Jesus through John: You are all individual and brilliant Sparks of the Light that is God expressing Herself through you


By John Smallman on December 2, 2022

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Life is good, it is always good, but then you allow yourselves to be distracted by the unrealities or illusions of the world of form in which you have collectively chosen to experience separation from your Source, Mother/Father/God; and then intense suffering, pain, or terror can rise up into your field of consciousness.  When that happens you temporarily cease to experience life as good, and frequently blame the dissatisfaction or pain that you are experiencing on others, the government, or even on God.

Due to your collective choice eons ago to experience the unreality of separation from Source, and humanity’s collective choice to awakennowfrom the unreality of that state, much is arising all across the world that has to be addressed, forgiven, and released.  In other words, humanity is now in the process of acknowledging, forgiving, and releasing on an individual and collective basis everything within them that is in the slightest way out of alignment with Love, with Reality.

Very large numbers of people have been most severely abused and punished over the eons for multifarious reasons.  When they laid down their human forms many continued clinging tightly to anger, resentment, and a felt need for vengeance – a desire to see those who had mistreated them so badly, to be themselves judged and harshly punished – which in human terms seems to be a fair and just outcome.  BUT, there is only Love.  Anything other than Love is unreal, does not exist, and nothing that is unreal can be present in Reality, your eternal Home.

So your collective awakening process, which has been ongoing for many decades and is now approaching completion, is giving rise to enormous amounts of pain and suffering in many areas of the world as these collective remnants of anger and resentment rise up to be released.  Many still feel a powerful need to see justice and punishment delivered to those unethical, unprincipled, and venal ones, as the vastness of their dishonesty and corruption all across the world is being revealed in ever greater detail daily.  And in many places conflicts seem to be intensifying as the natural human feelings of anger and resentment at past and present mistreatment erupt into violence and war.

These conflicts are the remnants of the intense anger and resentment that so many unloving and abusive thoughts, words, actions, and behaviors over the eons have ingrained in the human collective.  So, yes, it does appear to many that Planet Earth is moving rapidly toward a state or condition that will no longer be able to support life in form.

However, many people, who have recognized that to live in peace it is essential to live lovingly and compassionately with all life, are forming and uniting in communities all across the world with the most powerful intent to alter their style of living from an individual consumption-driven manner to an all-encompassing manner that fully supports everyone, and of course, the planet herself, just as she supports you.  And the MSM, which relies on drama to grab and hold your attention, is either not reporting on these most wonderful events that are occurring in so many places, or are purposefully dismissing them as the practically useless activities of uninformed wishful thinkers, while focusing most intently on the ongoing theatrics of conflict and disharmony – the interim and painful but temporary results of the last stages of your magnificent awakening process.

Therefore, when you go deep within yourselves daily, to your holy inner sanctuaries, please set the intent to intensify your extremely powerful and ethical aspirations to be only loving whatever arises.  As you are fully aware, only Love is Real.  The infinite vastness that Is Mother/Father/God, the brilliant and most beautiful Source of All that exists, is right now flooding the dream state of your unreal and illusory environment – directly through those who are daily setting the intent to be only loving – with immense quantities of the loving energy that She Is.

The Tsunami of Love is now pouring into billions of hearts as the realization is dawning on so many that the only way forward to a world of peace that supports and honors everyone is through loving interactions and communications at every level of society.  This realization, at the level of the individual, is enthusiastically encouraging each and every one to open their hearts and invite Love to enter and fill them once more with the conscious awareness of their True and unchanging nature as Itself.

You are all, every sentient life form, individual and brilliant Sparks of the Light that is God expressing Herself through you, and yet you are totally and completely One with Her at the same time and in every moment.  There is NO separation.  Separation, were it possible, would be terminal, and for an immortal, eternal, and everlasting expression of God, as you all are, that is obviously utterly beyond the realms of possibility.  You Are!  Life Is!  Source Is!  There is NOTHING else.  And your awakening is divinely assured and guaranteed.  In fact, it is already signed, sealed, and delivered!

When you awaken once more into the Reality of who you are, and where all that is not of Love has dissolved into the unreal nothingness from which it appeared for a moment to have arisen, your joy and bliss will know no bounds.

Your loving brother, Jesus.