Ashtar Sheran: We Will Be Ever More Visible

Dear brothers of the planet Earth! I am Ashtar!

To be here once again is a reason for much joy, not only for me, but for all who are involved in this process of ascension of planet Earth. We are close, closer than ever; we show up any time, any day, any moment. Many like it when they see us in their skies, many keep trying to find answers by making themselves believe that it is something from their world that is there, but deep inside they understand and know that it would not be possible.

So more and more, you will have our presence still in your skies, but very soon we will make contact. As I have said here, the contact will not be at a global level, the contact will be for those who today are part of this whole process on your own planet. We will begin to show ourselves, we will introduce ourselves to each of our races, so that all this knowledge can be passed on to the others slowly. Our idea is to be known, long before we present ourselves as a group, as a great whole. This lessens the fear, lessens the first impact.

So we are preparing these approaches, with some people, with some representatives from your planet. Today you are used to a being that repeats itself all over the planet, head, torso, arms and legs, hands and feet with 5 fingers. You will need to learn to live with beings that don’t have this shape, the vast majority are humanoid. Yes, and what does it mean to be humanoid? To have a body, a head, eyes, nose, mouth, arms and legs, maybe the number of fingers is different, the shape of the head, the eyes, the nose, the mouth also, not everybody has hair. So you will be a little different species; in color, in shape, and size from what you are used to.

Among you humans, there is discrimination, there is the not very noble feeling towards those who are different. Imagine then in relation to forms that you don’t even know? So we will introduce ourselves little by little, you will get to know our ships, our forms, our history, and this will be spread all over the planet. And we want it to reach as many people as possible, who are ready to see and hear, so that at the right moment, when we actually appear all over your skies, you can recognize each ship, each being, each race. That will bring a more peaceful aspect to this approach, there won’t be so many scares, so many cries of fear, because the vast majority will already know exactly how we are, what we are.

This new cycle that starts now, will be of extreme importance for our apparition. So we will begin to work in this sense, to show off more and more, to show bigger and bigger ships, until in the great apparition, the Motherships will come. These are huge, and will certainly bring a lot of fear of a possible invasion, of a possible attack. But it will be necessary. We will do nothing, we will just appear and quickly disappear. And as time goes by, this will become usual, we will appear, land on your soil and return to the ship. And everybody will see, everybody will know.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you, that this will all happen without reaction, there will be reactions, and not very friendly ones. But we are also ready for them, I just want to leave a single message, the most important of all: We will never put a human in danger, we will give our lives if necessary, to save a human. Be assured of this, we will never put any terrestrial human, Earthling, whatever you want to call it, in danger, because if it happens, we will know what to do.

All we need is the trust of all of you, the Love in your hearts that you shout so loudly about. We know that the vast majority are sincere, but many are not, many say they love and respect, but they just want an opportunity to capture us and kill us, to study us, to dig our guts out. We will not allow this, we are not here to study, we are not here to be imprisoned and treated like animals.

We are here to help this planet evolve, we are here to help you clean this planet, so that you can still live for a long time, within a breathable environment and with clean water. Because if nothing is done, in a very short time, you won’t have that anymore.

A lot will change on the surface of your planet, many animals will be released, it will be shocking for some, it will be liberating for others. But you will need to learn, little by little, to change your habits, to respect the animals. Perhaps not everyone you know here will be in the Fifth Dimension. Many are Third Dimension animals, created within the Third Dimension for the purpose of those who colonized this planet, not animals of the Light. So you won’t see them in the Fifth Dimension, the big animals will, you will see them in totally different colors, in different shapes and in totally different attitudes, because they will be evolved animals, they won’t have the characteristics that they have here.

So this is a cycle of many changes, many new things will happen. We just hope we can count on your Love, on your respect, on your friendship. This is what we need at this time, and we will keep appearing more and more, and you will perceive this more and more, you will see us in your skies, with bigger and bigger ships.

Channel: Vania Rodriguez

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