Multidimensional Living by the Arcturians - Channeled through Natalie Glasson

Greetings, beloved beings of light. We are the Arcturians, we come forth in a collective vibration and consciousness to deliver forth to you information that will serve you in this period of your Ascension. Although you are moving through a unique Ascension Journey, that is guided by your soul. You are all also moving through an Ascension Journey that is linked and connected to all beings upon the Earth and even within the Universe of the Creator, you might say a collective consciousness journey and shift of Ascension. 

We wish to bring forth the information that you are currently experiencing multi-dimensional living. This experience is within your being, it is a beautiful experience and yet it can be confusing for many aspects of your being connecting to different dimensions of your own truth, of your soul and your essence. In areas of your being where fears, blockages, hindrance, habits, and confusion are coming forth to be resolved they align you with a certain dimension and vibration of your being.

Your higher chakras, especially your crown, soul star chakra and your stella gateway to the Universe of the Creator are connecting with the highest vibration of light that you have ever connected with before. This is drawing into your being such divine and sacred consciousness and wisdom, it is aligning you with a dimension and aspect of your truth and your original essence, that is extremely pure, has tremendous clarity and allows you to recognise truth. Your emotions may be connected to a different dimension and aspect of your being. You may find that you are struggling to resolve emotions. Or one moment, your emotions feel blissful, and then the next deep anger arises. Your entire being is dancing, springing and jumping from one dimension of your being to another. There is a purpose for this. You are trying to bring your entire being into oneness, into one vibration of light, that is the highest vibration of light you have ever connected with upon the Earth in any lifetime. As you are bringing yourself into alignment and oneness with this purest vibration of yourself there are parts of your being that are resisting. Other parts of your being are leaping forward into the vibration, and so it feels like you are dancing. Stepping forward, stepping backwards, sometimes in a state of bliss, sometimes in a state of anger, sadness or even numbness. Sometimes somewhere in the middle. 

You are essentially packing your suitcase for the coming year and on an unconscious level you have decided that to walk the pathway of this year, there is a need for you to hold the highest vibration possible because you will be working with power. When we work with power, there is a need to hold the highest vibrational possible, the purest, clearest, most truthful essence of yourself. That way you know that you are using your power appropriately and you will be able to discover much about your power delving deeply into the essence of your power, how it works and its impact in your reality. 

You are packing your suitcase for the journey ahead, you may have discovered that in your closet, your wardrobe, your drawers, that there are clothes or things that really need to be resolved. Even if you are unaware of them, your higher self, your soul, will bring them forth for you to discard. We are working with power which means that this process of releasing what is no longer serving you requires you to be very strongly grounded into your power. It may feel like the most challenging time for you, where there is such a need to resolve, to reset, to transform something or many things. It may feel impossible, it may feel that you have to be tremendously courageous. This is you standing in your power, packing your suitcase for the year ahead and already asking yourself to be powerful, to stand in your power as you release what is no longer needed, reset your being and transform. Allowing your entire being to come together as one vibration, and you will feel when this happens. It may take a few weeks or even months, you may even find that the entire year is about you gathering yourself to align with this one vibration of your highest self. As you do so, you will embody your power in a very truthful way. You can focus upon at this time of your Ascension, the fact that you are experiencing multi-dimensional living. 

You are hoping, jumping, and skipping from one vibration to another. It is as if you are wanting to cross a river and there are stones present to make your crossing easier. However, there is a need to jump, hop and skip on the stones, each stone offers you a different viewing of your reality. Some that you like more than others, however, as you gain these different viewings of your reality, you begin to understand yourself more fully and allow yourself to align with that higher vibration that is possible for you now. The higher vibration of embodiment that allows you to grasp, live and embody the understanding of power, true power. It is important to simply realise what is occurring for you now. You are packing your suitcase for the coming year. You are letting go of what is no longer needed, resolving it, resetting it, transforming it, and you are bringing yourself together into one vibration, into oneness, and unity to absorb your power fully. 

If you can enjoy this time, it's a time of deep exploration within your being, acknowledging what has been your truth in the past and what is your new truth. Through this process, you will emerge lighter and brighter. Most importantly, more able to understand and embody your power.  Take care of yourself, be kind to yourself, know that this is a very rigorous and challenging stage of ascension that already is inviting you to be in your power within your being. As you are kind and loving to yourself, everything will come together and you will experience that oneness of yourself. 

We are present to serve you,

In Loving Grace,

We are the Arcturians. Thank you.

Through Natalie Glasson on 20th January 2023