Don’t Sleep Now

Beloved Ones!

A New Era is already dawning on the horizon of this Planet. It is the dawning of the long-awaited Age of Light! The moment is unique because it will bring about the awakening of humanity. The long night is finally coming to an end, just as it was announced to all of you even before you accepted the path of this earthly journey.
You have forgotten everything you knew before coming here. This process of consciential amnesia was necessary, for without it, you could not experience what life is like at the furthest point from the Source, without even knowing who you are. The duality between Light and Shadow has always been the rule in this School of Souls.

You came from the Light and plunged into the Shadows of the Third Dimension. Besides individual learning, you also brought knowledge to those who were already here living their primary phase in terms of growth and ascension. You brought a little Light into this world of shadows. As a beacon on the shore of the sea, you guided, in a way, other souls who were still groping in the dark.

You forgot that before you began this journey in the density of the Third Dimension, you were ONE with God, for your consciousness is part of the Source that is all. You forgot that you are part of the very consciousness of the Creator of all that is in the infinite Universes. You forgot that you are the part that is in the whole, and that the whole is in you. You are a Divine Seed Atom, and as such, an atomic energy that creates just like your Father Creator of Universes.

You have forgotten that before your cosncience was ONE with HIM. The warmth of His infinite love was one heart; one Source; one energy; one frequency. A seed that can reproduce other and more trees like the one that orinated it. Your source is pure Light, and it is this Light that you will become again now.

DON’T SLEEP NOW! The trumpets of the Angels have sounded! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! A New, stronger, more radiant Sun is already shining out there. Even if its light dazzles your eyes at first, become aware of the NEW that is coming. LIGHT is information. It tears the veils of forgetfulness and frees you from the illusion of the Third Dimension. Wake up! Don’t sleep now!
Look at the signs! Look to the heavens! You were told that the signs would come from on high. Look up and see the sky coming down and the earth going up. This is the long awaited moment: the meeting of Earth and Heaven. Those below rise in their consciousness to join those above. There will be many reunions now.

Your whole Monad awaits you radiant with joy and jubilation, for you have made it! Everyone knew you would make it! You knew it too, so you volunteered for this very difficult, yet rewarding experience. Now you will be an Ascended Master. Yes, you will be, for you are making your ascension. And you will take all the knowledge gained in duality, into your own versions of higher consciousness. You will take that knowledge to your Higher Self; to Source; to the Creator; to other worlds and other Universes. As a Seed, you will spread other versions of yourself. And so the creation never ceases!

DON’T SLEEP NOW! Hear the crackling of the fires, announcing the victory of those who make it to the final line. You are a winner! You conquered the Darkness even though you didn’t know you are pure Light! You have created so much in duality that you have become a Master, a Master of yourself. This Mastery will be useful later on, when opportunities arise to help the Worlds still in duality, where other brothers also decide to experience Trials and Atonement, at a certain point far enough from the Source.

DO NOT SLEEP NOW! Get into the flow of mass awakening, because the final hour is approaching. The lights on the horizon are already stronger. Have eyes to see and ears to hear, for your name is already being written on the approved list. Your name is already being announced on the microphones at the top of the podium. Look! Hear! Don’t sleep now!

He who chooses to sleep a little longer will not be forgotten, because a Father never forgets his son. He will be supported, welcomed, and consoled afterwards. All the help will be given before starting a new journey in another planetary home, one among many that will be available to those who do not choose to wake up now. There they will continue their learning until they feel ready for their ascension. No one is helpless!

But you who are awakening, keep your eyes open. Even if it takes more effort, don’t sleep now! Don’t miss the show that starts soon! You helped to set the stage and you played an important role within this scenario. You were a perfect actor. You learned to create within the polarities between Light and Shadow. From the Light you came, and into the Light you will now return. You are the living experience, and you will show how it is done. Many are eager for your accounts. Now you will be the Master!

DON’T SLEEP NOW! Find a seat in the bleachers of life and watch your long story now. Watch your extraordinary journey within the density of the Third Dimension. Unite with your Greater Self, that is, your higher versions of consciousness, and feel at home! You are coming home now! Savor the taste of victory. Celebrate! DO NOT SLEEP NOW!

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!


By Vital Frosi