The dawning of a new reality. Yes, more and more humans are beginning to sense, feel, hear, dream, and remember. They are remembering to feel the dawning of our new fourth-dimensional expression of self. 

There is a growing awareness that there is something different that the Galactics and higher-dimensional humans are connected to. 

Please, before you move forward, take a long, deep relaxing breath and dare to believe that there is something within you which whispers into your soul. 

At first, you may have no idea of what and where and who is trying to tell you something in a manner of certain feelings instead of just words that are regular words that you have heard before. 

Words come into your awareness as messages not usually heard with your ears. The words come in like thoughts that you hear inside yourself. These messages come straight into your heart and mind.
At first, they may feel like difficult messages. Many of you may realize that they are not just “words” since they are actually inner messages. You receive them directly into your heart and soul. They seem to awaken a component of your own self that seems to remember something that seems to make no sense. - But, at the same time, you somehow sense that you have heard the messages before.
Some of these thought messages lead you to remember both the innocence of your childhood and then all the challenges of your life that have been inner and sometimes invisible influences in guiding you on your life journey. 

These inner thoughts, influences, and forces are your own higher-dimensional self. When you’re ready, this higher-dimensional self has the voice and imagination to let you know that the time of full awakening is nigh. 

How do you accept these messages when you may not be sure what they are or why they are there?
First, you must allow yourself to accept them and allow them in. Your inner voice will then say, “This is your Now to move into a higher frequency. The time for full awakening is now.” 

All you have to do is to accept these messages of love and kindness. Can you let yourself accept them? 

In my personal readings, I can assist you in accepting these messages from your higher self! 

Suzanne Lie, PhD