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Prediction summary:
  • Donald Trump JR. (Don Junior) will be the new CEO of Twitter and pay out the 'Twitter millionaires'.
  • Nancy Pelosi will be 'retiring' soon.
  • The Pelosi Code: Nancy Pelosi (facemask) will say something in code, signaling to the deep state that they have lost, which will trigger the Deep state to retaliate. After this, you see market crashes, natural disasters, civil unrest etc.
  • We might see man-made earthquakes in Japan and the Pacific Northwest in the United States.
  • Between January and March/April, 2023: There will be poverty and panic coming among many people. However, you should see stimulus checks being sent out as well for relief. The stock market and real estate market will crash. A lot of talk will be about inflation and the future of the stock market especially.
  • There is an attempt of a new Pandemic via the food chain in the United states. They attempt to contaminate the food chain with dangerous GMO's, certain chemicals and parasites, that are intended for mind control and genocide. My advice: Don't eat at fast food restaurants right now.
  • There will be a Government shutdown, Martial law and the currency reset starting as early as January 1, 2023.
  • There will be mass arrests in January 2023.