By Jennifer Crokaert on October 07, 2022

Like many of us, I have followed the increasing interest in silver over the past two years, and the last year particularly.  I chose to buy some silver and recently had the idea to take the silver out of the box, leave it in the sun to charge it, and meditate with it.  Over the following two days, I learnt much which I wish to share with you. What surprised me first was when I moved into the meditation, I was shown a serene night-time scene; a full, bright moon reflected on a calm sea and the energy of silver infused everything: the moonlight, the water, the silkiness of the moonbeams sliding across the perfectly still sea. As I watched the scene unfold, I became aware that silver holds the wisdom of the Divine Feminine, the emotional and spiritual bodies. In fact, it seemed to me that it flows like liquid silk through All That Is.

Repressing Silver Repressed Spirituality

Silver has a divine consciousness, just as animals, humans, plants and crystals do. There is an intimate connection between the repression of silver and the repression of humanity, such is its importance on our planet. The repression of silver has been purposefully executed in order to actively de-spiritualise humanity and to stop us accessing our spiritual gifts, abilities and divine creative power. Strangling silver severed humanity’s connection to our spiritual wisdom. By devaluing silver to such a degree, they effectively choked the silver ray, the silver consciousness that flows through all of us, in order to sever our connection to our divinity, our Higher Self. After all, isn’t it a Silver Cord that connects us to our physical body when we travel etherically? Then I saw that silver is a part of our physical bodies, a part of our DNA, and I was guided to activate the silver aspect of DNA for all humanity. Sadly, my memory is shockingly bad and I don’t remember what I was guided to do, so I can’t share it with you. However, if this is of interest to you, I would suggest you ask to be shown how to do this for yourself and for humanity while in meditation. Trust what you are shown. The more of us who ground this by engaging with the silver ray consciousness, the stronger this energy becomes. Silver is a powerful healer and even more powerful gateway to our spiritual wisdom. The increased awareness of silver’s economic value and worth reflects our ascending consciousness.

Repressing Silver Distorted Time

A friend pointed out to me that ArchAngel Uriel is the ArchAngel for silver, for time and for the divine masculine, and suggested I ask about this in meditation. What came through amazed me even more: I was shown that Gregorian time as we know it is a complete distortion. It is like a strait jacket.  It’s a rigid linear grid, that was constructed over presence, flow and beingness in order to box us in and increase stress. I was told we have not yet begun to understand how time has been manipulated and folded in upon itself in order to create false timelines, and to distort astrology (and consequently numerology) in an attempt to prevent us from accessing sacred moments of divine creative potential. No more! That ‘time’ is done. ‘True time’ was shown to me as a spiral, it expands out through us, almost as though we create it collectively.  It is organic, flowing, presence.  I saw the spiral flow anticlockwise, and honestly, I haven’t even begun to unpack the information I received in that download because it was so dense and so far above my current pay grade!

Repressing Silver Distorted the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

The straight jacket, or false matrix, imposed on time was also superimposed over the divine masculine and divine feminine, in order to distort, limit and curtail the expression of masculinity and femininity. The divine masculine and feminine energies are present in both men and women inherently, it is our birth right as pure expressions of the Divine. However, by segmenting and creating limiting concepts of male and female, they created caricatures of men and women, pitting them against each other in an ongoing struggle to be heard, held and valued – strong versus weak, emotional versus rational, flighty versus grounded, the list is endless.

This blocked the organic synergy of every human being; we are divinely created to express the divine feminine and divine masculine within, allowing these to arise harmoniously, in the flow of life, creating harmony and balance.  The distortions of male and female stereotypes created by this segmentation of are visible everywhere, especially in our media.  They do not arise when the divine feminine and masculine energies are integrated, grounded and expressed through the heart.  This is something we are all learning right now: how to balance gentleness and strength, justice and forgiveness, truth and wisdom… as we integrate these aspects of our Selves, we evolve our consciousness and embody our Higher Selves more clearly – which is a vital part of grounding the Ascension energy, prior to ‘the Event’.


Since then I have ‘stumbled’ on a video about the nature of time and even found I had a silver tincture in my vitamin stoarge box! Needless to say, I’m taking it! Our journey with the silver wisdom is only just beginning, and I am a real novice in this area; this is simply how it appears to me right now.  The trifold distortion of the divine masculine and divine feminine energies, the construction of rigid time matrix outside our organic flow and how that strangled our spiritual wisdom is my first experience of We are in this together, shedding outdated concepts and sharing light together.

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