Grand Solar Flash via Galaxygirl | October 23, 2022

I am the Grand Solar Flash. Part of my energies are already within you and around you. I am both the divine masculine and the divine feminine energies of balance, extreme healing, strength, of renewal and of ultimate comfort. I do not have a name other than what I am. My actions name me. I am part of the great cosmic All that you are also a part of, who are reading and typing these words. I am that I am. I am a part of the breath of God, the breath and desire of the divine feminines and divine masculines of the higher lights who are appointed to oversee this transition. I am the intention of true healing from the Almighty. (I am hearing both male and female voices, perfectly balanced, very strong and soothing at the same time. I am seeing honey dripped on honey cakes.) We wish for our energy today to be that of soothing, golden liquid honey to your world, and the hearts that dwell within. For the light coming through your sun, Helios, emits more and more of these golden energies daily.

I am the Grand Solar Flash, and yet I invite you now to partake of this honey love-light now, early, in this sacred now moment of the great preparation for the great time. You are already living in the greatest of transitions ever to have occurred in any realm. Consciousness to ascend within form en mass has not yet been accomplished. Creator wishes for this to be as soothing and lovely of an experience for all of your cells as possible. Assimilating to these higher dimensional energy codes now will continue to ensure a smooth ride for you. (I am seeing trillions of cells with little padlocks on them suddenly open allowing the light in.) Allow the light of my external love for you within.

I have known you from the beginning, for I am from the origin of Source. Intention of creation was always of harmony and eternal expansion. I am and have been with Source and am this intention since the beginning. You are well loved. You are well provided for and well watched over. For too long your world has been without tenderness, without mercy, without the great nurturing. I am these things and yet I am the strength of the balanced divine masculine to precipitate change. Change is here, is coming. (I am seeing earth changes). Gaia has shifted onward. The remnants of her can be felt within this world, which as this one has perceived lately is more and more hollow, like an echo of what was. And you are feeling this tremendous forelighting of what is to come. Many of you say foreshadowing, in your language there has not been the word for the anticipation of great light. We wish to create forelighting. Much forelighting is to come now into this realm. You will see it in the skies. You will feel it in your hearts, in your bones. Your bones mostly are now of the crystalline matrix, the osteoclasts and osteoblasts, all have been upgraded. You are becoming a new creation moment by moment, breath by breath and it will only accelerate with great tenderness when you allow the forelighting of these massive energies of myself and of my team, in.

This one is sitting outside on sunny, breezy autumn day. It will be much like this, as you feel the waves of gentle wind and breezes and see the changes in the leaves, only it will be changes in light. The earth, this matrix hologram is now shattered, it is a marvelous time to be embodied upon this realm. Nova Gaia awaits. There is nothing to fear.

I am the Grand Solar Flash, the energies of the divine out-breath of love. For love is the ultimate answer, the ultimate solution to all realms, and most decidedly present and needed in this moment. The ripple effects of my energies will be palpable in all realms and universes. Source is smiling. I am the intention of clarity, healing and balance. All will be made right. All will be remade. All is well.

I am the Grand Solar Flash. I am here with you now.

~ galaxygirl