RINGING IN THE NEW YEAR - A Zodiac Spread for the First Quarter of 2023


By Rebecca Porter on December 31, 2022

According to the cards, the first few months of 2023 should be interesting. The collective comes up as the Tower, which signifies foundational shifts in perspective and potential awakenings as it is jolted out of its delusions. The Two of Swords across from the Tower suggests that the majority of the collective will continue to blindfold themselves to disturbing truths as they are revealed and will not yet be ready to consciously embrace change.

The Empress comes up in the House of Finance, and is across from the Six of Pentacles, indicating that financial abundance will be gifted to us through some form of charity. This could be foretelling the much anticipated roll out of Nesara/Gesara, or it could be alluding to local communities coming together out of necessity to serve and support their people. The Empress is positive and nurturing, so either interpretation would be for our highest good.

In the Third House, which focuses on communication, we have the Five of Swords. Aspected by the Four of Pentacles, the cards seem to be pointing to some sort of intellectual defeat that is surrounded in secrecy. This could indicate that mainstream media will continue to control the narrative for a time. It is important to note that the collective’s sense of defeat regarding communication is only temporary.

In the Fourth House, the King of Swords tells us that our home and family lives will come into positive alignment. Well aspected by the Emperor, the cards suggest that some will begin to recognize that the alternative views shared by family members are sourced from wisdom and integrity rather than foolishness or paranoia, and may even call on them to share information or take on more of a leadership role. The more the awakened ones can remain in an objective rather than emotional state of mind when dealing with their families, the more assistance they will be able to provide.

The Fifth House is about love and creativity. We are asked to accept our fate and surrender fully to that which is beyond our control. A willingness to trust that everything is unfolding for the highest good will allow us to shift our focus from thoughts of fear and gloom to that which inspires and ignites our passions. As we hold this positive foundation for the collective, we are able to allow the old to be dismantled and gracefully replaced by the new.

In the Sixth House, which focuses on work and day-to-day living, we have the Queen of Swords. Courageously living her truth, the Queen of swords would have us remain loyal to our principles above all else when making decisions involving our work as well as those small, day-to-day choices that often seem inconsequential. The cards ask us to examine our convictions, to let go of the ideas we have been holding that come from fear and separation, and to stand strong for those convictions that open us up to more love, beauty, and freedom.

In the Seventh House, which has to do with relationships, we find the Two of Swords. This card indicates that when weighing an important decision we may not have all the information we need in order to make the highest choice. Because it is aspected by the Tower, it may be asking us to hold tight and weather the storm of a difficult relationship for the time being. While many have felt disconnected from friends and even spouses in recent years because of opposing worldviews, we may need to pull together and support one another in the tumultuous months ahead.

The Eighth House is the House of Scorpio and has to do with deep psychological processes, death, rebirth, and that which has been hidden. The Six of Pentacles is across from The Empress, suggesting that we, the collective, will be called upon to nurture and support one another back to health, wholeness, connectivity with nature, and a general state of abundance. Given the difficult situations arising around health as a result of vaccinations, it makes sense that we would need to come together and support one another in processing grief, and is ultimately a very positive and necessary outcome.

In the Ninth House we have the Four of Pentacles. This house is about travel and higher learning. The Four of Pentacles suggests that travel may become difficult in the coming months. It is aspected by the Five of Swords, which could mean we will experience a temporary setback or defeat when it comes to travel sometime in the first few months of the New Year.

The Tenth House of Capricorn focuses on reputation and how we go about achieving our greatest ambitions. The Emperor in this house suggests that, through wisdom and integrity, we, the people, will regain control of our lives and use our leadership abilities to positively influence the course of our future for the common good.

The Eleventh House is about social networking and long-term wishes. The Five of Wands aspected by the Ten of Swords suggests that, through surrendering to thoughts, words, or information, the collective may very well get drawn into conflict. The Five of Wands invites us to polarize, or choose a side, and suggests that a willingness to participate playfully in healthy struggle may help us move forward and build a strong community of support.

Finally, the Twelfth House of spirituality and the unconscious shows the collective tied up and blindfolded by fear. For many, the tower moments that come along to dismantle the old structures and the information that will likely be brought to light in the coming months will result in a feeling of helplessness and imprisonment. On the positive side, these are the moments in which great change is born, the prelude to a collective confrontation of belief systems that have unwittingly bound us to darkness and control. As we face our fears and take responsibility for all that we have unconsciously created, we step into our spiritual power and finally choose to create from a place of clarity, love and light.

The Nine of Swords in the Center of the spread reminds us that the unconsious worries and fears that arise for us in the coming months may lead to unnecessary suffering. As we become aware of our negative thoughts and call consciously upon our Higher Selves for guidance and upliftment, we heal ourselves and hold space for others to break free from programmed belief systems so that they can do the same.

Rebecca Porter