For humanity to create a new way of life free from control and corruption and work together in harmony and integrity for the betterment of everyone, their current way of life has to go. To remove the old ways and start afresh with a life we prefer, the corruption we have allowed to be created needs to be seen. We may think not many people are seeing what most of us feel is crystal clear, but piece by piece, they are being shown every area where they have given their power away and relinquished their own sovereignty, responsibility and creatorship.
There is another view of global events that offers a more positive picture. It is possible many areas are no longer run by the cabal and might be firmly in the hands of the white alliance. Thinking in a 3D framework, we may then ask ‘If things are in the hands of light, why would bad things still be happening’? The answer is people need to experience situations for themselves to see the truth and gain wisdom. If we think about  it…if an area suddenly turned good and all the corruption vanished overnight before people ever realized it was corrupt, how would that bring wisdom to the population to help us move forward with a new world with different outcomes? And how would it help people on their personal evolutionary journey of how to create a life for the greater good of all. And on that subject, if everything started turning good while the ‘bad guys’ were still in power, that would not help the light plan or awaken anybody. It is pretty obvious humanity needs to see those people currently ‘in charge’ are wrecking society.
Because we have a global population who have been dumbed down (deliberately) for so long by education, religion, chemicalised food supply, massive medication and drug handling of illness, fluoride in the water and millions of pollutants in the air and environment, it is not easy for people to accept it is all completely different than they have believed all their life. It is hard for us trying to impart truth about the world when competing with a constant negative barrage of news from the media that has infiltrated lives and indoctrinated people all their life, amplifying fears about negative world situations, war, murders, theft, poverty, fires, floods and famine. Financial pressures have forced people to focus on working hard which often meant both partners needed to work full time. That has helped break down the family unit (divorces). People are also encouraged toward self gratification to buy more cars, products, property and material objects, to feel they are successful. They are saturated with hero worship of major sporting names, TV personalities, film stars, lawyers, actors, barristers, bankers, judges, musicians, doctors, professors, people of science, senior government officials; in fact anyone who it is said to have some sort of status that elevates them above the average person. All of it of course, is a complete farce and makes people think less of themselves. 
And speaking of the worship of TV personalities and celebrities, we’ve heard about doubles being put in place of the real people. This has been done in the past, but is being done now a lot by the white hats. Many people are extremely corrupt and we have heard there have been a lot of arrests with some of those people being replaced. As we know, most people trust celebrities and TV personalities they feel they know well from their TV, to tell them the truth. That is why celebrities get paid huge amounts to promote a product. When we reach the time when large numbers are being woken up as they see the reality of life, it could be very beneficial if ‘trusted’ people are in place to explain the truth to them. So, it could be a smart move to replace some corrupt celebrities, with doubles.
The real world is being presented to people who can’t even conceive the existing one could be so corrupt. It is going to take a bit of work for them to see it as it really is and they are being shown it in so many ways. E.g. the recent behaviour of the police force. This was an institution that in many countries was believed to be mostly honest, reliable and established for the welfare of people. People knew there were a few bad police, but thought that a rarity. But there is now lots of evidence of incredible police brutality. In Australia, a multitude of videos show incidents of shocking brutality, beatings and arrests of people at freedom rallies or just walking on a street or sitting in a park, having committed no offence other than failing to wear a mask. The police treatment of civilians has showed the public a very different perspective of these people they had willingly consented to hand their power to.
People have also relied on governments to take care of the business of their country and duly handed over power to them for this undertaking. Now people are becoming aware there is not just a bit of incompetence in this area, but major issues. The world has watched for a few years the dazed fumbling of the US president as he acts to undermine the country, including closing down the US pipeline; allocating billions of dollars for aid to the Ukraine; huge amounts given to illegal immigrants; removing the previous US illegal entry deterrents and allowing an unchecked flow hundreds of thousands of immigrants to enter illegally with no Covid checks, while preventing travel into the US for the non vaccinated. There is also gross mismanagement of thousands of unaccompanied children crossing the southern US border who we are told are then transported to private families around the US, but there is no access to records of their location details or welfare.

Prime Ministers of dozens of countries have resigned in the last couple of years. In some countries, entire governments have resigned, such as the Netherlands, Italy, Russia and Finland, for reasons of criminal acts or gross incompetence. The UK, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, resigned after people discovered he had one Covid rule for the people and another for himself and friends. His replacement, Liz Truss, lasted only 44 days after a lot of incompetence and losing trust of people and colleagues. All such events help people see politicians are not as portrayed, not wise or smart and are indeed underhand, untrustworthy and deceitful. That helps people question about handing responsibility to people incapable of acting with integrity who have no ability to run a country successfully. 
People have trusted most professions all their life. They have trusted all in the medical profession, scientific and pharmaceutical companies, the judicial system, councils, societies, schools, universities and food production as well as trusting government departments to approve food and products safe for humans. Additionally, they have trusted that the voting process reflects the truth of people’s choice in electing political parties.
Another area being revealed is the huge influence on society from electronic devices, digital surveillance, 5G, smart phones, electricity meters and TV gathering of information. Cyber security has been under the microscope in Australia in the last two weeks with the hacking of the entire 10 million customer records of the internet provider Optus. Also hacked was Medicare, the principal way resident’s access health care services in Australia. Medicare holds all the personal data required for medical treatment, including the history of medical conditions and procedures. In both areas, the hackers put a few thousand personal details on line as proof, while demanding a ransom. This was extensively covered by mainstream media, so it may help people realise the dangers of handing over personal details to cyberspace. Last year Medicare made people’s private medical history available to various groups of health care workers. This was automatic unless you contacted them to opt out! Obviously, an extremely deceitful move, with most people unaware how it could be misused or even that they could opt out.
Globally, people are also subjected to control of their lives with machines present in almost every tech industry. This area is called AI (artificial intelligence) which simulates human intelligence, programmed to think like humans and perform tasks usually requiring human intelligence. It organizes massive amounts of data, recognizes images, introduces chatbots and predicts shifts in culture. Its extensiveness is almost impossible to imagine; covering such things as manufacturing robots, mobile phones, internet, self-driving cars, smart and virtual assistants, healthcare management, stock market prediction, automated financial investing, virtual travel booking, social media monitoring, marketing chatbots, facebook newsfeed, google search, product recommendations, 5G, smart TV and meters and human clones. It includes popular social areas such as Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Bixby, Google maps, Meta, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Google and Microsoft. It includes a technology called Chroma key or ‘green screen’ which is used to make it seem certain people are present in a location, when in fact they are not there at all. It is an illusion created with a simple green-screen that creates a virtual background and is used in everything from weather forecasts to news casting, motion pictures and video games. Public exposure of these areas could show people the immense subterfuge, tracking and controlling of the population taking place and telling people what to believe, how to think and what to buy.
Millions have seen irrefutable evidence showing the USA voting system as completely corrupt. This evidence has begun reaching mainstream media, initially in small ways, such as arrests of proven ballot mishandling. This exposure will increase; now being done on a gradient to lessen impact. The same applies to child trafficking. Bit by bit, people are being arrested for child trafficking. Twenty or thirty people here or there may not seem much when we know the true scale of the problem, but the smaller numbers allow people to adjust to the idea and lessen the shock of the actual truth. As everything unfolds, people will realize government and so many organizations are not intent on the well being of humanity.
Many good things are happening all over the world, but only a percentage reaches the masses due to media suppression. Some may ask what use can it be if the public don’t find out about it. In due course, all will be revealed. But meanwhile, life is about energy. So, what if all the good events occurring are increasing light and adding positive energy into the etheric realm simply by being enacted, and it is not necessary for people to consciously know it right now. Those who are awake know about it and remember that all our knowledge is being passed into the collective consciousness, ready to come to the surface at the appropriate time, individually and planetary.
Last year we saw major platforms go down world wide, including big business, banks, etc. The social platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., went down for 6 hours world wide. Could it be the white hats replaced many of these during that period? (Incidentally, 50 million joined Telegram during that 6 hour period). If we think about it that would be a much better idea than having whole globally established systems go down permanently that would affect millions, with many relying on them for their livelihood. May as well use a system already set up; just quietly take it over which would dramatically prevent trauma and loss. We can keep running any platforms we want to show the corruption involved, with maybe making a few necessary changes. We saw some considerable easing of censorship after Facebook went back up. Then use someone like Elon Musk, who gets a lot of mainstream coverage, to make a bid to purchase Twitter. Through Elon’s insistence prior to its purchase to see accurate subscriber numbers, resulted in the world being shown at least half the Twitter accounts were fake. Having shown people the corruption, Elon could then renege on the deal as he made his purchase bid of billions based on the original subscriber figures given. Brilliant
Instead of us getting caught up in why specific events are happening, it can help if we keep in mind what we are trying to achieve. Whenever we see an action or event we can’t explain or is confusing us, we can ask ourselves if it fits into any of the following points.
1.  We are trying to unravel and eliminate a complicated network of corruption that runs globally, organised over a long period of time by a small group of people at the top who control quite a large number of people under them, many simply carrying out orders with no idea of the overall dark plan. Many have been coerced through blackmail. Some have been taken over by other species. And although it is not pleasant to think about, it is possible some celebrities we knew and loved were originally OK, but were removed and cloned by dark hats.
2.  We are trying to expose all of this to humanity on a gradient scale without causing shock and overwhelm, which would create trauma for them and huge amounts of negative energy for Earth.
3. We are waking up the entire light force on Earth, encouraging them to free themselves from attachments to all aspects of the 3D plane so as to be fully awake and operating in a high vibration of light, which helps them and the collective of humanity.
4. We are consistently transmuting, transforming or removing everything on Earth that holds a negative dense energy and replacing it with a new higher frequency of light of the 5th dimension. We are transcending 3D to a life beyond ego. The ego can’t comprehend a 5D world based in love, because much of the 3D mind is created in fear. 5D gives us an intimate connection with our true self, the soul, to grow in a higher dimensional frequency based in love consciousness, harmony and the good of all.
5. We are showing humanity what happens when we hand our responsibility and sovereignty to others to run our life for us. The dumbing down of society has resulted in much of humanity being unable to be told facts by anyone other than those they are programmed to believe.
6. We are bringing forth a spectrum of new ways to live that operate in a higher frequency of unity consciousness. Many people brought blueprints with them into this incarnation that contained ideas to replace the disappearing old ways.
7. We are also taking care of thousands of other areas that are offshoots of clearing the density of Earth, such as the destruction of cabal based hideaways; the healing of people and children affected by entrapment; making alliance agreements between countries (now possible with doubles in place, such as Putin); re-arranging defence forces into strategic positions; altering or lowering various EMF frequencies that were intended to be supersized in strength; arranging apparent deaths of good people who are then placed into protective care; arrests and consequent legal trials of people committing crimes against humanity; replacing a corrupt financial system; helping people with new ideas that benefit humanity; coordinating space fleets and inter-planetary assistance; arranging energy to assist the soul align to light and  the source of creation.  
All these things are happening simultaneously. The Divine Plan is incredible and perfect. There is a divine timing to everything and as we learn to trust this higher divine process, we move beyond fear and feel the excitement of the birth of a new world of light.
Unconditional love,
Sandy Stevenson

27th October 2022