Crystal Healing Chambers


By Jennifer Crokaert on October 21, 2022

I first came across crystal healing chambers twelve years ago, after my son’s birth. I was, like many new mums, battered and exhausted. A few days after his birth, I went to lie down while he was sleeping. I’m not sure if I imagined, dreamt or experienced what happened next, but either way, my experience invites us to stretch into new dimensions of healing possibility.

I saw myself in a place dedicated to healing, it may have been on a ship or in another civilisation. I was welcomed into a room by two healers, who looked like ancient Greeks because they wore long, flowing white robes. The atmosphere was serene and calm, almost like a spa! There was an enormous purple and green shaped crystal, which looked like a 2 metre high teardrop.

They invited me to climb into the crystal and when I did, I realised there was a purple-green plasma inside. It was like water, yet I was able to breathe perfectly. Submerging in the crystal felt wonderful, and while I was there, the two healers sang healing vibrations to me, to assist with the healing process.

When I came out, I was told I had been in there for 12 hours, but it was only a few minutes in human time. I felt clear, centred, calm and refreshed. It helped me rebalance and recentre enormously.

Fast forward to two days ago…

Like so many at present, I’m awake in the middle of the night with the current energies. Two nights ago, I was guided to create a crystal healing chamber for myself as I lay in bed. I imagined myself in a white selonite bath. Technically, it looked more like an enclosed bath, or a coffin, but it wasn’t scary, it was loving: the energy that flowed through me felt like a dissolving, purifying energy. To me, selonite is the crystal most closely aligned with the silver ray energy that is now flooding our planet, raising the divine feminine consciousness while also balancing the divine feminine and divine masculine energies. As I’m doing so much work with this energy ray at present, it makes sense this would be the crystal that appeared.

Last night, I saw a clear quartz healing chamber manifest in front of me etherically. The energy I experienced when I moved my consciousness into this chamber was a much more dyanmic, almost masculine energy.

These experiences are open to everyone. We can request them, imagine them, daydream them: however we engage with these higher vibrations, we are calling them into our physical existance and grounding them.

Now is the time for change, for new techologyes and new levels of wellbeing. We are being invited to move into greater health and vibrancy. The creation of personal crystal healing chambers is just one way we can begin to download the codes of holistic wellbeing now available to us.

One final point, I was also shown that our DNA is encoded, or linked, to our ancestral lineage as well as past, present and concurrent life times. Their energy affects our physical health and play an active role in our decision to incarnate in one family instead of another. We can ask for these links to be dissolved, through grace, thereby restoring our full free, healthy DNA coding. So remember to ask for this healing grace when you create your crystal healing chamber, as well as anything else that is important to you.

Please feel free to share your higher dimensional healing experiences below, as we help eachother to ground our knowingness and tap into new experiences that are waiting for us to discover them.

Sending you all so much love <3

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