Lord Melchizedek: The Truth is Coming Forward in So Many Ways

Lord Melchizedek through James McConnell on September 25, 2022

I am Melchizedek. I have asked to be able to speak to you to bring a message forward, where it was going to be KaRa speaking. But I’ve sent the message to this one, this channel, in the way that he would understand that is it I that wish to speak.

For my message is to all of you. Not only here, those of you that are on this call, but to all of those that will read or listen to this at times beyond and resonate to these words, and know them as the truth. Because the truth is coming forward in so many ways, and in so many directions, and from so many different sources.

And the light that is coming into the planet is growing, and growing, and growing. For at first, you were simply the Lightworkers anchoring the light, holding the light. Now you are the Warriors spreading the light, sharing it. Sharing truth wherever you are able to. And there is a great portal now that is opening. It is in the process of opening. And as it does, more and more light will flow through that portal, opening other portals throughout the planet, bringing truth forward from many different directions, truth being revealed everywhere. You are beginning to see just the beginnings of that.

But think about how it has changed over the years, and how much more truth has been coming forward. How those of the dark forces can no longer hold it back. They can no longer hold the flood of information, the flood of truth, that is breaking through all of the dams. The dams that have held the truth back everywhere on the planet. They are all breaking free, bringing the truth forward, flowing into all corners of the planet.

Each and every country throughout the planet will receive this truth, will receive this light. For as you have heard many times, it cannot be stopped, even though they have attempted, and continue to attempt, to stop the flood of information, attempt to patch the holes in those dams wherever they can. They cannot any longer. They are breaking free now. And you are going to see much, much more coming forward in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

And know that all of you that came to be a part of this, and have been preparing for this, are going to find the time, find the day, when all of this is fully revealed. And that, my friends, will be a day of remembrance.

It will first start off as a trickle, as it has already been. But gaining momentum, just as a tsunami that flows into an area, comes in slowly at first, but then gains more and more momentum and flows more freely everywhere, overcoming all of its obstacles in its way. That is what you are looking toward now. Date-wise, time-wise cannot be given. For it is still yet unknown exactly when this all shall be. But know that it is coming now.

And all of you have been prepared by those of us that have been working with you to ready you for this great avalanche of truth to be brought forward. You will be in the forefront. You are the Way-showers to all of those that yet are going to have their awakening. And a great awakening it is!

Will all of the people on the planet awaken? No. That is not the destiny at this time. But many, many more will than was thought of even a few years ago.

For those that have been at the forefront of this bringing the truth forward, again from many different directions and different sources, they have been doing their due diligence. They have been the Light-warriors, bringing these truths forward to those of you that have been ready to accept them. And now you are the Light-warriors bringing this information to others that are ready now to accept it. And more and more will continue on this way until the truth spreads everywhere.

And the tsunami of love and light will reach every corner of the planet and hasten that which is the Great Event.

I am Melchizedek. And I appreciate this time that I can be with you and share this message. Especially of that of the great portal that is in process of opening. Peace and love be with all of you.