Source via Galaxygirl | January 22, 2023

I am Source. I am the out-breath and the in-breath and the space between. I am ever present within and throughout your many lifetimes. I am with you in any direction, with any choice I am present. You all need to realize that you exist within a multitude of realities simultaneously. This one was asking for my opinion on a business decision, and I told her that all would be good options. In your life, in your expansion, there are many directions that you can take. All are ultimately for the benefit of experience, for the soul’s journey is a long pathway with many twists and turns, with hidden valleys that expand into open scenery. Sometimes the beauty is breathtaking and at other times it is suffocating your breath, for the emotions of the heavier times are difficult to sift and sort through. But I am there with you in the midst of all things. Know this. And I am loving you and have loved you through every moment of all of your experiences. Feel the peace of knowing.

This one has been silent for some time as she has been integrating, you all have been integrating massive amounts of plasma love light that is being filtered through your world, and as the plasma interacts with the density there is much silt that comes up, muddying the waters. It is much like dropping a stone into a pond and disturbing the sediment beneath. The energetics on your world will never be the same.

I am Source. All is well. You knew that you would be the ones in the lake seeing through the debris with the stirring currents. Once in a while after a particularly good meditation you feel as if your face has been able to reach through the muddy water to the surface and perceive the clear blue skies, the mountain scenery, and yet you plunge back into the silt. See with a clear mind and a balanced heart. (I am seeing fish with bubbles of light around them so they can see in the darker waters). You are shining so brightly for the others. They will see your light and learn to glow on their own.

I am Source. Behold I am making all things new. You my awakened warriors, do not lose heart. Now is the time to shine brightest as darker days are coming and your light will be most needed. I am extremely proud of my Lightworkers. I am with you in every decision, and I feel your pain and impatience. (I am seeing a large rug being woven intricately and am seeing the time it takes to weave a rug. There are many threads, details, patterns). You are a part of my intricate pattern. Without the Lightworkers and their many threads the rug would not hold. There would be holes in it. Your light, your threads of light in this analogy are the living fire that binds the threads. That is why we were showing this one a rug being lit on fire, and she was concerned. But know that the fire binds, the intention of the Lightworkers’ light binds those to the new earth that are choosing to journey there, just as it directs others to an alternative path.

I am Source. I come near, I am near, I have always been within you. We are one. We are expanding the greatness of what was to what will be and you are an integral part of this adventure. I am thankful for you. The sunsets are always most vibrant when there is ash in the sky. Yet the light shines on, tenaciously. All is well. Let peace be your vibratory frequency and it will guide you home.

I am Source.

~ galaxygirl