Kryon ~ Something Wonderful is Coming

by Lee Carroll, October 20, 2022, via email

I invite you to say inwardly, or out loud, “Dear Spirit, I give permission for this transformation today. Dear Spirit, I give permission for this transformation today.”

And there you stand. Is this real or not, real or not?

How many of you can feel this, to know something is coming? And if you spoke these words or thought these words with me, you just gave permission for it. Intent is incredible, incredible power. Intent, given in love, is even bigger.

Sit in the chair. The chair sits there all by itself alone, and immediately there’ll be a line of entities. Each one holds a gift. You don’t know how many there are because you can’t see past three or four of them.

I want you to notice they’re neither female or male, they’re just there. They may be in robes, they may look like guides or angels. They may be so majestic that you can’t even make out what they’re wearing. Some of them may even fade in and out, but they all have one thing in common: they know you and they have been waiting for this moment for the harvest of the seeds.

Just like every other time this month, they or others like them will give you gifts or a gift. Today, for you, each one of them in their little package that they’re going to give you, will give it to you and it will absorb into you immediately, and then they will walk away. But if you could see their faces, they’re shining in love and appreciation as they give you these gifts.

Every single one is about health. Every one. That’s how we’re starting this. Every single one. There’ll be one to strengthen your immune system. In fact, that’s the first one. Are you ready? Here it comes.

The gift is being given to you. And as you touch it, if you wish to take your hands and feel it, as you touch it, it goes inside you immediately. And the entity before you moves on. And here comes the next one.

Given in love, each one of them has been waiting for this age, for this time. You know them all when you’re here, but not when you’re in the chair at home; that’s why you can’t really truly recognize them.

The next one comes. It’s the gift for you of stability in your system, stability in your emotions, stability in the way you see things so you don’t have to wonder anymore. It’s a health attribute, Dear Ones.

Here comes another one. For what is that, which is bothering you at the moment as you sit here and you listen that you wish were more in your body, here is one of the answers to strengthen that. Not just your immune system, but to chase away all the other things that don’t belong there. This is what you deserve. Dear Ones, that’s why you came. That’s what this first harvest is. You have to be healthy for what you are about to do.

Here comes another one and another one. We’ll give you one last one before we close. This one is joy. What’s joy got to do with my immune system and my health? Oh, haven’t you heard us talk? This is one of the keys. The more you laugh, the more your chemistry changes, the healthier you become, the longer you live.

Take the package and feel it surge through you, Dear Ones. Sit in that chair of transformation as they continue to come one at a time, giving you the gifts that you ask for.

~ Kryon of Magnetic Service