Celestial Womb to Support Transitions by the Celestial White Beings - Channeled through Natalie Glasson

Greetings, beloved beacons of light, we are the Celestial White Beings. We hold the Pure White Light of the celestial levels and we have been in service to humanity and Mother Earth since the birth of the Earth. Our purpose is to support Ascension, the evolution of the Creator and the remembrance of the Creator. 

We are aware that with many transitions taking place upon the Earth. Some people are feeling isolated, some may feel as if they wish to retreat within, others simply wish to block everything outside of them so that they can take time to rejuvenate, to transform, and to nurture their being. Many people may be feeling disconnected from each other. As if there are too many blockages, too much pain, or too many challenges that are causing separation. It is a time when separation between people may be experienced, it is a time when communication may be difficult. It may even be challenging to do simple things in your reality or to manifest simple things. You may feel as if the world is weighing heavy on your shoulders, or if there is so much to do that you don't know where to begin. Confusion and a lack of clarity or understanding may be experienced by many. 

You are experiencing a transition, a move from one energy into another. A move from one vibration and its perspectives into another. It is in this time that there is a need to stay as connected with yourself as possible, and to follow your intuition, your inner guidance. It is important to nurture yourself as much as you can otherwise, you may feel as if you are getting lost. As you nurture yourself, connect with yourself and follow your intuition, you will allow yourself to move through the transitions taking place, not only within your being and Ascension, but within the Ascension of the entire world, and of course, the inner planes. It is for you now to take responsibility for your own being and your own reality. To understand and ask yourself what you need at this moment, and to allow yourself to receive what you need. 

We the Celestial White Beings wish to support you in this time. We wish to make available to you on the inner planes, the Celestial Womb to support transitions. You will discover the Celestial Womb in the Celestial levels. It is within the Celestial White Beings space and ashram, this womb is like a cocoon. It is an energy cocoon with light flowing upwards and light flowing downwards, with a pod that you can exist within. The vibrations of this womb are Celestial and Cosmic. They are very pure, and the vibration supports you moving through transitions of any or all forms with greater ease. This may result in healing taking place, greater clarity or understanding, and a feeling of being able to move forth. 

If you wish to visit the Celestial Womb simply call upon us, the Celestial White Beings to surround you. Describe to us where you are experiencing challenges, isolation, separation, a feeling of failure, and so forth, describe to us all that is within your being, that is bothering you or causing pain or challenges. Then give us permission to transport you to the Celestial Womb of the Celestial White Beings. We will fill your energy with white and rainbow light, allow yourself to breathe this in. We will transport you to the womb space like a pod with energy flowing in from above and below. Energy also flows out of the pod from above and below. As you allow yourself to enter into the pod, you can imagine it like a relaxation chamber. Focus upon relaxing all areas of your body in order to absorb the womb, the celestial energy which will nurture, and  nourish you and support transitions. 

You may find that within the womb, you actually move through many different transitions, or that you gain the understanding of how to move through transitions.   How to allow yourself to unfold, and develop with your essence and truth to be embodied. This is a space that you can exist within and experience for as long as you wish, you may even wish to enter into the Celestial Womb before your sleep state so that you allow yourself plenty of time to experience the celestial womb. It is not important for you to understand what occurs or how the transitions are moving with greater ease. It is simply a nurturing nourishing chamber for you to experience and enjoy, like a sacred space for you to retreat to when things seem too challenging. That will offer to you all that you need in order to move yourself into a space where things are easier, and you are able to see, sense and acknowledge with clarity. 

When you wish to return to your reality, simply acknowledge the floor beneath you and ask us to transport you back to your physical being and reality on the Earth, and we will do so. You may wish to take time to contemplate the transitions that you are moving through at this time. 

What is occurring in your reality that is challenging or bothering you?

What needs to be activated within your being?

What needs to be embodied? 

And what needs to be put into action so that you can move through this transition? 

We thank you for being present with us. 

We are the Celestial White Beings