Archangel Michael: No One Can Control You Unless You Allow It

by James McConnell
I am Archangel Michael. I come again at this time to continue the process that was started some time ago with this group and with all of those that would resonate to these words.

All of those that are the Lightworkers that have become the Light-Warriors: my Warriors of Light. Where you are continuing to spread that light wherever you get a chance, knowing and feeling the truth within you, and letting that truth resonate out from you, letting that light resonate out to all others around you wherever you can. Even your walking amongst others carries the light and spreads the light. Whether you are conscious of it or not, you are spreading the light just by being in closeness with others.

You all have a special mission that you volunteered for so long ago. You have heard that you have remembered this. And these are those times now that you have prepared for. For millennia you have been preparing for this. And again, you find yourselves now at this precipitous time just upon the precipice now. Many of you are almost ready to jump off of that precipice, to move through fully the ascension process to realize your own personal ascension.

But what holds you back? The only thing that holds you back yet at this point is the old programming. The programming that continues to hold you down at times to this third-dimensional expression, and the illusion that had been created by all of you. You all had a part in this creation. But it is those of the forces of darkness that continue to hold it together, continue to move it forward, the illusion. They are wanting to hold onto the old. Where you are wanting to let go of the old and move on into the new, the New Golden Age.

But I say again, the only thing that is stopping you is that programming. But more and more as you let go of the programming, as you remember more and more fully who you are, what you are here for, whenever you think that way, whenever you see the world as you want to see it—not how it appears to those that are still yet asleep, but how you want to see it, how you want the creation to be. For just as you have created this third-dimensional illusionary world, you are also now creating in the fourth and fifth dimensional world. Everything comes from creation. Everything comes from the mind and the heart working together. Again, what the mind can conceive, it can achieve.

So continue now to trust. Trust, yes, in the plan. But more than that, trust in yourselves. Trust in yourself to follow along with the plan, and not be held back any longer, not let yourself fall back into the old ways, the old paradigm, the old illusion. For the more and more that you recognize it as just that, an illusion, then you can move beyond it. Then the programming no longer holds you back.

And yes, you can take my Blue Sword of Truth and sever yourselves from all that old programming. Or you can use the Violet Flame to purge out the old programming. You can use many different tools, crystals included. There are many different tools you have been given. And many of you have remembered those tools that you can use, which is why you resonate toward a certain one, a certain way of moving beyond the programming. And continuing to hold yourselves in the higher light and higher vibration of the fourth and fifth dimension. That is what you all came here to do. To raise yourselves, and then help to raise everyone around you.

Nothing is stopping you, but you. Think on that. And allow that to become your mantra as you continue to move on through this ascension process. The only thing that is stopping you is you. No one else. No one else has control over you unless you give it to them. Remember that.

I am Archangel Michael, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness.

And that you would continue to be my Warriors of Light and spread the truth wherever, whenever, and to whoever you have the opportunity to do so.