Ashtar: Sign of the Changing Times

I am Ashtar. I am here to be with you in these times of immense change that is taking place now, that is moving more and more into your understanding, into your vision, into your perspective.

For it is the change that has been long-awaited and long-coming. And everywhere around you, if you look, you can see the signs of these changes that are coming to your world. But not to your third-dimensional world.

For even those that still slumber away in their misunderstandings and their inability to let go and understand and find the true meaning in life, what all of you have realized for yourselves is that you are all here for a reason. You are all here to grow within your soul, within your soul understanding. Even those that do not yet know of this, even they are beginning to question, question the old ways, question the old understandings. And as you know, when you begin to question, then you’ve also begun to look for the answers. And when you look, when you seek, you shall find. And that is the way. That is the way it has always been, and the way it always will be.

It only takes a few, a few of you, relatively speaking, to bring about immense change to the planet, immense change to the collective consciousness here. And you, as that relative few, are doing exactly that.

When you just did this meditation that we did here with you, you affected great change across the planet. Great change that, of course, you will not see directly where you had that result. But you will in the times ahead begin to see more and more how your manifestations are becoming more and more real, again, to the collective consciousness. A simple thought, a simple vision, a simple intention to bring about great change brings that change about. That is how it works.

And all around you now, you can see the signs. For anyone that looks for those signs will see them. Even if they are, what you call, behind the scenes yet, they are available. You can see them. You can experience them. They are the changes, or the signs of the changing times. So as you have heard many times, ‘trust the plan.’

The plan is fully in motion and gaining more and more momentum as the light continues to pour forth into this planet. The light which then brings higher vibrational frequency and the higher consciousness, which then allows you to manifest more freely, more fully. And as you continue to manifest within yourself, within your own personal lives, you are manifesting for the many as well. So know that you, each one of you, can bring about great change, and you are all doing so in your own personal way.

So let yourselves be who you came here to be. Do not shy away from who you are. Pronounce, not so much your knowledge, but pronounce your understanding, your knowing of things whenever you have the opportunity.

Because there are those out there that are waiting. They are waiting for the light to come to them so they can begin to see that light, just as you have.

If you were to shine a light on all of those lost souls deep down in what you would call ‘hell,’ and that light shown to them there in the darkness, many, many millions and billions would reach for that light if they were given the opportunity. You, my friends, are that light. You are that opportunity. Do not shy away from it, for it is your destiny. It is your mission.

I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you would continue to shine forth your light, your love everywhere, as that is the way it works.

**Channel: James McConnell

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