Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - September 30, 2022

You hardly need to know that you are going through a momentous time of changes. At this present time it is obvious that there is no going back to the old ways of living. It is not yet apparent what the outcome may be except that it is an opportunity to rebuild for the New Age and include the advances that have been made that will uplift your quality of life. Be assured that help is on hand and it will be introduced at the appropriate moment.

On a wider scale you have in fact been helped all along and guided so that you can benefit from opportunities arranged for you to ensure you progress with your evolution. We also ensure suitable souls incarnate with skills and experience you need at any particular time. They are not always accepted by you and some are prevented by the actions of the dark Ones. It is a fight that has been raging for millennia of time and accounts for the many wars that have taken place.

However, as you enter further into the higher vibrations so you will be less affected by their actions. They are already scared by the loss of their power to dictate the life experiences that you will have that keep you in the lower vibrations. Many souls have “seen the light” and had a strong willpower that enabled them to lift up. It is indeed not easy to continually focus on your chosen path of Light when surrounded by lesser beings. Remember to see your aura in your mind’s eye and ensure it is always complete and unbroken, totally enclosing your physical body.

You are of course greatly helped and protected by higher souls who are with you on your journey to ensure it progresses as planned. Many of you sense or feel such souls around you and it is reassuring to know. At times you feel that you are on your own, but that is far from the truth as we are always with you. We are the silent onlookers who follow your progress doing our best to guide you when help is needed. Bear in mind that you have a life plan and our part is to try and keep you to it. Your intuition will help you keep on it so listen to that little voice inside you that is your Higher Self that knows what you need to continue evolving.

It will not be too long before you shed your attachments to anything that is less than supportive of the Light, as the old vibrations will be of little value to you. Think of new ideas and actions that will raise you up further and these will ensure you are well on the path to Ascension. Every effort you put in to increase your vibrations will gradually ensure your success in lifting yourself up. Amongst the benefits will be a healthier body that will be less prone to catching disease and have a greater level of immunity. It clearly helps if at the same time you are on a healthy diet.

Time is passing quickly and there seems to be insufficient time to do all that you would like to achieve. However, Man is an adaptable soul and you still manage to get safely through your daily routine. It is notable that some people have found that life is more acceptable and possible working a four day week and you will find the idea catching on. It is more relaxing mentally and gives more time to follow other interests that help your growth and health. Having time to meditate and relax is important especially in times when there are many pressures upon you.

Keeping your body healthy is important and good food and exercise is extremely useful. It sometimes means a change in your lifestyle and it ensures you live in a way that maintains your health. The many chemicals you ingest from some foods are foreign to the body and can cause problems. Much of the advice is common sense and many people have changed their diet for that reason and live more healthily. Fresh foods take you a long way to giving your body what it needs to keep you healthy.

In general terms you will know that over indulgence in foods is not being kind to your body, and it has long been recommended that it is better to eat less at a sitting even if you eat a meal more often. Humans are guided more by taste and that is not necessarily the best way to ensure you eat healthy foods. However, not all foods suit everyone the same way and your body will respond according to its needs as you may have found out.

Good food and good exercise go together for a long healthy life. Life is about experiencing what is before you and providing you make sensible choices it should pass quite easily without problems. We sometimes see a need to guide you along a path that may not be your choice but is better for your health. However, people love to experiment with different things to help decide what is best for them and it can be a sensible approach.

You will find that as you raise your vibrations you will eat less heavy food and still be satisfied. You will draw upon the energies around you and stay as healthy as you ever were. Listen to your body and you will soon know what it likes and dislikes. In some ways it is all good common sense.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey