your glasses. You will see that the planet shines again. Put your glasses back on; the planet is around in a big bubble of Pink Light that is switching places with a big bubble of Green Light that is also switching places with a big bubble of Violet Light that is switching places with a big bubble of Blue Light that is changing places with a big bubble of Yellow Light that is changing places with a big bubble of White Light.

These 7 colors mix around the planet, each acting in its main function. The Blue generating a new consciousness, a New World; the Yellow bringing awareness, wisdom to all; the Rose bringing Love, almost unconditional to the hearts of all; White bringing balance, the greatest possible balance to each soul; the Green bringing healing, and the Violet transmuting all this lower vibrational energy into Love and Light.

No, I haven't forgotten about the red bubble, it's on the outside of all these others, now you'll see it. It is a bubble of strength, of power, but not power for power's sake; the power of protection, the power of vigor, the power of energy that this planet needs. Take off your glasses again and you will see your planet again, beautiful, in its original rotation.

They will now be taken back to their places, in the physical world, on the surface of the planet, in the blink of an eye. Don't forget what you've seen. Everything you have seen is around you. What is the purpose of this message? Just to show you that we are laying the groundwork for those bright spots that are our craft to start appearing in your skies in large numbers. To show you that the first point of the great lie that has always been launched on your planet will be destroyed. You are not alone in the universe, you are just one of the races in the universe among millions of others.

Just showing up will already cause a lot of trouble. We won't do anything, we won't say anything, we'll just show up. Observe what will happen as a reaction to this process. We are not afraid of their attacks, we are prepared for them. Those who believe that we will defend ourselves will be resonating with the energy of those who dominate you to this day. Because we have been here for a long time and the only thing we have done in all this time is defend your planet, clean your planet, destroy the base of those who came here and implanted themselves on the planet. Nothing more.

So get ready for a bit of chaos, but it will be; small appearances from time to time, making everyone think what they want, resonate what they want, believe what they want. And time itself will show the truth, that we will do nothing against any attack that comes from your planet. I can tell you that we are all prepared. This moment approaches; in his time, it is very soon.

So open your hearts and prepare to receive all the Unconditional Love, which we will be emanating at the same time to all the inhabitants of this planet, no matter who. Contact will happen. Some people on the planet will be contacted, they will be invited to be with us, so that we can begin the great liberation process. All those who will rule this planet, no longer with a focus on the self, but with a focus on the Whole, are already gathered.

No, these are not beings that will arrive on the planet, they are already on the planet, and we have met with them constantly. We are only going to start amplifying this network of Light and Love with a select few people. It is necessary that, as you say, "people of flesh and blood", see with their own eyes and be able to tell, spread, divulge the truth about us. How we are, how we live, how we act, so that in the future (which is what we would most like to happen), you welcome us with open arms.

But we know that this will happen in a few, but we need this support on Earth, to generate the feeling of friendship, to demonstrate what we have come to do. And it will be these people who will carry our message and who will prove what we say, so that the process of trust can take place. And in the very near future we will be able to land anywhere on your planet without being attacked or assaulted.

Unconditional love gives everything and asks for nothing in return. At this time we only ask for respect. We will not demand that you love us, but that there be respect for another race, for other beings different from you. But we know that this process of conquest is slow, it will not happen overnight. So we need the help of the beings of the planet, so that we can effectively show what we have come for, why we have come, and create a Great Alliance.

For us it is also a time of change, because our bodies have not lived in the third dimension for a long time. So we're also doing the daily work of being able to stay in your dimension long enough to have a meeting, to talk, to exchange ideas. And little by little, as we gain their trust, the process will be reversed.

Those who are ready for the Fifth Dimension will come to us. And then, yes, it will be very easy for us to put into practice everything that we have planned for your planet. Keep your balance. All the rays are around the planet in action. Ask whoever you want for help. And rest assured that you will be answered promptly.

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By Vania Rodrigues - 15.09.2022