Judith Kusel: The New Earth Rises

by Judith Kusel


I was just shown so much this weekend, and experienced the power new earth energies myself, and what is happening on all levels now, is a merging of the Sacred Earths, meaning a merging of the Crystal Pyramid Temples and Crystalline Energy Grids, which I went into details during my webinar this weekend, and now not only are the New Crystal Pyramids Temples and Crystalline Grids fully activated for the 5th to 7th dimensional state: but the OLD ones, are being incorporated!

This is bringing a huge awakening on all fronts, of ancient energies, and powerful fifth (Atlantis) and 7th (Elysium, Lion Kingdom, Avalon, Mu, Lemuria) to the fore, with the Arks and the Sun Discs!

It will start triggering your own soul memory banks at all levels now, and indeed, will activate what you agreed would be activated at this time.

We are being asked, to transcend duality. This means all low fear-based energies, cannot hold form in the 5th and 7th dimensional state, as the 9th and 12th are already present as well.

All fear-based things which are thrown around now, are all attempts to hold souls rooted in the old base chakra and the fear of survival. Let go!

Everything you need for the New Earth is already present, as you transfigure and all the needs of the Old Earth, will be no more! It will be in a different form!

Notice how those who do not wish to let go of the old earth, are conjuring up fears. Do not buy into those.

We had a meeting last night, and in this meeting, the Manna was mentioned, which helped the Israelites to survive during the 40 years in the Sinai desert. So, we will be given what we need for the transfiguration and transition into the New Earth. Indeed, I always ask that all that I need for my journeys ahead will be provided for me, and I trust and have faith that it is so!

It is a matter of keeping the eyes fixed on the END Destination, the anchoring on the New Earth, and to co-create with inner wisdom, inner joy, that which you truly wish to create for the highest goof of all, and with great love, all which unifies, brings together, gathers together. When you set the intention, and with a pure heart and pure intent, then always add, that all will manifest in the highest and best ways, for the highest good of all concerned.

Affirm the goodness, affirm the absolute best life you can possible live, and do so in the form of affirmative prayer, in the I AM Presence, and in the PRESENT. Not in the past nor the future, for you are already co-creating the New in the here and now!
Remember that every thought you think – creates.

Every word you speak – creates.

Every deed you do – has ripple effects.

Get clear about what you truly would wish to be, to cocreate, to transfigure into, and then do the inner work, so that the Kingdom of Heaven manifest WITHIN you, and then through synchronicity, manifest OUTSIDE of you.

All of this is a matter of gaining in Soul Mastery and starting to live and walk, as a Master on Earth, and thus stepping into the Co-creative Role, with great love, faith, and infinite Wisdom.

If you cannot master yourself, how are you going to master a new life and new beginnings, in the newly created 5th to 7th dimensional Earth?