Have You Recently Jumped onto a New Timeline?


Have you noticed lately that something strange has happened – that you seem to be existing in a reality that is somewhat unfamiliar to you?

Maybe nothing much has changed in your external life, but somehow you are experiencing a sense of greater ease and well-being, less inner pressure? More self-love? And even at times a feeling of joy that wells up out of nowhere?

If so, this may mean you have recently shifted onto a new timeline that holds a higher frequency. Or, it could be said that you’ve “gone up a gear” in your Ascension process – or that you’ve moved up a level within the Fourth Dimension. This is happening more and more for people consciously headed for the Fifth Dimension.

It can initially feel like you’ve somehow jumped onto a new moving sidewalk that is going somewhat faster than the one you’d previously been on. Events are happening more quickly, and pleasant and exciting surprises are occurring out of nowhere.

It kind of takes your breath away, as you attempt to get used to the new sensation of greater momentum pushing you forward in your life.

Initial Fear, Confusion and Stress

It’s important to note, however, that if you’re not experiencing this — and especially if you’re suddenly feeling a great deal of fear, confusion, or stress – this may indicate exactly the same thing: you have just very recently shifted onto a new higher-frequency timeline.

Because of the new frequency you’ve now shifted into, any old patterns, relationships, or situations occurring in your life that are not vibrating at this higher frequency cannot come with you. And so they are now arising in full force in order for you to see and acknowledge them. You can then decide if there’s anything you still need to learn from them. If so, very light, ponder what's involved, without falling into analyzing it or feeling painful emotions. And then just let it go.

The good news is that, if an issue or problem is fully in your face at this point, it means it is already in the process of leaving.

So you don’t really have to do anything much with it except see it as part of your 3D self that is falling away – and just love yourself through the process of letting it go. It can feel really rocky and challenging; but if you can stay calm and trust the process, it can be amazing how the uncomfortable situations and patterns seem to dissipate surprisingly quickly.

Once these situations calm down and resolve themselves, you might then notice that you seem to be in totally new territory. Energetically you feel different – clearer, more relaxed, no matter what is happening. There’s a sense that reality actually works somewhat differently from before.

Somehow more synchronicity begins to happen, even things that feel like magic. What you need shows up more quickly than before, and people you need to meet are suddenly there, even before you know you need them. Emotions are lighter, freer. You feel a greater sense of well-being and peace. Divine orchestration of the events in your life is more and more obvious.

New Timeline, New Challenges

You might for a while not believe that your life could have changed so radically, so quickly. You may hear an inner voice warning you not to get too comfortable, to stay on guard. Old fears may make a feeble attempt to arise in you again.

Stay alert. Be careful to not to subject yourself to old patterns of distress or anxiety and create a drop in your frequency.

Yet, at the same time, it’s also important not to slip back into a pattern of falling asleep again, assuming all will entirely shift into peace and happiness in your life. This is because, with every new shift into a higher frequency, you not only experience greater freedom, joy and love — you also find there new challenges that are now arising.

With every new awakening you experience, there is new territory to explore; there are new abilities to master and new parts of yourself to learn about. This is the process of spiritual evolution: it continues on and on. There are always higher aspects of your multidimension- al Self to discover, master and embody. And there are likely more lower-frequency patterns to release.

Sometimes there is incredible joy and excitement in this process; other times, it’s as if you’re constantly running to catch up with yourself. Occasionally, you may experience unfamiliar sensations in your body, as it attempts to recalibrate in order to keep up with what’s occurring. You might feel strange, yet somehow comfortable, energies running through your brain.

Often, during all of this, you find you need more downtime, more rest and sleep in order to integrate all the changes that are occurring in your being.

But through it all, as you continue making these “upgrades” in consciousness, you will find there is a greater sense of peace that flows through you. And a deeper joy and gratitude for the most minute blessings in your life. There’s a more profound love you experience for yourself and others in your life.

As more and more third-dimensional patterns fall away, you continue to discover who you have always been, beyond all the various identities you’ve assumed.

You become aware of that Divine Essence within you that has never changed, no matter what has occurred in your life, what emotions you’ve experienced, or what thoughts you’ve had.

You find you are beginning to embody your incredibly exciting and complex 5D multidimensional Self. And that all of the confusion and fear and suffering you've experienced during this monumentally transformative stage of your evolution has truly been worth it!