Ashian: Superheroes and Super Powers


By Jennifer Crokaert on November 16, 2022

Ashian: Well! You have been away a while!

Jennifer: Hello to you too! I have. For the past six weeks I have felt as though every week has brought one massive emotional blow after another. Each week I think, ‘well, that must be the final one’. Each week, I’m wrong!

A: There is no ‘final’, you know that, Dear One, but there is what you would experience as an ‘easing’, where it is less about clearing the past and more about embodying the skills and talents of past lives, combined with your higher dimensional skills and talents. These are the codes, the energetics, the super powers you were all born to share.

You are at the tipping point. Remember, for us a tipping point is not a date, it’s a vibration. It’s the vibration at which humanity, as a whole, are able to hold the vast increase of light, purge the darkness of the past, and embrace the authenticity of who they truly are.

You, light workers, have worked long and hard to reach this point. If it were a battle to take a hill, you are just at the top, about to plant your flag. Don’t give up. The view is one you will never forget. Ever. Legions of souls have wished to be here for these moments: you were chosen.

We know so many light workers are annoyed, exhausted, confused. It was meant to be this way. It cannot be otherwise: you had to reach empty so you could be refilled. What happens here has implications for the entire galaxy and far beyond. It was not an easy choice to come here, and an even harder choice to live with, once you realised what the reality of it was. And yet… against almost insurmountable odds, you have vanquished the forces of darkness.

What now? Endure. Prepare yourself for wonderful surprises. Yes, there is darkness that must emerge, but … your magic is about to be reignited. You are on the brink of embodying superhuman skills and knowingness.

Stories of superhumans, superheroes, are not fantasy. They are priming you, creating synaptic pathways to access unconscious knowingness, when the moment is right, these pathways will illuminate and you will remember what you had not realised you had forgotten.

This is the truth of you: Every single one of you is Extraordinary. Each one of you is a specialist, you each have a unique skill set and you were paired with the location in which you find yourself. Do you doubt? Surrender. The more you can surrender, the easier your life will become; if you flow with your life rather than forcing yourself you will allow the Divine spark within you the space to expand and recreate your life. If you choose to live out of fear, obligation, anger or resentment, you constrict and limit the flow of the Divine spark within you.

It can be terrifying, as if you are jumping without a safety net. Perhaps people will not understand, they will be annoyed… Explorers are never understood by those who will not leave the shores of comfort.

J: Care to tell us more about superhumans?

A: We would be delighted. A superhuman doesn’t have to climb buildings using three fingers, or fly, or move through walls, or sense danger. Superhuman skills begin subtly enough: the intuition to do this or that, to leave a job or take a trip, to call a person or to avoid a confrontation.

Then, as the neural transmitters get used to expanding into 5D consciousness new skills become apparent. Play with, experiment and integrate these skills. Notice how your super skills are enhanced, upgraded versions of your current skills. Then notice that they progress in jump steps: expand, integrate, expand, integrate… And then they jump again. You get big leaps at certainvibration thresholds.

J: Ah, I had a lot of those when you were co-existing with me*. For me, they were very hard to integrate: it was disconcerting to have speed I never had before, or to suddenly see energies and beings, or to walk between worlds. They sound cool, but it took me years to integrate those experiences.

A: You were an early explorer! You were on your own. Now, there will be groups and clubs where people can meet and learn, share and support eachother through these expansions. Light workers will lead the way because they have come with advanced skills, and the global environment will be increasingly supportive of expansion. It will become the focus of social evolution, people’s skills will be valued and honoured, not mocked or trivialised.

J: That’s good to hear. So will it just be healing skills, artistic skills, intuition…

A: It will be all that and so much more. It will evolve in phases that correspond to individual and collective readiness for each level of remembering. That is what you are doing, remembering the completeness, the immensity, the glory of All That Is expressed through Who You Are. You are the ocean in a drop. There are no limits.

J: Thank you

A: It is always our pleasure and our honour to cheer on our sisters and brothers who have their boots on the ground.

Copyright © 2022 Jennifer Crokaert


*I spent two weeks where Ashian’s consciousness fused with mine, which I recorded in Living with Ashian. You can download the free ebook here