How to Make it through the Storm in the Coming Days


There is so much chaos and upheaval going on in the world these days, it’s hard to keep up with it all. As we near the full-moon eclipse on November 8, the anxiety and confusion in the air is almost palpable.

And, of course, in the US, with the midterms about to occur, great unrest and heightened emotions are only adding to it.

You’ve probably heard intel about all sorts of things that might begin happening any day now — things that could either be very exciting or rather frightening, depending on your point of view. Either way, for many people in the world, the events that are being predicted are ones that could cause great anxiety, confusion and grief.

And yet, you may be someone who is excited about it all. Perhaps you have been waiting for years for the events that may be happening soon. You might even feel that these days just ahead of us are those you have been waiting for your whole life. You sense that, finally, the time for you to step into your most important spiritual mission is drawing near.

But perhaps you’re also somehow feeling anxious or oddly restless. Maybe you’re experiencing uncomfortable chaotic energies that seem to be flickering through the air. You sense that these intense times of change and upheaval we’re about to enter into are like ones we’ve never known before — and, if you’re honest with yourself, you’re maybe not quite ready for them.

If so, there is something very simple you can do to experience greater calm and empowerment through the times ahead.

The Highest Version of Yourself

Just tune into yourself for a moment. Take a deep breath, relax, and drop into the Silence within. And then, very simply, feel into the highest version of yourself – the one in which you are your most powerful and calm and confident.

You know this Self, you’ve been this version of yourself at times. Just tune in – you’ll see it’s right there in your awareness.

This version of yourself is also the one that is most at peace, most loving, and spiritually awake. It’s the you in which you experience great love and appreciation for yourself. You feel no fear, anxiety, or hesitation.

Feel the power of this Self – and how steady and strong it is. See if you can now fully step into it. Feel how it feels to be this version of you.

Become aware of the particular strengths you have, the abilities you know you have, your gifts. Realize what your valuable sensitivities are, and how deep the love in your heart is.

Be aware of your wisdom, and your profound compassion for people. Realize that you are inherently powerful, whether you are often aware of this or not. As this Self, immense power is a given.

This version of yourself is the one who understands so well what is wrong with the world. You’ve always kind of felt it, even if you couldn’t express it so well in your earlier years. You’ve always known about love and about honoring and valuing other people. You’ve known about justice and fairness. You’ve always been confused as to why war and violence have seemed necessary in the world. In a way, you maybe never felt totally at home here.

And yet, this highest version of yourself would be at home anywhere. Its home is the universe. And it’s the one who knows that you are here now on Earth to assist humanity into awakening to the truth.

It’s maybe the one who has natural healing gifts … or can tune into other realities … or sometimes sees the future … or knows exactly what people need and can give it to them. You know the particular gifts and abilities you have -- and the ones that are now beginning to blossom, as your DNA continues to activate.

In a way, this highest version of yourself could be seen as your Higher Self, the one that has guided you throughout your life. But be aware that it is now no longer existing somewhere in another dimension you can only vaguely contact at times. This Self is now becoming embodied within you. It is anchoring inside your body so you can begin to live through it as you continue on in your life.

When fully anchored within this Self, you realize there’s no more self-doubt. No more confusion. No more self-judgment. Or great fear. There’s confidence and strength and stability. You know you can accomplish whatever it is you are here to do.

What Might Need to Change?

What would it be like if you were to begin living your life from within this new Self? Feel into it. Ask yourself if there is anything you would no longer be able tolerate in your life.

Is there maybe a relationship in which you don’t feel fully respected or valued? Or perhaps a situation that is no longer right for you to be in? As this highest-vibrational You, what changes might you want to make?

In the days to come, see if you can continue to focus on this highest version of yourself. You may really need to, if chaotic events continue to escalate. Be aware of your power as this Self to hold steady as the world begins facing the increasing storms that may lie ahead. See how it will enhance your ability to flow with any upset or confusion that comes your way. Feel how you can meet challenges with strength and trust, confident you will know what to do, what to say, all in right timing. Because you will.

And know that, even if at times, you lose focus on being this highest version of yourself – you will still be guided by it. Trust this, and know truly that all is well.

Humanity is about to experience a great awakening as it prepares for its eventual ascent into 5D. And you are here, assisting this transformation, just by your very presence on the planet at this time.